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“Death Blog” The-Lone-Star-State-of-Texas  July 20th 2011 3:54am Execution Day

 “Welcome to My Nightmare….Tales From A Dead Man”

  “With Grace, Dignity, Pride, Regrets, Peace, Forgiveness, Always”

Well, the big day has arrived and I’m on my feet doing the morning rituals and trying to determine what I’m actually feeling. The day of my death is here and I’ve been overwhelmed with total peace. The Spirit flows through these Texas veins of mine…Red, White, & Blue…still Unbroken and anxious to get this show on the road for some reason. Yesterday I had another set of awesome all day visits and I will say that the emotions were ever present…the tears flowed freely, tears of joy and happiness, the tears of real love flowed between us all. Yesterday I had my lifelong friends Ben & Liz show up…what a blessing they are…and if you both are reading this it’s been an honor and I love y’all. Ilan, Connie, Mark, and Laura…you know what’s inside me and I’m proud of you all. Today the events will be somewhat different; I will have my last set of visits until 12:00 noon…that’s when the State officials must complete their end of the deal and transport me to Huntsville, Texas…it will be the first time I’ve left this compound since my arrival in 2002. I’m sure that 45 minute drive is gonna be an amazing event for me. My only thoughts will be on the ones I’ve just left at visit, surely this last set of goodbyes will draw out the innermost human feelings we possess. Human nature at its finest. Amongst a world full of hate the power of love and friendship will prevail…and I’m proud as ever to have had the chance in this life to see both sides of the coin. Last night’s mail call was another unreal event, the mass amount of mail I have received is overwhelming, the number of letters and email messages kept me up most of the night reading and thinking and feeling every bit of this journey of life.  From Iran to Brazil and almost every other country in the world has responded with words of love and support. Every race of mankind, several types of faith and religious beliefs have entered into my zone of death…and the one message that all of these different people are saying is awesome and speaks of the power of this story….of Forgiveness, worldwide peace and how this story of death has some way changed the views of the reader…that’s powerful folks. It’s now 4:29am… Third cup of coffee is slowly inching its way down me, and the radio is playing some of my favorite tunes and I’m 100% content and loving every moment of this…I’ve been a morning person my whole life, it’s the best part of the day and a time when your thoughts belong to you. It’s extremely strange, I’m looking at the clock on the radio and realize that I must complete this blog before the hour of 5:00am rolls around, it shall be the final piece of mail I send out…the final entry and a conclusion to the Execution Chronicles….this nightmare has turned into something of great power and beauty. To each and every one of you….friends, loved ones and the many unknowns who have just started looking at these blogs…remember these wise words, from all this we may learn that there are two races of men in this world but only these two, the race of the decent man and the race of the indecent man. Both are found everywhere; they penetrate into all groups of society. With all that said let me say farewell to all and should I be granted a Stay and handed back a chance of life, I will return with a story that will be even more powerful. Still Unbroken…Texas Loud & Texas Proud… True American    Mark Stroman     2011


July 18th, 2011- two days to Execution

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“Death Blog” Texas-The-Lone-Star-State

July 18th 2011 5:21am

“Welcome To My Nightmare…Tales from a Dead Man”

“Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky and of course the soul.”

            Good morning to each and every one of you…I sit here on Death Watch this morning sipping coffee and listening to the radio and have this entirely satisfying feeling, it has really engulfed me and I’m not sure what it is, to be only days away from my own execution, it’s not a feeling I thought I would possess..AWESOME.

I want to share this really remarkable song that was written and dedicated to me, it was created by some amazing people in England and has been playing in m head ever since I heard it.

“Putting The World to Rights”

  (written by David Cattermole)

The day the world came tumbling down

   two towers lay on the ground

     loss, turmoil, hate all around

  Race against Race is the game

   We don’t see things the same

   Gun in hand, the need to blame

I tried to put the world to rights

to save the land was set in my sights

 But it wasn’t my fight

Mistaken deed, the hurt is done

 four families lives are now torn

 no gain just more to mourn

What oh land that I still love

 remorse shadows my face

 they say I am to die in this place

I tried to put the world to rights

to save the land was set in my sights

But it wasn’t my fight

Peaceful compassion there must be

 For humankind to be free

Days, years of thinking I see

No more wars, they’re born from greed

 Stop these crimes of hate

or we will seal our own sad fate

I’ve tried to put the world to rights

to save this land was set in my sights

 now they can turn off my light….

 can turn off my light…..can turn off my light…..

