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January 17,2009 4:29am

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Death Blog

Texas Death Row

Written from the hole

Welcome to the insanity tour! Things inside Texas Death Row may seem calm and peaceful from the modern looking facility but I can say this with all honesty, looks can be deceiving as hell. A few more incidents have kicked off that I need to report on, as I said in my blog a few days ago, I had been HIT with writers block and some Holiday depression so I took the needed time to chase all of the old demons from inside my head. FAR AWAY…

We had our first Texecution of 2009 on the 14th of January. Five more are set to die in the death chamber this month alone. The executioner is gonna be able to buy that new carefree luxury model automobile this year with all of his death money. Money he is paid to murder for the injustice system… I had one time read that he or she was paid up to $600 per murder. Not sure how real that is but all that money can’t clear one’s mind at the end of the day…. Or can it?

Not let me tell you as of a few of the latest incidents before I start letting the voice inside my head take over this blog. About a month or more ago, on a regular pod on death row an officer had slammed a condemned inmate to the ground on the way to the shower. This officer did this to a handcuffed man, who weighs about 130 lbs. is about 5’3” tall. The inmate was handcuffed behind his back; he was in no way or form a threat to this officer. He had been on his way to his shower… well they always side with their officers on any type of incident… the officers are never at fault on Polunsky Unit! Well they bring this inmate to the hole for his part of being slammed, crazy as it sounds, that’s exactly how it happened. Well a few days ago, that same officer was down here working the hole and must have forgot his dirty deed of slamming this man, well the inmate was no so forgiving and reached out and cut this guard. It’s sad that this kind of stuff happens. If the guard would of not abused his authority then he wouldn’t be in the shape he’s in now! Sad!

And by “NO” means am I saying I agree with the inmate or the guard… what I am bringing lip is how these officers are abusing their authority… to slam a man while handcuffed behind his back is wrong. And this happens a lot back here!

Now for the next incident we had been fed some spoiled beans. I had no idea beans could spoil, but I assure you they can. So we had our trays brought to us and the lima beans made you “spit” them out as soon as they entered your mouth. Sour and absolutely gross. So a few men “jacked” the pan slot in the door. Jacked is a term used by us when something has been taken… so the food slots are jacked and the officers are forced to halt all operations and go fetch the shift supervisor, so good ole Sergeant “Ludwig” arrives and is trying to defuse the problem, he says he has no control over the food… so he is now denying us part of our food calorie count set by the higher ups.

Now we still have the “jacked” food slots, which have a arm hanging from the opening. Good ole “Sergeant Ludwig” decides to use pepper spray and he sprays the men in their faces until they give back the jacked food slots. This is abusive and wrong. All these guys wanted was their food. Now they are waiting for more trouble to arise from the ones who got gassed. Let me tell ya folks I’m in the next section over and I felt the effects over here. Not a nice place to be!

So I’ll close this one out and will report more as the abusive conditions un-fold.

Till death do us part!

True American till the end!


January 13th 2009 Texas Death Row.

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Death Blog… United States of America

January 13th 2009 Texas Death Row

Written from the Hole 6:48pm

Welcome back, it’s time for more news of this nightmare. Just a few days ago I re-surfaced with my first blog of the year and had said how peaceful it had been around this place. Well that changed and now it’s back to normal. CHAOS and little demons dancing about inside my head.

Yesterday, January 12th about 9:30aqm the Good Squad did a raid on a few select few once again. Which I now get raided every month, no big surprise and I don’t have a problem with it, I’m in this place and that goes with the territory. What I do have a problem with is the next part of the story…

Huntsville Texas, home base of the Texas Prison System has created a regional raid team to so “search raids” on the prison units in that region, and yesterday they hit us back here on the row. Don’t know how many others had been hit but I know about 14 of us on F-Pod the hole had been hit. And hit HARD! Now let me give you a bit of Texas Prison Policy. It’s not allowed to have any property on the floor of your cell… at all times your belongings must be stored in the allotted spots beneath your bunk or on the shelf. Just so you readers are aware of this. That’s what policy says and you could be given a disciplinary case for not following these rules.

So this regional Gestapo Squad arrives with reporters from a Huntsville newspaper. They raid a few cells~ the first ones are in some way involved with that Richard Tabler phone scandal… not Tabler himself, but a few who have said to of used that phone. So they pull them out and place them in the showers and their cells are searched and all types of high tech toys are used to detect phone signals and such… they even have a underwater camera they snake into the toilet to see if you have a phone in the inner part of the plumbing pipes. Now while the well mannered officers are doing this, the news media is taking a few photos of the procedure and the surrounding things had been done nice and neat since the media was there and taking photos. They only stayed for two of the first cells. Yes can you see where this story is heading now? THE CHAOS BEGINS!

