“Death Blog” The-Lone-Star-State-of-Texas  July 20th 2011 3:54am Execution Day

 “Welcome to My Nightmare….Tales From A Dead Man”

  “With Grace, Dignity, Pride, Regrets, Peace, Forgiveness, Always”

Well, the big day has arrived and I’m on my feet doing the morning rituals and trying to determine what I’m actually feeling. The day of my death is here and I’ve been overwhelmed with total peace. The Spirit flows through these Texas veins of mine…Red, White, & Blue…still Unbroken and anxious to get this show on the road for some reason. Yesterday I had another set of awesome all day visits and I will say that the emotions were ever present…the tears flowed freely, tears of joy and happiness, the tears of real love flowed between us all. Yesterday I had my lifelong friends Ben & Liz show up…what a blessing they are…and if you both are reading this it’s been an honor and I love y’all. Ilan, Connie, Mark, and Laura…you know what’s inside me and I’m proud of you all. Today the events will be somewhat different; I will have my last set of visits until 12:00 noon…that’s when the State officials must complete their end of the deal and transport me to Huntsville, Texas…it will be the first time I’ve left this compound since my arrival in 2002. I’m sure that 45 minute drive is gonna be an amazing event for me. My only thoughts will be on the ones I’ve just left at visit, surely this last set of goodbyes will draw out the innermost human feelings we possess. Human nature at its finest. Amongst a world full of hate the power of love and friendship will prevail…and I’m proud as ever to have had the chance in this life to see both sides of the coin. Last night’s mail call was another unreal event, the mass amount of mail I have received is overwhelming, the number of letters and email messages kept me up most of the night reading and thinking and feeling every bit of this journey of life.  From Iran to Brazil and almost every other country in the world has responded with words of love and support. Every race of mankind, several types of faith and religious beliefs have entered into my zone of death…and the one message that all of these different people are saying is awesome and speaks of the power of this story….of Forgiveness, worldwide peace and how this story of death has some way changed the views of the reader…that’s powerful folks. It’s now 4:29am… Third cup of coffee is slowly inching its way down me, and the radio is playing some of my favorite tunes and I’m 100% content and loving every moment of this…I’ve been a morning person my whole life, it’s the best part of the day and a time when your thoughts belong to you. It’s extremely strange, I’m looking at the clock on the radio and realize that I must complete this blog before the hour of 5:00am rolls around, it shall be the final piece of mail I send out…the final entry and a conclusion to the Execution Chronicles….this nightmare has turned into something of great power and beauty. To each and every one of you….friends, loved ones and the many unknowns who have just started looking at these blogs…remember these wise words, from all this we may learn that there are two races of men in this world but only these two, the race of the decent man and the race of the indecent man. Both are found everywhere; they penetrate into all groups of society. With all that said let me say farewell to all and should I be granted a Stay and handed back a chance of life, I will return with a story that will be even more powerful. Still Unbroken…Texas Loud & Texas Proud… True American    Mark Stroman     2011



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  1. So pleased you were peaceful and surrounded by love and loving feelings during your final hours. My PC just switched off when I was reading this. I reckon you are still around. Still unbroken, as always. RIP Mark x

  2. as i read this i smiled, i held back the tears of joy and sadness. sadness that it had to be discovered through death that hate helps no one but that through his journey towards death he found not only this but true friendship happiness and peace. your words have inspired me and have helped me to understand that no matter what journey we are on to embrace it not be afraid to learn from it no matter how many times we may stumble along the way through it. your death was felt by all and was a true loss to this word. God bless you mark Stroman you have taught us what true redemption, and change really is. peace.

  3. My name is Clive seal and i have been writing to Mark for 5 year. Mark is going to be so missed .My thoughts are with his family and friends.Never in this world did i ever think a story of courage Love and forgiveness unfold in the way this has. This world is full of sadness and desperation along with hardships yet despite all of that it shows what us humans can accomplish when love takes the driving seat .This is a powerful story and i am sure it is going to reach and teach Many. May the Memory of Mark live on.

  4. Gewitterfee Says:

    “When I was born, I cried and all laughed.
    When I had to go, I laughed and all cried.”

    Hope you made it well, Mark. I´m sure you still get all these messages wherever you are.
    Sorry not to have been awake in the real hour of your death; I had no idea of the 2 hours delay, otherwise I would have changed the time of my alarm-clock.

    Hope to see you in person on a bright day.

    And my thoughts to all your family and friends.