It’s now 6:18am….

I again must thank “Little Bit” Linny Meakins & Madge, all the members of the rock band “Stray”, The David Cattermole Band, and Kenji of “Simply Red”….and everyone who is trying to put together the World Peace tour for the 10th anniversary of September 11th. It’s a great honor to be part of this.

Today my all day visits begin, from 8am til 5pm I will be out in the visiting booth, the final set of visits for the condemned lasts 3 days and are held I the death booth on the other side of regular visitation. It’s a very hot cage with no air circulation and the cord on the phone is so short that when you face your loved ones you are forced to lean back in an uncomfortable position. These visits will surely be the most emotional ones thus far.

It’s now 7:22am….

Just returned from the shower… what a refreshing feeling that is. We are still on lockdown, almost 2 weeks of this status with no end in sight. This morning the meal was 6 prunes, a smashed up sandwich which consisted of two pieces of bread and a spoonful of eggs…there was more bread than anything, also a small container of dry cereal which contained 90 calories. I kicked mine over to my neighbor so he at least could get enough to eat…I’m heading out to my visits this morning and am surely to eat more than my fair share of food.

It’s now 5:20pm….

Just returned from day 1 of all day visits…I was taken out there at 8:20am and what an emotional day it was and seemed like just a few minutes had passed…the time simply vanished like smoke in a swirling breeze. The memories of the day embedded into my very soul for Eternity.

The first round of friends were Ilan & Connie and I want to thank you both for the remarkable times that we have spent…Ilan, you have changed me for the better and it’s been a great honor my friend. Connie, you are a person that carries really powerful heartfelt energy and I am so proud of you and that’s from the heart…thank you for standing by my side when things seemed hopeless.

My second set of visits were equally awesome and my friend mark Dowd from London, who now resides in Madrid, Spain flew in to spend these final days…a promise he made in 2003…a promise he kept. Mark, you have all my respects and that comes straight from the heart of this Proud Texan. MUCH OBLIGED my brother.

The last visit of the day was from Laura who has been in Texas since the 11th and is one super kewl , awesomely sweet soul…Rebel Spice I call her, and to you Laura, to have seen your tears roll down your face

Was heart breaking to me, to have seen that pain within tore me up…the tears I shed were for you and I will forever cherish our bond, our “Unbreakable” friendship has powered me into who I am now. I’m very proud of you and when we prayed Wednesday I felt something bigger than the both of us at work…NEVER forget how you have affected my life. Love ya girl…         Rebel Spice Sheehan!!!!

  It’s now 7:00pm….

The day has left me mentally drained. I’ve never sat on a hard bench for 9 hours before with my knees tucked up under me such as I have today, it is so cramped in that small death room and has no air circulation. Just from me being in there talking and breathing the inner windows fogged up and all the surfaces became wet as if the humid rainy conditions had been inside. That is definitely wrong; the way we are closed in, the final visits should not be in an environment such as that.

    It’s now 8:00pm….

The mail just came around and I was given a stack of mail so large that it couldn’t fit through the side of the door….it came in as 3 large bundles, mail from the month of June is even present…31 letters in all from many people worldwide. It’s a wonderful feeling, over the last 3 mail days I have received well over 75 letters from many known friends and others who I’ve never even heard of who are just sending well wishes. Thank you all. Danielle, received all the messages you have sent, just received a stack of them, thank you so very much for all you have done and that’s from the heart…you have also been a remarkable soul whom I love greatly, never forget the time we shared… and that the events of life happen for a reason…even though we don’t understand them ourselves. You have a heart of gold my little Cajun….continue on being you! Love ya!

Must sleep now, big day tomorrow….

Still Unbroken & the True American….

Mark Stroman                                                                                                                                                          2011

July 16th -4 Days to Execution

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“Death Blog”


July 16th 2011 5:47am

“Welcome To My Nightmare…Tales from A Dead Man”

John 16:33 – “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

Well howdy folks, its live from Death Watch and only a mere few days from my very own execution. My spirits are high and that ole verse above has fueled this Texan’s morning…I simply flipped open my Bible this morning in hopes of a bit of guidance and that is what I was hit with, it’s been that way  for several days as if its speaking. Sure does make a man look deeper within himself.