Now I will speak on my own personal story. I’m pulled out of my cell by the regular death row officers who are working F-Pod. The raid squad is being done by guards from another prison and their faces and names are un-known to us. So I’m placed outside in the cool crisp air for about two hours while this Gestapo raid team completed the other 12 cells, mine included. So there’s 11 more condemned men scattered about the rec cages out of view from their cell’s. That ain’t cool either!

So as I’m escorted back to my cage by the death row guards I stop in at my cell door and stare in disbelief at the complete and utter destruction of my property. ALL of my legal works is dumped into another massive pile. Folders torn and all papers once again mixed together. This is being done by “Design or Neglect”. I refuse to go into my cell until a death row sergeant is brought to my cell to witness this mess. As I’m standing there, my neighbor said they swept out a lot of papers from my cell and are now in a massive pile and in the trash cans. These papers were all of my remaining trial transcripts!!!!

When the sergeant arrives he is saying he can’t do anything because Huntsville ordered the search raid… so what he is saying is that it was Huntsville who destroyed my cell and ruined all of my legal work and is at fault for all the trial transcripts to be thrown out. This is NOT the first time this has happened. This is MY LIFE! I have an on-going appeal I’m working on and these raid squads are destroying any and all traces of my legal plight!

So, as I get further into my cell I see all of my family photos and loved ones all on the floor with boot prints on top of them. The same boot prints are on my sheets which are also on the floor, my cell is a total mess. Now I’m not sure how many of you are aware of the actual size of a death row cell, I’m sure there are a few photos out there online somewhere, but it took me 5 hours to get my cell back into a normal setting. All but my legal work. That’s ruined and half is missing. Yes people, it’s been a rough start to this week. Only God knows what’s next!

So as I mentioned before, anything on your cell floor is considered a un-kept cell and is a violation of policy, but it’s all right when it’s them breaking policy. Double standard. So what I am going to do? The next time they show up at my cell I’ll have them gas me to extract me from it. I’m not the only one who feels this way. So if they continue to say Huntsville is to blame then let them deal with the paperwork involved in the gassing of men just to search their cells. I don’t have a problem with being searched, but when it’s done that way and all of your belongings are walked on it’s a bit nerve bending and I won’t allow it again. If they want to search me in a normal fashion, that’s good. If not, they can search a cell full of gassed up property after I’m yanked out by my feet!

Now I have just filed a “step one grievance” on this whole incident, so I’m trying to resolve this in a peaceful manner, but it will also take the help from you out there. I ask all of you who can and will- to voice your complaints to Huntsville Texas. I also know there’s a place called the Ombudsman office as well. So if any of you can do this I’d really appreciate the help. I don’t look forward to being gassed but I’m not gonna continue to have my cell destroyed each time the Gestapo raids us!

Well I’ll close this one out. Keep us in your prayers and I’ll report more later.

Death Blog… United States of America!

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Written by Mark Stroman TRUE AMERICAN!

Welcome back to my nightmare friends and enemies alike… may 2009 be a blessed little journey for us all. I’ve been somewhat missing in action the last few weeks and I have no real excuse for it… well I can say I had the Holiday Blues, which is a real emotion I fought with ~ but mainly I just needed to ease up and regroup ! chase off some inner demons~ and found a few that had been asleep. Ain’t life just grand!

I still reside in the hole~ F Pod ~ Texas Death Camp, Livingston Texas… United States of America. All has been rather calm the last few weeks. No one has been gassed or wounded from direct hits from tear gas canisters… no one has committed suicide, and that goes for inmates and guards alike. And no one has pulled out their eye and ate it… yes folks that really did happen to a sick person here on the row about a month ago. More on that later, it’s still a bit shocking~ for this is NOT normal behavior at all.

Now let me back up and “dial” ya’ll in on how we was treated on Christmas Day. Now brace yourselves for this next part is rare and will surely make some un-wanted viewers mad as hell, you know who you are so no need to point fingers or call out names! 😛 But we were treated like real people ~ human beings ~ a name, not just a number… how do you ask? By the way we were fed. I was impressed and grateful for the meal that we had brought to our cages. We had a tray that we call the “Cold Tray” brought to us first. It contained “four” good size pieces of pie… we also had a “Johnny” sack brought to us but it had two sandwiches with salami and cheese. This was for the last meal of the day. Then we had the Christmas meal brought to us… which was full and overflowing~ pork chop, brisket, tator salad, red beans, dressing/stuffing, cole slaw, biscuits, green beans with onions… it was enough to put you to sleep after eating it. Yes I was grateful and proud for once!

