“I saw an Angle”

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June 30th 2011 6:21am

Welcome To My Nightmare…Tales from a Dead Man

“The speech of a good person clears to air; the words of the wicked pollute it”

            Good morning to all….friends….family….cherished souls, and even the sad and lonely haters who comment only to stir up reactions of others…The day has started off with a great surprise…a few smiles on the faces of the guards who were working the pod as they passed out the morning meal of eggs…that’s like a winning Lotto ticket…smiles and eggs…yep, just the simplest things in life are the most appreciated.

Speaking of appreciated…yesterday I had a legal visit and was able to learn more about what’s going on with my case…and I must say this for the world to see…the love and compassion these people are showing me is overwhelming…all the victims families are fighting to save my life…and I was so touched by the level of this…here it is, the very people I hurt are showing love and forgiveness…but there’s a lot of people leaving messages on the Blog whose hearts are as empty as their heads…as if I’ve done them some type of wrong…what a screwed up sense of direction these folks have.

Mrs. Patel….Mrs. Hasan….Mr. Bhuiyan…much obliged for all!

(That’s from the heart and soul.)

            The 28th & 29th I saw an Angel, not one with wings or anything like that but one with Angelic type features and I could’ve sworn I saw a halo over her head. This Angel was my 18 year old daughter.  Cassandra, I love you and seeing you was such a beautiful event…I sat here last night and looked into open space in a trance reliving every smile, every laugh, feeling every tear all over again…I love you! Every guard who saw you and met you said so many wonderful things about you…and that made me one proud father…I’m proud of you. Ms. Mikki, thank you for bringing her down from Oregon and for being such an amazing and caring person. It was a great honor to meet you and I thank you for what you are doing for my Angel.


Texas Loud & Texas Proud…True American…


Mark Stroman                                                                                                                                                      2011


10 Responses to ““I saw an Angle””

  1. Mitch Fleming Says:

    Hi Mark, it’s Mitch here, Cujo’s friend. I just want to say that we are all out here, routing for you. We are all signing the petition that was put out by the victim’s family to have your sentence commuted. We are all praying that if these good people have found it in their hearts to not only forgive you, but to fight so hard for your life, then who is anybody else to deny them what will only mean closure for them and an end to their suffering?? Whoever is running your page is doing a marvellous job and your blogs are on there regularly. Your voice IS being heard Mark, don’t think for one moment it’s not. Just know that you, your family, your friends and al your loved ones are in our prayers always.

    Stay strong Mark and keep the faith…….MITCH xxx

  2. Sandy Gates Says:

    I do hope you get this. I have been fascinated with the people on death row for years. I have written 10 page letters to some and just never get around to mailing them off. I guess I am so interested because I could not imagine being thrown on death row and enduring what you each do each day. I just can not wrap my mind around locking someone up and then killing them. how does the human mind deal with knowing you will be locked up until the day they decide to kill you. I hope you have got your mind right and that you have a relationship with God. God is the only one that can help you and understand in a way.
    I would like to help some guys out that have no one and that has no outside contact. I can not even begin to imagine being there and having no one who cares to write! I am leaving my email address so maybe you can let me know of someone who truly needs a friend.
    I do appreciate all the work you have put into these journals as I enjoyed reading them very much!
    God bless you:)

  3. Dear Mark, I just wrote to you, but I wanted to leave a message for you here as well. I was touched by what you wrote in your blog “I saw an angel” and I am so happy for you that you were able to visit with your daughter last week!
    Stay strong and keep fighting Mark!
    Know that you are in my thoughts and that I pray that this visit with your angel was only the first of many more to come!

    Love and big warm hugs,

  4. Gewitterfee Says:

    Hey Mark, if I am to believe what another German newspaper wrote (I read it via internet), you´ll be able to see another angel next week, won´t you?
    The taz said Mr. Bhuiyan will come and visit you?

    I hope your daughter will be able to handle whatever comes. It´s nice to hear you have such a child and I can well imagine what joy her visit was for you.

    All my good wishes with you!