This week has again flown by faster than I’d liked it to but the events were so very well worth it. I don’t even know where to start in this blog today but I felt I must spend a few moments with this typewriter to place all of my thoughts on paper before the new week begins.

I have been here 9 ½ years and have watched well over 200 people take this final journey of death and I’ve often wondered how it would be and what would be soaring through my mind and heart…would I be a bitter man? Would I be a frightened man trying to pretend that I’m not? Many thoughts have crossed my mind over the years; never did I think it would be this way.

This journey has changed me, it has taught me life’s lessons, it has brought me together with so many beautiful people from all walks of life from countries all over the world. Even though I sit here on Texas’ Death Watch with days to live I know without doubt that I am the luckiest man in the world. Some people will search their whole lives for the answer of why we are here and I will say this Texas Loud & Texas Proud, I’ve discovered the answer…my very own kingdom of peace, forgiveness, true love, and friendship.

My childhood friend just wrote me a letter, she will also be at my execution on the 20th, and she said something very powerful that I have to share because it sticks out…she wrote a beautiful letter with many inspiring things in it but this particular statement has to be shared with all…”Passing judgment gets you nowhere in life except maybe alone.” That is some real stuff that we all must use daily.

It’s now 7:00am…we are still on lockdown,  the feeding of Johnny sacks continues, and the end is nowhere in sight. This is the very first time I’ve not had to torture myself by eating stale smashed up items tossed in a sack…unfit for human’s all together. Another issue I must address to the world which concerns the mail is this: the outgoing mail ladies of this building are doing the best they can and are actually getting the outgoing mail processed well…the incoming mail…that’s the problem. Just last night I received mail from June 8th & 9th and it was sent from Texas…I’ve also just received tons of letters from all over the world that are 18 – 19 days old…so if you are reading this blog and have sent me mail I’ve probably just received it…or perhaps not because I’m still missing several letters with photos.

If for some reason I’m allowed to live and have received your mail I give you my word that I will respond as soon as possible…if I get a chance to live I will probably be out of service for a few days trying to regroup my senses & pull in my sanity…Yep, this is a surreal fast riding machine that I’m on. Do I believe I’m to live? I’m not sure but I’m ready to strap down and ride this one out in style.

The last two days I’ve had special visits with Laura…my Rebel Spice…she has flown in from England again and is here in that best friend role…totally awesome and leaves me speechless. Laura, thank you so very much for all you do. I’ve really enjoyed the visits and everything…Love you.

Melanie…Suzy…Patrick, thank you for the “Wonders of the World”! It reached me safely this week…Ich Liebe Dich.

I want to thank each and every one of you out there who has stepped into my life when the dark clouds rolled in…please forgive me for not mentioning everyone by name. Also let me say this, I’ve been receiving lots of messages via snail mail that many people are sending to this site and I’m touched by all the support and have been amazed by the people from my free life that are sending kind regards…such as Mike & Sharon…I’m pleased that the granite countertops & bar I installed in your home many years ago is still looking great, if I get a stay I’d sure like some photos of my handiwork. I miss y’all! Again, let me thank everyone of you who have sent in kind words.

I’ve also received some pretty cool hate mail and that fuels me more than ya know…it shows me that the world is full of idiots and makes me all the more want to strive for a better tomorrow…to become a better man…more like me, less like them. I also want to address an issue that’s been brought to my attention, it would seem there’s a few of you out there that are offended by the way I write my blogs…the way I close them out as “Unbroken” & “True American”…

The “Unbroken” is just what I am, unbroken by the chains that hold me or by these conditions I dwell in…or for the looming execution…I’m very unbroken and there’s a few of you that think I should be…ain’t happening….ever! Also a few of you don’t agree with my “True American” statement, and again…that’s rather simple…the ones that really know me know that even though I’ve done some bad things in life I’m man enough to admit them and apologize and nothing in life can take my American pride from me…not death, not execution…NOTHING!