So now it’s New Years Eve and I am blessed that I have one good view from this cage I’m in  the hole. So I was able to catch a very impressive display of fireworks. Yes I was perched up on a stack of legal work so I was able to stand at the small window and view this. Brought back some good ole’ memories I tell ya. It was somewhat nice to see, even though directly beyond my view is one of the death towers of Polunsky, machine gun in hand ~ guard who looks like some Nazi Concentration Camp ghost, walking back and forth. But even he stopped to view this sight that engulfed the night sky. HELLO 2009!!!

So now we are back to the real deal… reality of Polunsky. Which is death… Justice or Injustice… however you may view it… we have six state approved murders set for this month of January… the next three weeks six men are set to die in Texas alone and many more for the following months. The smell of death is in the air folks!

Well that’s about all for this round. I’ll be back and will get the inner news of this hellish place out as best as I can. For all the people who are out there and have a loved one inside this place or on any death camp unit in the USA, your support and voice does help. So stop standing in the background ~ GET INVOLVED before it’s too late!


God Bless Us All!

Death Blog….August 12th 2008 2:56pm

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Due to space limitation  we have not published all of Mark’s blogs. We begin this week by publishing some of  Mark’s archived blogs which   have not been published before. We will keep each blog for 3-4 days  until we  have published all the 12 missing blogs. After that they could be read in the archives.


Welcome back…The Insanity Tour…Never a dull moment!

I figured it was time to open this up again…lots of craziness and depression flowing through this place…not sure what to say or even how to start it… Tonight we have a ¨Texecution Murder¨ for Leon Dorsey. Let the guards tell it and the story goes like this: the most dangerous man on the planet, and we expect trouble out of him. Well I just watched them take him to the death van and he was not looking dangerous to me…lots of hype and gossip.

Yes people, just a few hours ago we all watched 28 people gather up for the short walk to the death van…it´s crazy indeed…they had a six or seven man riot team all suited up with shields ready to gas and pounce on this condemned and handcuffed man…if he so decided to put up a fight…it´s a no win situation when Texas wants you dead…

Now I don´t know who the hell all the plain clothes people are but I can assure you there was a huge crowd of them, some were wardens and the high ranking goons of the death machine, but why in the hell does that final walk from Polunsky visiting room to the doom van have to be done with all these people who have no right to be part of this? They laugh and joke and speak of things that they will do after work, as this Texas condemned man walks his last little walk on the Polunsky Unit. Huntsville bound. The Walls Unit. The Death Chamber is waiting.

Now I´m uncertain as to how all this works but it´s got to be a very high security thing. We all could see the death squad pull out in all their vehicles to run security on the drive there. Several cars in front and many more in the back, fully loaded with a high amount of fire power.

Most of the guys who knew this man are speaking about this, he was saying how ¨hard¨he was gonna go with the death squad came to take him away. I guess most of his homeboys are disappointed that he went without a fight. Hell how does one fight a gang of officers like that? Over 25 or more. So the last hours of this man´s life will be peaceful and gas free.

So at 6:00 pm Texas will send this man to the other side of the light. Pumped full of toxic bug juice, in the name of justice…WHATEVER!

Yesterday on another pod on this building we had a little freaky man who is a child predator, pedophile, attempt to hang himself on the outside recreation yard. He climbed up the bars that I´d say are about 30 feet high and then he tied a sheet to them, the other end around his neck…and jumped. Well the little retard who is only about 4´10¨ failed at this too, he was just dangling in mid air they said.

So in order to get this dude down they had to suit up the riot team and gas him, yes ya´ll read right…gassed a man who is hanging from the bars. They do this because he is un-cuffed and these people here will not come in unless you are properly gassed and no longer a threat in their eyes. HELLO people this person whas not a threat to anyone but himself! We have no little children here for him to prey on! What a crazy place to be! Is this a damn dream or WHAT?

Yes that´s a procedure at the Polunsky Unit…Death Row. If you are in your cell and was to have a stroke or a heart attack and was unresponsive, in order to get any medical help(which is a JOKE) these people will have to gas you before they can come in your cell. That´s right. They even gas you if you´re already dead. Seen it with my own eyes. Ain´t human nature just an awesome thing! What a great day to be alive!!!

Well I´m gonna close this out, unsure how I´m feeling at the moment and hate it when I get this way. Death seems so peaceful at times.