  5. English Rose Says:

    So sad that you are gone when you taught all of us that read this so much. I know you have changed the way I view things and that has changed for ever. Your words have helped me deal with a bad experience in my life that ruined the past and I was allowing to ruin the present and the future. But no more, I just wish I could thank you properly. I can’t explain the strength you’ve helped me find inside. I will be forever grateful x

  6. English Rose Says:

    When I started reading these blogs I don’t really know what I expected but I know for sure I didn’t expect to be so touched by them. My husband is surprised by the change and can’t believe how it happened. He can’t understand how someone I’ve never met who is in another country has reached me, when others closer have failed. I intend to carry on and try and reach others, however, I don’t think anyone could get the message through in the same way Mark did. I can’t believe he’s gone what a waste. I hope he’s happy and at peace. His words have helped me more than he will ever know x

    • I agree with you English Rose. Mark showed great support to me in his letters – about my disabled daughter. His words brought me more resolution, support & comfort – than my so called friends and family. For someone so judged and imprisoned – he was free in spirit, and the milk of human kindness. I hope I brought him some support – as he gave to me, more than I feel I gave to him. He gave me strength and an extra dose of empathy. XxX God Bless you Mark

  7. Mark,you are a great n a brave human being, I’ll always remember your last words n you ofcourse. This world doesn’t see the greatness a person has in his/her heart. I’ve no words to express my feelings. Love you n remember you always. Be blessed.

  8. He also left me behind some lovely like minded new friends.

    And to Rais his victim – who forgave him and tried to stop his execution. What can I say! You are an awesome human being. If everyone was like you the World would be a better place for us all.

  9. patricia Says:

    Hi. My name is Patricia. I am French and I live in Arizona. I did not really know of Mark until I read the news about his execution. I vaguely remember that after 9/11 someone shot several people wearing turbans thinking they were middle-eastern. I also remember that at the time I thought… what a redneck moron. And then I forgot about it.

    In the news article, it was said that Mark had a blog and I went here because I was curious to read what he had to say. Needless to say that what I found was not a redneck moron but just another human being who did a mistake under a deep state of emotion (OK, this was a huge mistake, but this was also a huge emotional time for this country…) and deeply regretted it. I found someone intelligent with a lot of humanity, understanding and compassion. Reading Mark’s posts was really moving and an eye opener on the condition of death row prisoners.

    I am very sad that Mark had to be executed. He could have done so much good by being an inspiration to people who live with hate and fear. I admire so deeply the way he approached his execution, with calm and serenity. And until the end sending messages of love and compassion. It is grand.

    Mark, I know that you cannot read that, but I hope that where you are you can feel the positive impact you had on people’s lives. I regret to have found this blog too late, otherwise I would have sent you a letter of support and added my voice to ask for clemency. And I wish I could find a way to help in spreading your message so that all what you have done and been through is not a waste.
    May you rest in peace!

  10. Rest in peace Mark. I hope when you awake in the next stage of your journey that the sun will be shining on your face and the demons that have haunted you will be nothing but a faded memory.

  11. I never knew Mark Stroman other than what I saw on television; let me say it never really looked good. Not until someone started telling me about this blog did I ever imagine him to be little more than a beast with little if any education and plenty of ignorance for everything. I am not sure what makes people kill each other because of a color so I have a hard time relating to it. Our own fear seems to be the enemy, not the color of skin.

    With that said I started from the first one and proceeded to try and read them all. All I could imagine is one day of pentad up fury and hate resulting in a journey like his. I am not too sure who had won Mark’s personal war. I am sure it was neither Mark nor his victims. I think we are all a couple bad decisions from the very same fate. That is a very hard fact of life. For every action there is a reaction.

    Thanking a person who so angrily killed and killed again is not my style. What I will say is it is a real tragedy that Mark’s life brought him to that set of bad decisions. That should speak volumes to all of us.
    In the end Mark Stroman was not a beast to me anymore. The reality of his decision broke him. He became the human being he should have been before the day he not only took two people’s lives…… He also took his own

  12. Laura. Thanks for the phone call, it really ment a lot to know Mark got our last letters and it gave me a bit of closure after our conversation, shed a few tears as well.. Again I cant thank you enough for picking the phone up, and thank you for being there with him at the end

    Love Clive, Gina, Sam and george

  13. The Built of forgiveness hit Mark right between the eyes so who was it that really got shot

    • Gina

      What I ask you is .. Do we have as much concern for the victims in this deal as we do the Guilty. I agree Mark tried to correct his mistakes and became a better person. Just don’t forget that he Killed two people and tried a third before he was put in his cell. I think most people try to make it better when facing their punishment in this case death.