Mrs. Patel, Mrs. Hasan, & Rais…I’m once again grateful for the heartfelt words and forgiveness you have given me…you are all True Americans and I hope you and all your loved ones will forever live in peace and harmony.

Still Unbroken…Loud & Proud…

True American til the muther *&%#$ wheels fall off….

Mark Stroman





“The closer I get to my Death, Peace I seem to find”

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“Death Blog” Texas –The-Lone-Star-State

July 13th 2011 3:41am

“Welcome To My Nightmare…Tales From a Dead Man”

“Reputation is what men & women think of us; Character is what God knows of us”

Good morning from Texas Death Watch…I’ve only 7 days left to live if all else fails in this journey of doom & gloom…What started out as death & misery has turned into something extremely positive, overwhelmingly powerful to say the least.

Yes, it’s another morning and a morning with no water…they turned the water off due to some problem and the officials warned us not to drink the water…so it’s a great way to start the day, thank heavens I had bottled water on my shelf or I’d be hurting this morning for coffee. That’s almost as bad as the thought of this ol’ execution that’s inching up on me.

I had yet another awesome legal visit yesterday…which really was one of the best ever…and the emotions were high and it’s so very hard to explain all of this to the ones who view this blog without sounding confusing…but it is definitely  an experience that has already molded me into a new person. I’ve seen so many people worldwide trying to save my life in the last few days and weeks and it’s a surreal feeling. It’s like my life is flashing right before my eyes. As I said in an earlier blog…the closer I get to my death Peace I seem to find.

So let me give my thanks for the efforts of my attorney, Reprieve, and all the supporters I don’t even know that have signed the petition and that’s from the ol’ heart of a grateful man! Also LINNY & MADGE what you provided Annie & Sophie for me to see was the missing piece of the puzzle, to have been able to see that with my own eyes and to feel the words…to actually have been able to have heard that was music to ears and fuel for the soul. The tears flowed freely and I will always cherish that and remember the accent, the smiles, and just everything. Yes, Til The Mother Fx*$#!@ Wheels Fall Off!

True American ~ Unbroken

Mark Stroman


“Death Summary Review”

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Death Blog”


July 7th 2011 7:52am

“Welcome To My Nightmare…Tales from a Dead Man”

“Just as water mirrors your face, so your face mirrors your heart!”

                  Execution Day in Texas…good morning from Death Watch on Texas Death Row. We are on another lockdown for shake down, yes folks one more time and if you remember we just came off one 1 ½ months ago. This started Tuesday morning and what a great way to start out the final countdown of one’s life. Speaking of final countdowns, the person set to be executed tonight was just taken away from our section for his final visits…and then at 12 noon he will be sent to the Walls Unit in Huntsville, Texas so the execution process can begin.

Yesterday was a very full day for me and the stressful events of being on lockdown doesn’t help matters much. The first event was my 14 day Death Summary Review which is an all over review of the paperwork that was given to me when I was first notified I was to die July 20th 2011. The paperwork consists of various questions stemming from whom to release belongings to, who to release the body to, final meal, who will witness the killing, etc., etc…

Then the day shifted me straight from the summary review right into another legal visit with Sophie of Reprieve…and that was another thought provoking event and I’m extremely grateful for all they do on my behalf. The events that are now surrounding my case and the efforts of Rais with his European Tour to save my life are extremely overwhelming. I’m doing my best to stand tall and walk with my head held high…but I also realize that I’m in Texas and the chance of me being put to death is very real.

From that I went straight into a media visit…and no matter how confident I felt and how I assumed I was not a nervous wreck I was soon proven wrong because as soon as all those lights and cameras came on I melted like an ice cube on hot pavement. Stage fright or the 14 days left to live had me at a loss for words. (Damn)

Now as for the wonderful lockdown…I realize there are a lot of new readers to this blog and you have no earthly idea what a lockdown is and or what a Johnny sack meal is…and I will do my best to explain this to you so everyone will fully understand. Lockdown is when the unit is shut down; no movement of prisoners is allowed…it’s done for security measures or for the shake down procedures that happen every few months on this unit. The raid teams normally treat our belongings with respect but there’s a few overzealous ones; when you have new guards or the hate filled ones from Population that join in on the searches they scatter and destroy everything in sight….legal work will be totally disorganized…photos scattered and tossed into piles and so on and so forth…that’s how it is with the overzealous ones that are extremely unprofessional.

