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Death Blog Texas Death Row USA February 11th, 2009 3:45pm

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Welcome to my nightmare. The insanity tour continues It has been a few days since I’ve last wrote down the events of my existence, or has it been weeks? Time has been all one big blur to me here lately. With the passing of Grandma and all the other issues I won’t go into, the level’s of anxiety and stress have taken their toll upon me. But I’m still in control or at least that’s what the voices I hear are telling me. We have had a few more executions since I’ve last sat down with this pen and we have had a lot of gassing of humans down in the hole where I still reside ~ F-Pod~ . Just the other days they gassed the same one who had took gas in the face over the spoiled beans, but this time the gas had been can’s aimed into his cell. You could hear the orders being give then ~ “WHOOOOSH” ~ one long burst of gas, then as a minute or so passed you’d hear one more burst ~ “WHOOOOSH” ~. A few men coughing… silence, then the final order was given and the last 6 or 7 second long burst of chemical agents were administered ~ “WHOOOOSH” ~. And the 5-man team was sent in, full riot gear, helmets, gas masks and shields. You can hear the struggle, the grunts and bodies slamming into one another as the 5-man team runs into the dark cell of the condemned, only to cause harm and take a set of handcuffs. The fight is over and the man is left in that small cell full of gas, skin on fire, injured, lungs burning for fresh air. Another day on Texas Death Row. Now the reason most people down here “jack” handcuffs, dayrooms, rec cages, food slots and hallways is to attempt to resolve some sort of issue. So this act of “jacking” is to get the rank to come speak to you. If not for thyis way, one would never get anything taken care of. We are trapped in these isolation cells and it’s our only means of action. Well peaceful action that is. The only thing this administration understands is violence. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Sad but true! The squeaky wheel gets greased! Now let me take a few minutes and go back to January 13th, I wrote about the raid team and how my legal work had been tossed out and the way my cell was destroyed, (this blog should be in archives). Well I had to take this issue to our grievance system, had I not, I would not be able to complain to Huntsville because they always say a grievance must be filed in order to attempt to resolve issue at Unit level. Well folks, the Unit level is a joke, as I will show you. Then you can be your own judge! Now we have two options of grievance, Step one and then Step two. If Step two is activated it’s because the offender is not satisfied with Step one’s response, so one files Step two and attaches the original complaint, step one, and this activates another investigation but this time it involves the invisible people from Huntsville, so that is what I’ve done, or am in the process of doing since I was given my response to my complaint in last night’s mail. A joke if I’ve ever seen one. I’m going to copy down each word I’ve wrote down and I’ll copy the looney-tunes reply down so you all can see, and as soon as I get my step two back I’ll send both of the originals to be put on the site for the world to see. This is Polunsky’s grievance system. Mark Stroman #999409 Grievance #2009081808 Officers involved: Date received – January 15th 2009 Sgt Seales- death row Date Due – February 24th 2009 CO III Coker Grievance code – 518 CO IV White Investigator- I1582 Returned to ne – February 9th 2009 (The three officers above saw the aftermath) Full report is as follows: Yesterday 01-12-09 the new Gestapo Raid Squad, or as they call it, The Regional Shake Down Team, raided our section. During this raid my cell was totally and completely destroyed. Legal work was throw away, either by design or neglect. What legal work is not missing is dumped into a big pile in the floor. I have a death sentence so I have a lot of legal work and it has to be in order. It’s now ruined and hundreds of pages are missing! I also had all of my personal photos dumped on the floor, I also had boot prints on my sheets and photos. The raid team walked on all of my belongings. Before I would go into my cell I called for rank, who was a death row sergeant, Sergeant Seales. I also had Officer White and Officer Coker by my side. They witnessed the aftermath destruction the regional raid squad had done. Sgt Seales then arrived and he also witnessed the destruction. He said it was ordered by Huntsville and “He” couldn’t do anything about it. So Huntsville ordered the raid team to step on my photos and sheets and ordered my legal work to be thrown away and to destroy my cell?? I don’t believe that at all. End of my statement Now folks there’s two more slots on the form, one is for me and its action requested to resolve your complaint, and the other is grievance response. My request is as follows: Stop destroying my cell when it’s searched or bring chemicals and execute me on the spot, this is wrong and uncalled for. Their response is as follows: Your grievance has been investigated, Lieutenant Price stated that property is properly handled during cell searches. If property is damaged or confiscated, the proper paperwork is completed. No action warranted. Signature authority – Warden Lester. See folks, not one issue was addressed in their looney-tunes reply. This is what we must deal with on Unit level. It’s a cover-up! Well folks, you just witnessed what the Polunsky Unit grievance office does. Waste of tax payers money. So I’ll file the step two and dial you in on their response in about 35 days when it’s returned to me from Huntsville, if at all. True American Till Death Mark Stroman – Texas condemned dead man talking