      Watching everyone praise him is strange. HE alone decided to kill innocent people in the name of revenge. Do we weep for the victims family the same? Or do we just note the fact that he changed? Did he touch you because he became a decent person or because he poured out his fears and confessions for all to see? This was in hope of being showed the mercy he never knew outside of Death Row.

      See what I mean by strange?

      • Well JB

        I do have the utmost concern for the victims, including the man who posts below. However I did not have an address to write to them at the time nearly 6 years ago.

        I wrote to mark because I understood how this can happen given the extreme patriotism that is fostered in nearly every country. Many of these crimes are done in the name of a God who does not request them, but quite the opposite,God demands peace. Governments are now committing these acts, with the idea of world peace. I never heard of Jesus asking for these things yet so many are carried out in his name as that of Allah.

        I wrote to Mark to try and teach him that the scriptures taught the opposite . Turn on the TV news and look at the bombings and so forth in Syria, Libya. Look at the outrages being committed in the Congo, Zimbabwe and again rearing its ugly head in Northern Ireland. Are these crimes being done by Red necks from the southern states, or skinheads from the back streets of England? No they are being undertaken by organised Governments and those, especially in NI who think they are doing it because they are Catholic or Protestant and if anyone of them did their homework they would quickly discover that their actions are so far removed from the God they profess.

        I couldn’t change the world nor have I any desire to, that is for a much higher being than any of us, but I could help a poor mixed up individual. Yes he killed in cold blood, but so did my grandfather and I loved him. Difference was Granddad was told by the government that it was right to set up a machine gun on a trench parapet and mow down as many advancing Germans as possible. I dare say if you had of walked in any bar room in the US following 9/11 you would have heard countless ‘good ole boys’ shouting for blood.

        I tried to Teach Mark what the bible really does say and we became close friends. Can a teacher not morn his pupil?

        I hope this answers your question. Clive

      • Mark had been a wonderful person before his emotions got the best of him and he hurt these men, emotions can get the best of anyone. I am so sorry for the family’s he hurt. but please do not think that any of us could not make a grave mistake based on emotions.To me he was (before mistake) a wonderful man and after the mistake he realized what he had done and was sorry. Yes the world watched as he was the example of what not to do and became the spokesman for what to do, so he began his life a wondeful person who later made a mistake in life but all in all at the end of his life he was a remarkable humanbeing. I will miss u Mark.

  14. mark u are truly a blessing to me and when i see u i will hug u and tell u all the things i long to share with you your awsome and i am glad were friends when i see sunshine i always imagine its you hugging me i feel that and i know wherever u are u will always be with me much love and respect to u miss you my dear sweet friend love misty

  15. You killed my family Says:

    I can truly say that I wish you were not executed but sentenced to life in solitary. Unfortunately not all can be as forgiving and selfless as Rais and indeed may the world be filled with people like generous people like Rais who survived Marks evil.

    p.s. absolutely disgusted to see how people can feel sympathy for thsi person who in cold blood killed brother Waqar, left his wife widowed and his four young daughters without a father. No amount of blogging, or even you being executed 50 times over and over can undo the damage, pain, hurt and suffering you have caused.

    p.s.s. I waited until after the excution to post this message in order not to further pschologically disturb a person on death row but the record needs to be clear – MARK STROMAN TOOK INNOCENT AMERICAN (YES AMERICAN if that even matters) LIVES IN COLD BLOOD AND IN MY HUMBLE OPINION IS EXACTLY 100% WITHOUT A DOUBT JUST LIKE THE 9/11 HIJACKERS WHO WERE OUT TO CAUSE NOTHING BUT PAIN.

  16. Gewitterfee Says:

    Yes, I daresay no one does NOT have concern about victims of violence.
    Of course it was Mark´s decision to kill his victims and to shoot Mr. Bhuiyan – and I think the reason why so many mourn for him in spite of that is a mixture of both: His change (yes, I know, some people doubt about that) as well as his fears.
    I guess everyone who defended Mark here had mercy with his fears and so on – but I doubt he would have got so many friends if he had continued boasting with his crimes and being proud of them.