10:32am…they just brought me my final commissary purchase and even though we are on lockdown this unit showed me a bit of human compassion and allowed me to make a huge purchase of food, stamps, and other needed items to help the final days of life move as smooth as possible and I was able to get everyone on Death Watch a pint of Blue Bell ice cream as a farewell gesture that is like a tradition here. To Administration….much obliged.

Now back to what I was saying in regards to lockdown…we are fed these things called “Johnny Sacks” and what that is….a small brown sack with two smashed up sandwiches inside…yesterday for example lunch was a meat sauce sandwich that they said was BBQ…it was sauce…no meat… and a whole potato came with it…that’s all… and for the last meal of the day they brought a smelly fish patty on bread and a crushed up piece of cornbread…

I know there’s gonna be some of you out there in the land of freedom saying for me to shut my mouth and stop complaining….blah…blah…blah…..but if this was you or one of your loved ones or friends you wouldn’t be so fast to speak out the side of your mouth…even the guards who pass this stuff out are in total shock! When this was brought to their attention yesterday our reply was that the new kitchen Captain said all we get on lockdown is 750 calories per day…I guess if one wants more calories he must eat the damn sack! My neighbor said he was eating mayonnaise out of the jar with a spoon…and I actually believe him…hahaha…deep redneck ways he possesses…HAHA!

Well, that covers the explanation of lockdown and the meaning of a Johnny Sack meal. Yes, I fully realize we have a worldwide food shortage and millions of people would love to have these sacks…that’s understood completely by me and many others back here.

I’ve just made me another “Death Row Latte” using a ½ pint of French Vanilla ice cream by Blue Bell…tossed ½ of that inside my hotpot insert, melted it down and then added 3 huge spoonfuls of coffee, 1 sweetener and then filled the insert up with hot water to heat it up again…when done it will make about 12 ounces of rich & creamy coffee that tastes like a Starbucks latte…awesome indeed!

6:34pm…The radio station we all listen to just announced that the execution was carried out and none of us here on Death Watch was prepared to hear the actual events of what was done to the 16 year old girl who was the victim in this case…my heart goes out to the family of this little girl as well as to the family of the one just put to death.

6:52pm…The same radio station is now speaking about my case and how I will be the next featured story…both my Redneck neighbors just yelled over to me and said these words, “Saddle up Stroman, the rodeo is about to begin.” It sure is nice to have such supportive Redneck neighbors such as mine…even in the face of death we find ways to laugh and keep each other’s spirits up.

True American…Loud & Proud and Very Unbroken.

Mark Stroman 2011


Independence Day

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“Death Blog” TEXAS-USA-United We Stand

July 4th 2011 6:05pm

“Welcome To My Nightmare…Tales From A Dead Man”

“Like the wind, like the rain, it’s still running through my veins…                                                    Red, White, and Blue…Still Unbroken.”

            Good evening to each and every one of you. Please forgive me if my words are a bit jumbled, the Texas sunshine I’ve been in today has scorched my skin and scrambled my insides…but as you know that is one of my pleasures of Death Row…to get out into the sun and regardless of the sun’s rays I’m in it with smiles. I’ve only 16 full days left so I’m enjoying each one to the fullest.

The morning kicked off with a meal of fried eggs and biscuits so you can just imagine the huge ole smile that produced from me…Hell that’s the fourth time in a week that we’ve had eggs…God Bless them chickens (HaHa) and I’m really pleased about that because it’s extremely wasteful to continue to feed raw pancakes in order to save money when everyone refuses the trays and the end result is wasted food and wasted money. For the new readers of this blog this is an ongoing thing with this unit, feeding these awful undercooked pancakes 5 or 6 times a week…you try to flush em and they refuse to go under!

So the day rolls on and the 1st shift arrives and the guards set up recreation, I’ve landed 3rd round outside with an old friend “Sarge” who is now back on Death Watch for the third time this year. So as we are waiting for that time to arrive we get an unexpected visitor…one of the Directors of TDCJ comes by on his own time, being the 4th of July I know this ranking official is not required to work, and he walks right up to my cell and says, “Hopefully your 4th is going well” and he meant it. He then let me know that if I should need him or if I feel the need to have him pray with me should my execution go ahead as planned that he will be there for me, all I have to do is request for him when I get to the Walls Unit in Huntsville. That alone speaks volumes and gave me added strength and respect for this man.

