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Mark 911 2

Texas Death Row

July 9, 2009  4:45am

Welcome to my nightmare,

Tales from a dead man

We are entering the fourth day of this lockdown and it’s for another yearly shakedown. The worst is yet to come folks. This is a place that smells of death, misery, sadness and it seems to only get worse as the days go by. We do have two executions set for the 16th and the 23rd of this month and what a helluva way to spend the final countdown on lockdown eating those dreadfull Johnny Sacks. Cruel and unusual punishment.

Each day you can look down the “run” and see dozens upon dozens of peanut butter ooz sandwiches, we can’t eat these things. This year you can’t even hold the bag without getting your hands greasy. This is wrong and here’s the menu for the last few days. You will notice from the blog I sent out  a few days ago, there had been prunes and raisins included, but that has come to a halt.

Meals fed on July 7th, Johnny Sacks:

3:36am  3 pancakes in a bag, cereal, raisins No drink

1:18pm  peanut butter ooz sandwich, fish mash sandwich, cereal No drink

4:25pm  peanut butter ooz sandwich, soy patty  No drink

Meals fed on July 8th, Johnny Sacks:

3:15am  3 pancakes in a bag, cereal  No drink

10:49am  burrito, raw potato, peanut butter ooz sandwich  No drink

4:24pm  2 corn dogs, peanut butter ooz sandwich  No drink

So you see, no fruits, no milks and trust me, these things I call peanut butter sandwiches are NOT the ones that come to mind or resemble any you have had in the past. NOT made by grandma. These are scattered all over the floors of every run on this pod. Wonder why?

Well folks, that’s about all for this session. I’ll close this out but will be back with more news of this lockdown.

True American

Mark Anthony Stroman

Living to Die ~ Dying to Live!

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Mark 911 2

Texas Death Row

July 7, 2009  5:44am

Welcome to my nightmare

Tales from a Dead Man

Lockdown ~ Shakedown ~ Search down ~ Tear down

Yes folks, it’s that time again. In a few minutes the 2009 lockdown will be 24 hours old and as some of you may remember from last year it’s not a happy time for us during these degrading steps that are soon to be upon us all. What a great way to start the week.

As for the ones who have no idea what “Lockdown” means, I’ll try my best to describe this so you will get a better understanding of our world as it turns. What this is, the annual search and destroy shakedown, which being on “Lockdown”, there’s very limited movement in the prison by prisoners and the condemned ones such as myself.

We are only allowed to go to the shower on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So if you enjoy being clean you shower over the toilet on the days you’re not able to do so. Most of us do so by using the outer casing or tube that a coax cable goes into and that’s connected to the sink spout and creates an in cell water hose. Add soap, scrub, later and rinse. PRESTO! You’re nice and clean, what a wonderful feeling that is too! Of course there’s a lot of water on the floor but since our floors are concrete we then add soap and scrub the floor and soak up the water and that’s an in cell shower. The caged animal is nice and clean.

We are not allowed any recreations, no hot meals but I’ll add this caveat, I’ve been on death row 7 years and I can count the number of hot meals Texas has brought to my cell on one hand. So the meal system while on lockdown is something called a “Johnny Sack”, which is a few smashed up things that resemble a sandwich. There are no drinks. As I recall last year Huntsville said my allegations of the “Johnny Sacks” was a lie which then prompted State Officials into raiding my cell 5 times in 4 days. But as THEY said, we are fed fruit and milk with each sack. THAT IS A LIE!

So I’ll keep record of what we are fed and try to keep you all updated as best as possible. What gets me, we have been raided and searched a dozen times in the last few months. Have had our cells destroyed, legal work ruined and tossed out and now we are being forced into this again but on a wide scale this time. Well at least they can’t take my radio or typewriter, those items were taken last year in November and I still can’t buy any new ones. Yes what a great place to dwell in.

So as day one began yesterday at 6:00am lockdown we did get a regular tray at 3:00am. Eggs, biscuits, oatmeal and coffee.

Then 13 hours later we were fed lunch at 4:00pm and that consisted of the following:

1 noodle/tuna/mustard sandwich

1 peanut butter ooz sandwich

3 prunes

Then at 11:17pm we were fed supper which consisted of the following:

1 peanut butter ooz sandwich

1 unknown meat spot on bread

2 prunes

Now that was day one and it’s already begun. Where the hell this ooz type peanut butter comes from is a mystery. Not one time during the year besides lockdown does this stuff surface. It’s as bad as it sounds.

Well that’s all for today.

True American- Till Death

American Boy

Mark Stroman

Texas Death Row

Death Blog

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Mark 911 2

Texas Death Row

June 22nd, 2009  3:43am

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man.

Howdy folks, the day is new, fresh and full of hope and cold pancakes, can’t forget those. A part of Polunsky’s feeding process. Yes I’m trying to find comfort where none exists, the mood is all too familiar. Death, enhanced by sadness and misery. What a great day to be alive.

Well since I last reported in there’s been a lot of things going on. Things that have become a daily routine on 12 building. The building that holds all of Texas Death Row. Constant gassing of inmates, cell raids and even a few prisoners growing fed up. Tossing their hands in the air then trying to spear guards as they do their daily jobs on the pods. It’s crazy folks almost like the torture regime of death row is intentionally trying to provoke these condemned men into acts of violence. But who am I to talk out. The going word of this administration on everything is “allegations could not be sustained”.

The next part of this little story goes like this, 10 months have gone by and we are still being denied radios on death row and I’m really tired of talking about this but I feel I must speak out for all of us. Something is going on, why else would this administration allow this hate filled property officer to continue to take radios and then deny you “due process” which we are being denied. HMMMMM!

“CAN SOMEONE” contact Huntsville whoever is in full charge of this actual prison system and find out why we are being denied access to the outside world as well as our rights to the “due process” of confiscated items. We have endured this for 10 months folks, enough is enough. Remember we have no access to televisions on the row, radios are crucial to us.

For example folks, the typewriter that was confiscated from me in November 2008 when the regional teams of destruction, shake down hit squads would search your cell an officer (young kid) would open up your typewriter by taking “four” small screws out, look inside for any concealed items and deliberately leave the screws loose or in some cases as mine leave one out. Then the next day or so your raided again by a whole different group and guess what happens?


We have a dangerous item on hand, a typewriter with loose or missing screws. So it’s now confiscated as contraband, “Dangerous Contraband” and I’m denied due process and denied the right to have my loved ones pick up the alleged contraband because it’s so “Dangerous & Altered” that they must destroy it, which is a damn joke. And yes they did 100’s of us this way, on radios and typewriters, due process, not at all, not on Polunsky. where no one can prove any allegations against wrong doings towards this flawless administration.

True American, Till Death

Mark Anthony Stroman

Trying to live… before we are dead!

Texas Death Camp, 2009

American Boy