  17. Well, I have to say that for me it is very strange what I read every day. I wrote with Mark, and yes, i liked him. But what here is going on is just crazy. All in all Mark wasn´t a saint. Perhaps some of his “groupies” should think about how much pain and misfortune he brought to others, even before death-row, even when he was much younger, when he was a teenager. Nobody here can say what he really thought about all his “friends” and about the situation. Nobody can really say if he really would have changed. Perhaps it was just the fear when he saw what was going on.
    There are so many people who had bad childhoods, who were beaten very often, and many of those people don´t go out and kill people. Everyone of those people have my respect and my feelings. But all in all no person on death-row is “great” and “brave” and “blessed by god”. I hope for Mark that he changed his thoughts at the end, I really hope it for him. But for me people are brave and great when they choose the right way of life. And he didn´t. Mark was a murderer, a thief, and if he wouldn´t have end in prison he even would do what he did before. A little bit reality would be good for some people.

    • Gewitterfee Says:

      It´s your right to see that different, Chris, but I really don´t see myself as Mark´s groupie.

      I would not say anybody here forgot all the pain he caused.
      I don´t, at least, and I don´t know where I wrote he was great.
      He was a fallible man for whom I hope his change was real.

      And concerning God´s blessing…..
      I think no one knows who is blessed by God. In case Mark
      really changed and is now in heaven, I would consider that as a blessing.
      Concerning saints…..there are saints in this world like Mother Theresa who definitely did not anything bad but gave her life and energy for the poor and that´s probably what most would consider as a saint.
      But there are as well saints like Paul who also brought great suffering to the Christians before he became one himself…

      Of course you are right, no one can tell what Mark really felt because everyone can only read what he wrote but not have a look into his heart.
      Of course you are right there are people with bad childhooods who take better decisions than he did.
      And I also believe that without ending on death row, he would probably have continued with his life – just like the lost son in the gospel.
      I´m not blind for all those facts but as you said about yourself, I liked what I read written by Mark and I hope he is safe and rescued now.

  18. Gewitterfee Says:

    @You killed my family:
    First of all, I´d like to express my condolences to you. As far as I understood your posting, you are a brother of one of Mark´s victims and I´m honestly sorry for what happened to them.

    You are right with your statement that Mark´s deed was no better than the 9/11 hijackers as it was clear that he would not hit the real terrorists (they were dead because of their own deed anyway).

    You are also right that nothing can “repair” the pain Mark caused by his deeds.

    The reason why many here show sympathy surely is not because of his crimes. As I posted already, I´m convinced he would not have got that much sympathy (if any at all) if the people who got contact with him hadn´t seen another side than that you and your family were forced to see.

    Yes, it takes an enormous strength to be as forgiving as Rais and no one has any right to condemn you or anyone else who does not feel able to be that way.
    I´d like to state that I do have utmost respect for you, as you wrote, waiting till after execution with your posting, in order not to further disturb a person on death row.
    I do think this is a sign of a great heart and strength, too, and I do appreciate that.

    I´m having my difficulties in posting an answer to your entry because I´m not sure if anything I write will add to your suffering and that´s something I definitely do not want as, of course, victims deserve even much more consideration that offenders. (I guess many or some of the proponents of an execution were not stricken with crimes themselves so answers were easier.)
    In case I did say something to hurt you, I apologize.
    I´ll keep you, your sister-in-law and your nieces and everyone else suffering from these or other crimes in my prayers, and I hope that one day God (may he be called Jahwe, Allah or Jesus or whatever) will heal all wounds and dry all tears.

  19. I have always believed in an eye for an eye…until I read Mark’s blog! He did wrong and I believe he grew to know that! Being British I didn’t know much about the execution process or in a naive way that it even happened! I under no circumstances agree with what he did or in any condone it! However I believe Mark’s death only created more victims! I know that have spent serve time in UK prisons and always believed they were too soft! But now I know that we at least give people the chance to change! Had this happened across the pond Mark would be counting the days til he was a free man! In the US u serve what we call a life sentence plus an execution! I am gonna miss his blogs and to be honest my only regret is not writing to him personally! May he rest in peace!

  20. Thank you for all you have done to help me and so many others. I will never forget you my big Ole Teddy Bear. I feel that you are still here watching, advising, and helping me to be strong. I miss you so much; you turned out to be much to good for this world full of hate and greed. You are one in a million and a blessing to me and others. Don’t forget to pull me through when I get there; I’m waiting for that big hug.

  21. Clive,

    Thanks for taking the time to send a reply. I agree with everything you said, however without laws it would be anarchy. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, Mark killed innocent people. We were not at war and they were not soldiers. Nor were they Terroirists, they were just people trying to live the American Dream.