The day continued and we were all shocked by the lunch tray we were fed, we were given chicken fried steak, mashed tators with white gravy o set it off…and set it off it did…that was some really good stuff and I don’t think I heard one sound for several minutes by anyone. As soon as that was done me and Sarge head out to recreation, he’s on his side and I’m on the other and we lay right down on the concrete in the sun for 2 ½ hours and relived old memories and enjoyed the day that was a blessed event from the start.

We have an execution this week but there’s a chance its put on hold, Obama has asked the United Stated Supreme Court to halt this execution due to the international issues of Mexico and the USA, apparently something is bringing awareness to this man’s case to have Obama speak openly and with recent events we have all seen the power of Obama…to wage war without first getting approval from Congress…so if he can do that he surely can halt on mans execution, right? Time will tell.

It’s 7:08pm and I’m just sitting here listening to the radio and the station is playing a lot of my favorites…Redneck Southern Rock with all the patriotic themes…its Independence Day in the USA. Speaking of this, last Friday I was called out for an attorney phone call and I was speaking to my attorney and with her was “Sophie” from Reprieve, who is also ALL 100% British and from London, England…down here helping with the efforts to save my life..and as we were finishing up the call I simply wished them both a great weekend and that’s when Sophie, with her cute British accent said she does not like being in the States during this time of year…I assumed it was because we are having 100 plus degree weather…she then giggled and said it’s because we celebrate the victory over England..(SMILE). Well I told Sophie that this is one time this True American is proud to say that “THE BRITISH ARE COMING…THE BRITISH ARE COMING” as Paul Revere did when he saw the British army approaching long ago in Colonial times.

Yes, and I meant it and I hope Sophie that you have been a good girl this weekend and have not landed yourself into any trouble…(hahaha). As for me…I want to thank everyone who is trying to help me from every land worldwide…if I was a free man my yard would look like the United Nations because I’d have a lot of flags flying right next to my American and Confederate flags!

Still Unbroken & One True American til Death.

Mark Stroman      2011


“I saw an Angle”

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Death Blog….Texas-The-Lone-Star-State

June 30th 2011 6:21am

Welcome To My Nightmare…Tales from a Dead Man

“The speech of a good person clears to air; the words of the wicked pollute it”

            Good morning to all….friends….family….cherished souls, and even the sad and lonely haters who comment only to stir up reactions of others…The day has started off with a great surprise…a few smiles on the faces of the guards who were working the pod as they passed out the morning meal of eggs…that’s like a winning Lotto ticket…smiles and eggs…yep, just the simplest things in life are the most appreciated.

Speaking of appreciated…yesterday I had a legal visit and was able to learn more about what’s going on with my case…and I must say this for the world to see…the love and compassion these people are showing me is overwhelming…all the victims families are fighting to save my life…and I was so touched by the level of this…here it is, the very people I hurt are showing love and forgiveness…but there’s a lot of people leaving messages on the Blog whose hearts are as empty as their heads…as if I’ve done them some type of wrong…what a screwed up sense of direction these folks have.

Mrs. Patel….Mrs. Hasan….Mr. Bhuiyan…much obliged for all!

(That’s from the heart and soul.)

            The 28th & 29th I saw an Angel, not one with wings or anything like that but one with Angelic type features and I could’ve sworn I saw a halo over her head. This Angel was my 18 year old daughter.  Cassandra, I love you and seeing you was such a beautiful event…I sat here last night and looked into open space in a trance reliving every smile, every laugh, feeling every tear all over again…I love you! Every guard who saw you and met you said so many wonderful things about you…and that made me one proud father…I’m proud of you. Ms. Mikki, thank you for bringing her down from Oregon and for being such an amazing and caring person. It was a great honor to meet you and I thank you for what you are doing for my Angel.


Texas Loud & Texas Proud…True American…


Mark Stroman                                                                                                                                                      2011

“My work has just begun”

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“Death Blog” THE lone-star-State-of-TEXAS

June 25th 2011 6:21pm

“Welcome to My Nightmare….Tales from a Deadman!”