Death Blog Feb. 2, 2009

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Death Blog

Texas Death Row

February 2, 2009  5:07am

Welcome to my nightmare, the insanity tour continues.

It’s a new month and thus far we have only three Texecutions set for the month of “love”, February 2009. For the month that just passed, seven men were set to die, but only five had their executions carried out. One was set off for later this year and another has cheated the Executioner once again out of his death payment… “Dead Man Sill Walking”

I’ve been having my own personal problems the past few months, as if you haven’t noticed, but the past few weeks have been extra hard on me… and hell no I’m not seeking any sympathy just placing my thoughts into this blog. Not only am I doing my best to show the outside world what goes on behind these walls of death, but I’m also leaving a diary of my final days for all of my loved ones and children. It’s what keeps me going.

As for the extra emotional turmoil I mentioned, onto that subject now. On June 30, 1913 an awesome life was brought into this world, Altena Degaugh Hancock, in a small little town called Talty, Texas. She was one of the best people in the world in my eyes. Though she was not my actual blood kinfolk she has been in my life since I was 7 years old. She is the great great great grandmother of “my” children’s mother… known to me as grandma. She passed away at the age of 95 on January 22, 2009.

On January 21st a rare occurrence took place, Chaplain Yalls came to my death cage and he opened the conversation with “I have bad news” Well folks, my heart sank to the floor. I knew someone had died because you never get the news beforehand. It’s always after the loved one die’s that a prison chaplain notifies you, if at all.

So as we speak, he tells me I’m going to be allowed an emergency phone call in a few hours to call home and speak to my family. I’m absolutely shocked. He then tells me he has approval by Major Smith, our Death Row Major.

So a few hours later, which seemed like weeks to me, two female prison guards, fresh out of high school, come to take me to the emergency phone call. I’m placed in handcuffs behind my back and off we go. I’m taken to the “use of force” office, which holds all the riot helmets, tear gas, shields, etc. I’m sat in a chair before Chaplain Yalls, still in handcuffs, and he makes the call. Thankfully because the office of Inspector General has confiscated all of my address books back on November 15, 2009, and has yet to return them. So he does the call on speaker phone… note there are 5 other prison guards sitting at a table in the room, so that’s 7 total, plus Chaplain Yalls. So as you can imagine I’m an emotional wreck. I’m able to speak to my loved ones and since grandma is at hone on hospice care I’m able to say my final goodbyes… one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life. The tears are flowing and I didn’t give a damn who saw them. It was so emotional that all 7 officers even bowed their heads. I was blessed to be able to say “I love you” and “goodbye”.

Chaplain Yalls and Major Smith – THANK YOU for this act of human compassion you have shown me, much obliged.

The following day, grandma died. RIP

Now as for what I have been thinking the last few years about my finals days, that since I’m so hardened by death row I’d be able to face my final days and goodbyes with ease. Well I’ve just realized it’s not gonna be as easy as I had thought. Saying goodbyes… not sure if I can do it now. It worries me deeply.

Now I know there’s gonna be a lot of you out there who are pro-death and are probably already screaming how I don’t even deserve to have had a chance to say goodbye or even say my final goodbyes when my time comes, but that’s what you don’t understand. I’m not here to be punished; my punishment that has been placed upon me by the people on the jury was and is DEATH. Not punishment then death. You can’t have it both ways.

Well not let me get this closed out. I feel as if I’m unraveling… need to re-group.

True American

Mark Stroman

Texas Death Row