    I respect you for helping people and trying to show them the way. I also can see through the blog it was working. As a very proud American I can relate to the anger he felt. As a religous man I have mercy for his soul. As a decent human being I have trouble making excuses for the crime. Cold blooded murder is cold blooded murder. Please understand I am not a huge advocate of the death penalty, but I am of justice.

    Like I said previously:

    Did he touch you because he became a decent person or because he poured out his fears and confessions for all to see? This was in hope of being showed the mercy he never knew outside of Death Row.

    Mark was not a good person gone bad that day. He was a bad person that got even worse when he killed. Not until he was faced with his own mortality did he begin to change.

    • Sorry JB its taken a while to reply to this as its a while since I looked on it.

      The thing that first stood out to me about Mark..well it was more of a feeling. I spent a lot of time when I was a kid with my granddad. Granddad had been literally preached into the trenches in 1914 and had fought at the battle of Loose. If you look it up you will find it was a blood bath, the German machine guns literately swam with oil to keep the cool as they mowed down the British. Most of the like Granddad were just poor lads from the back street mill towns of the north of England; Pit men, weavers and the like. What was there better world going to be? They had no American dream, nor English dream come to that. They worked hard for what little they had and those who survived the trenches came home to unemployment in the same grotty back streets they left and fought for. Many of the miners had to fight the army they had fought with during 1921 and 26.

      Now Granddad was one of the nicest blokes you could meet; deeply religious, T Total, helped out those in need. He never swore and he wouldn’t even watch a boxing match on tv as he hated violence. So why did he belive what he was rold by the miethodist minister in 1914 and become a mass murderer. Yes he was a soldier and killed soldiers, but in Christ’s eyes that cuts no Ice. So here I have this lovely old fella, whos knee I sat on who commited these terrible acts all those years ago.

      I visited the States only once and thouraly enjoyed it but what hit me after only a short time was the level of patriotism and the lack of knopwledge of what was actualy going on over seas.

      Now I have never possessed that level of patratism, I am proud of Britian’s industrial heritage but not very proud of how the working people in this country were treat,

      When I read Marks request for pen pals Granddad came to mind. The more I got to know Mark the more I realised ; hey he aint a lot different to me, we listened to the same band, got up to stupid stuff and I began to understand how this situation could arise. Yes I know most of us know there is a line we do not cross but for others that line is blured, due to circumstances. Mark’s oppinions were biggoted but why? did he just grab the from thin air. I sometimes cringe when listening to the uneducated racial views of others, why have they got these oppinions? and that JB is the question.

      When Mark was shown another way ….he took it and that is how we should judge him. The price for Mark’s crimes was death. He paid that. I know that sometimes in his blogs he questioned the right of Texas to take his life, but when it came to ;’hey Lads Hey (sorry a Northern term) He paid that price and didnt fight it, he paid that price with dignity and that is the measure on which I choose to judge him. It dosnt bring the poor dead men back to life right now. But as a Christian I do belive in the resurection hope and those men, like Mark, will live again.

      Sorry its taken so long to answer your question JB, but thanks for asking, it is good to have a reasoning conversation about these things. My reasons for contacting Mark are tied up within my self and my own life experiences

      kind regards clive

      • @Clive,

        Thanks for taking the time to respond. The fact is you are right about many of the things you stated. Your reasons for contacting him are real and your words seem to be true.

        We should all try to do good things in the name of our religion; then again we should all try to just do good things regardless of the motivation. I spend a great deal of time studying the “Death Penalty” and the people who face the punishment. To be honest I often find myself torn between the crime and the guilty. This is not because I have no sorrow for the victim or the guilty,it lies in the duality of man.

        Mr. Stroman put himself in this position by his own choice. Then wanted to repent for his sins and get his ticket punched to Heaven. This is were I get confused…. So the victim is dead. Many families are destroyed and the guilty wants forgiveness? Once again the duality of man rears its head.

        To answer your race question…. I have no idea why people demonize color, religion or heritage. It is a leftover from the start of time. I think the media stokes the fire and keeps it in our mind. To me this is a huge waste of time and energy. Even Christians have killed for their religion, so to project Christianity as the pinnacle of peace is yet another duality.

        I am glad you take the time to reach out to people and help them find peace. To me it does not change the crime or the sick feelings I get when I read these stories. What it does is offer you a chance to bring some type of happiness to a person who wakes up and realizes what they have done. Hindsight is always 20/20 I just wish foresight was the same.


    • Gewitterfee Says:

      Hi JB,
      I didn´t find a Reply button under your next posting (September 16) so I just answer here….