            Good evening to each and every one of you out there…it’s been another full week and I’m just as exhausted as everyone else who is on this crusade with me.  All my supporters, friends, legal team, Rais & company…and just everyone who is involved in this MUCH OBLIGED…FROM THE HEART OF THIS TEXAN!

ILAN ZIV, thank you, too…for had it not been for you, had you not believed in me from day one, Execution Chronicles would of never gotten off the ground!

Texas carried out another execution on the 21st of June…we all knew him as Youngblood…and he is deeply missed on this section…and for all of his family and friends..My deepest condolences to you all…For the victim’s family, my heart goes out to you…I was sad to hear that a 15 year old girl had been paralyzed in the initial crime. May God bless you and give you the needed strength to carry on in this life.

As for another issue concerning Death Watch…they have already placed another man in Lee “Tiny” Taylors vacant cell…my old friend “SARGE”…yes, Cleave Foster is back on Death Watch with his third execution date of the year. For some odd reason they sure are trying to get him silenced…makes ya really wonder why. I can’t even begin to imagine what his family is going through to have to travel from the State of Kentucky once again must be emotional as well as very expensive.

Friday the 24th Rais along with Rick Halperin from SMU met in Houston, Texas and held a press conference with many members of CAIR-Texas…which is the Texas chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations and have spread the word on their feelings in regards to my execution…I’m deeply touched by this and it’s amazing, not only do I have my supporters and friends fighting to stop this but I have a lot of the Islamic community joining forces…this is bigger than me or Rais….BUT it starts with Rais’ forgiveness…and I see this as a chance to join a lot of people from many walks of life together…to be able to Stop the Hate…and if I’m allowed to live past the 20th of July, I will take that as a sign from God that my work has just begun.

~True American & Very Unbroken~

Mark Stroman 2011

“Waiting patiently, looking deep within myself”

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“Death Blog” Texas-the-Lone-Star-State
June 19th, 2011 5:07am
“Welcome to my Nightmare…Tales From a Dead Man”
“Waiting patiently, looking deep within myself”
Good morning to each and every one of you out in the great big world. This Sunday morning has started out in the normal fashion, minus my neighbor that is because he was killed by the State of Texas June 16, 2011. May your soul be able to view the sunsets and sunrises as you once loved to watch here on earth. For all the ones who knew Lee (Tiny) Taylor, he left this place a better man and with his head held high, he had also released all the inner hate that was embedded into him as a youth. This man functioned well with all humans regardless of the color of their skin or their beliefs…it was a great honor to share his final days with him.
I had a very busy week, not only was I blessed with two days of legal visits ( I thank you Annie from Reprieve, you are awesome!) but I also was very blessed with two days of special visits. These remarkable souls have traveled all the way from beautiful Germany and are forever etched into my mind and my soul has been awoken. I believe in fate & destiny and in life we do have certain people that without a doubt are soul connected to one another….it’s a wonderful feeling and I hope each one of you are able to find that peace and beauty in this journey we call life. Even though I sit in this cell alone I have company and all I must do is close my eyes and they are there and what a comforting feeling that is. (Suzy & Patrick….Ichliebe dich).
I also have to again address a certain issue that is still an ongoing problem and that is the mail. It would seem that half the problem is resolved and that’s the processing of the out going mail, they have gone the extra mile to do what they can (thank you mail ladies) but the problem is still with the incoming mail it would seem. Lots of mail is still not reaching me and others back here on Death Watch and I’m not sure if it’s by design or neglect and it caused me to really question everything. It’s easy to sit in this box of death and run many different scenarios through ones mind but one thing for sure the Captain of Death Row who is looking into this problem is now aware of the missing mail problem because just this past week he brought some of it to my cell. Still many letters and news stories are missing.
We have another execution set for this week, on the 21st and I can hear that man up in his cell singing along to something on the radio without a care in the world. That’s the strength and power that comes from within when one has loved ones and supporters working non-stop to ensure you are cared about and to let you know that people are fighting for you, it gives you a sense of overwhelming energy & pride. This death ride is more than it would seem to be and if you are able to open your mind you can see the beauty that comes from something so damn ugly…and that’s the way humans pull together in such drastic times. If the whole world could catch on what a beautiful planet this would be.
I wish I could list each and every person that’s effecting my life at the moment, I wish I could personally thank each and every kind soul who has left a message, sent a card, or is behind the scene fighting for me, but sure enough if I tried I’d fail to mention someone and that would cause me deep sadness and hurt the one I forgot to mention so this is a “shout out” to all of you out there who know me, who are thinking of me, helping me and have vowed to never give up…..I’m honored and this ride of death has truly changed me and I believe its part of the Master’s plan. Thank you all.
I must mention another special set of people though and that’s Rebel Spice, Linny Meakins, and Madge… the DavidCattermole band of Devon, England, the band Stray and an awesome guitarist named Keji from the band Simply Red, who are helping out with this venture……I thank you all for the song and for everything you are trying to do with this tour. What an honor it is for me….putting the world to rights is absolutely kick ass……Keep on Rockin’!!!!!
If I’m to die July 20, 2011 in Huntsville, Texas, I will be Unbroken and a Free Spirit….Proud…True…and grateful for all!
True American ~
Mark Stroman