  5. Linny Meakins Says:

    Mark I am so thrilled Cassandra got to visit you and it sounds like it was wonderful. You have a little surprise present on the way to you in your post..I have been up to London for the past 2 days meeting with Rais and Dr Rick Halperin. Took Laura with me today, 5am sparrows fart start : ). I tried to get your message to the world, over for you as I promised, for your desire to join Rais in his quest for peace and harmony. Emmanuelle was filming my personal meeting for the first time with Rais and Rick yesterday and I delivered the message on film. I was very moved to finally meet them and Rick was so knowledgeable and answered so many questions that I wanted answers to. I will be keeping in touch with him always now and he will be my mentor for all human rights issues… I have been asked to speak for an organistation over here called ‘Voices for Death Row’ at a Rally in London. This is on the 9th October, and they want me to speak on your behalf , telling of your experiences there and conditions, a human insight as such. I have agreed to do this Mark. I will scrub up and get rid of a little of the ‘horse shite’ first I promise, but with you being a Texan cowboy an all, perhaps you won’t mind if I happen to miss a bit .. : ) Big hugs ‘Me Luverleey’ Special post on it’s way. Love ya, Linny . Oh and a big kiss from Madge XX

  6. Gewitterfee Says:

    @Sandy Gates:
    Did you ever try it with one of the pen pals´ sites?
    Or are you uncertain that you would maybe write someone who has around a hundred penpals already (so to say)?

    In any case, it´s very nice of you to be willing to be a friend for someone who has none; I could imagine that too and that is, of course, one disadvantage of the pen pals´ homepages….you never know how many have answered already.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  7. Sean Fitzpatrick Says:

    Good for you Mark to be able to visit your daughter, Cassandra, I know it gives you more peace at heart tthat you may have been missing. I would hope I was brought up in ya’ll’s conversation. I have not been in touch with Cassandra for awhile now. My brother passed away and have tried to deal with that as well. I believe the same reason I have not seen her may be the same you were not able to for years, be thet as it may, I am truly happy you had a chance to talk thatangel, Mark she truly is an angel, I have been a witness to her growing into the young woman she is. I am sure it was as good for her to visit with as it was for you…I am at aloss for at this time other than to say for you to stay LOUD and PROUD…Peace be with you Mark.

  8. Lee MCollings Says:

    Ok, you named your daughter…Sister????

    Time2prtee, Tourette’s Anonymous.

    I really hope your visit was helpful for your daughter, It will be really hard for her, and your other loved ones. It is never easy to say goodbye forever. Be very thankful that you have that opportunity, the opportunity that you denied to two other human beings.

    Mr. Bhuiyan is a great man, I admire him for following his convictions, however, when Mr. Patel and Mr. Hasan can ask for your life to be saved, then I would agree.

    Here’s hoping you are right with Jesus!

  9. Shawna Schroder Says:

    What your Angel needs from you for now and forever is for you to be her Angel!!!!
    I know that if anybody can do that it is you. She needs to feel you in her heart and know you are with her and watching over her. If you get to see this I want you to know that I was very humbled, surprised, regretful, hopeful, thankful and very scared, but most of all feeling guilty for not making ya’lls relationship happen sooner. I am so sorry from the depth of my soul. I am devastated that I did not get to come visit, but from my point of view – Cassandra is the most important and when we did the custody hearing I was going to fight it if the judge did not order the people involved in her care to find a way for her to visit you. It was very hard as no body thought she should go. I want you to know that i fought very hard for that. For me it was not a option or a maybe – it was going to happen no matter what. The funding fell through for me and I wish I could have been there as she wanted the two of us to talk about her together, but I am so very proud of you for how you handled it all, I had to laugh as she told me about our first date as I had forgot and she was laughing her Ass off. She did not stop talking about you – and still hasn’t- although she is having a hard time as the 20th arrives. She got a taste of you and wants so much more. I am glad she had the visit as it was better than nothing, but this is a loss she will forever carry a huge ache in her heart from. You have no idea what you gave your daughter those two days. You cemented what I have always told her – that she was wanted and loved more than she will ever know!
    I love you so much Mark and I was scared to death to try to support you over the years and try to raise Cassandra. I always felt like my feelings would get in the way of Cassandra’s needs, and no matter what I have always fought for her in so many ways. I have done a lot of things wrong and I cant change them now but I have always made sure that despite everything that she knew you loved and wanted her more than anything, but for her to hear it from you and to see it in your eyes made it real for her.
    Thank you with all my heart for our precious angel.
    I hope you can forgive me and know that you have and always will hold a piece of my heart that no one will ever get to and I hope that you will be our Angel now and look out for us. Cassandra has been through sooooo much and the only reason I didn’t go after some people with a gun is because I needed to make sure I was there for her. I have never felt like killing another human being before! I have never asked for much – Please find a way to look out after us.
    Loving you Sunday morning………Always!

  10. Gewitterfee Says:

    I don´t see how your mentioning my word “Tourettes Anonymous” fits to Mark´s posting….(it was me who used it)

    Just in case that term disturbed you:
    I was referring to all those words I saw when I just once read in one thread there. All the page full of garbage, rubbish, a$$hole, scumpals and so on.
    I suppose you know what Tourette is, don´t you?

    As I said before, everyone may have his or her opinion, but the style to discuss it is the question. 😉

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