      I can quite agree to your posting.
      It took me a long time of thinking before I contacted a death row inmate – that was for the same reasons as you tell them:
      I had to think carefully if I really wanted to get in touch with people who committed such crimes (I don´t feel “attracted to bad boys” in general).

      Just one thing:
      You expressed your confusion about guilty ones seeking forgiveness….
      Well, the ones who are not guilty do not need forgiveness. 😉
      They haven´t done anything which would be to forgive.

      • Thanks for replying JB. just seen it as we have moved house and been off line for a bit. Yes I agree when it comes to looking at the crime ect. had this conversation with my bro in law for a few years, Tonight whilst I was at work he sat and for a couple of hours read through Marks letters, and well, his point of view has now changed.

        Does a person repent to get into heaven? Well I don’t believe Mark is in heaven, he is dead, asleep and waiting for a resurrection during the ‘Lords day’.

        Personally for me religion isn’t a crutch, it makes you face up to what you are, even if at times you are not happy with what you are. God isn’t just all forgiving, you have to face up to realities and then turn around and that is when God can step in and help. But it takes a lot of honest hard thinking and self examination to get to that point and that can be very painful. Did Mark do this? Only he and God knows this. But what ever happened within, his opinions did change and nobody can face death like that on their own. However, the bible says that death is a payment for sins, so not only has he paid the price the state required, he has also paid the price that God required.

        The question is; when he gets that resurrection, what will he then do with his life.

        Again kind regards clive

  22. Gewitterfee Says:


    Right, but that doesn´t make his change worth less, I think. 😉

    In general, I can agree with your posting.

  23. Gewitterfee Says:

    By the way, I do think it is a human frailty to be good because of fearing punishments.
    Just imagine there were no laws to forbid stealing and there was no religion telling at least God would maybe punish you for it somehow.
    I´m not so sure that there wouldn´t be many more thieves than there are now….

    And I do think that there might be some people who only don´t kill others whom they consider as enemies because they fear the punishment…..

  24. Mark, I still miss you and your letters helping me with my problems-always trying to help others in your horrific situation is unbelievable. Somehow, I feel you know I still miss you and will never forget you. When I visited with you, I could see into your eyes and I saw your heart. I still cannot believe you are gone but I continue to fight for human rights of inmates as I did before and do it in your name and with thoughts of you. Just wanted you to know that. I hope the sun shines on you and God took you from that gurney and to his heaven and you are out of all the misery you have gone through in Polunsky Unit. I know you remember what I told you about Red Bud Trail and my 3 dogs and when I go there, I know you are there too in that peaceful, smiling, and happy place. Don’t forget to pull me through when I get there as you promised me you would. I think of you more often than you know, or; maybe you do know.

  25. Gewitterfee Says:

    It´s a kind of surreal that you are dead since more than a month now.

    The ones who liked you will not forget you.

    “You heard it said: An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. But I tell you: Don´t offer resistance to the one doing something bad to you, but if someone hits you on the right cheek, hold out the other one too.” (Mt. 5, 38 – 39)

  26. seems like u been gone for ever i miss your letters and i miss you mark xoxox i will never forget you misty

  27. Like Misty. I miss you too Mark. Miss your letters. Wont forget you. God Bless you. RIP – from your Forever Friend, Sarah x

  28. I still cannot believe you are gone Mark. I know you will do good in heaven and I do believe people change. I am sorry you had such a hard life and I blame your parents, especially your Dad and your mental condition and other things he put you through. I miss your letters. There will never be another one like you. I hope you know how often I think of you. I still feel like I lost a brother and I will never forget you. Don’t forget your promise to pull me through when I get there.

  29. mark i hope u know i am always thinking of u read an article today about rayis and how forgiving he was toward u everytime i reread it i feel the love the strength and the will to forgive , i miss your letters and stories i hope when i make it to heaven i will be accepted into the world u are in now may u rest in peace mark i know your watching out for all of us love misty

  30. Gewitterfee Says:

    The sad year of Mark´s death is coming to an end.

    I´m greeting all of Mark´s supporters and wish you all a
    better year 2012 – which will bring us closer to the moment
    of meeting Mark or seeing him again…..

  31. Gewitterfee Says:

    Easter days are coming closer when we celebrate the redemption by death and resurrection of Christ….

    Wish you all a blessed week and Easter in the hope that Mark dis-
    covered heaven already and is waiting there.

  32. Not a hour or day goes by that I don’t think of u hope your smiling down on everyone and checking in on everyone life without u feels weird but wherever u are my friend I hope your happy lighting a candle Tommrow night thinking of u always mysterious misty

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