“I am absolutely speechless”

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Death Blog” The Lone Star State!
June 15, 2011  8:36am  Execution Day!
“Welcome to my Nightmare…Tales from a Dead Man!”
“Many words rush along like rivers in flood, but deep wisdom flows up from Artesian springs.”
Good Morning Folks…live coverage from Death Watch…Livingston, Texas. Today we have a scheduled State sanctioned killing taking place and just moments ago the escort team took this condemned soul to his final visits…he will not be returning to this section of death….either way the day plays out he is now off death watch and could possibly be dead by 6:20pm this evening. Should he be fortunate enough to get a Stay of Execution he will be shuffled back into the chaotic world of Death Row
I have been mentally exhausted the last few days and things have been moving in slow motion. I still find it extremely hard to analyze my feelings but I know I must extend my most sincerest gratitude to each and every one of you that are out there who has been trying to spare my life. There’s many unseen heroes that are working behind the scenes, way too many to name so I feel if I even tried to express my thanks and left just one person out it would be a grave injustice.

Mr. Rais Bhuiyan…again let me thank you for your forgiveness and your efforts to save my life, I am absolutely speechless. I sent in another blog on this matter but have no idea if it has made it to its destination so I’m saying this again…Texas loud and Texas proud…thank you from the bottom of my heart. Fate has joined us together in a very strange way and I am honored and touched by your level of strength and forgiveness….you are truly inspiring!

I’ve seen some rather amazing things the last few weeks and never in my life have I seen so many compassionate people joined together with one common goal and that’s to stop the executions as well as mine. Reprieve and this goes to everyone that has joined this wonderful group…I thank you on behalf of myself as well as every other person on Texas Death Row and Death Watch because its wonderfully amazing to know that the hard fight is paying off..the Lundbeckdrug issue news has raced through these halls and Death Row pods like a Texas wildfire! Thank you all!

On a personal note, Reprieve, I Mark Stroman am deeply grateful for what you have done on my behalf…the world needs more people like y’all. Please, never for one moment think that I’m not extremely grateful for all you are doing on my behalf.

It’s now 9:15am and the escort team has just taken my neighbor to his visit. My neighbor has his date of execution set for tomorrow. The executioner is to get a bonus this month if he is successful. I often wonder how he or she starts their day out?? Does this unknown person have a family…does his loved ones know what he or she does all day long? What is the topic of conversation when you’re sharing your meal at home with your loved ones? Thought provoking indeed!

5:28pm…some men are wired for optimism, others for doubt….yes, indeed…just a few seconds ago the roar of laughter and screams erupted like a volcano spewing ash into the sky…the news was broadcast on the radio that the man in Huntsville has received a Stay of Execution…the cheers of this section are heard by many, and truly heard by me because I share the same attorney as the man who was just given another chance to see a sunrise in Texas.

8:54pm…the man who received his Stay just came back on our pod, he was placed on another section because he is no longer Death Watch property…to see him walk by with the huge smile was priceless!

We do have another execution set for tomorrow so one more day of stress filled moments…..but we are all having more faith than before! So with all that said I’ll close this out and hope these pages reach their destination.

Unbroken…Loud & proud Texas Style…

True American
Mark Stroman