Tamouz Media
Tamouz Media, an independent, New York-based production company, has produced dozens of documentaries shown on PBS in the United States and on numerous international television networks as well as in international film festivals. Specializing in international co-productions, Tamouz Media programs span the gamut of film genres, from pioneering work in personal, first-person video diaries to the feature theatrical release, Six Days: 1967: the War that changed the Middle East. Currently, Tamouz is completing a co-production with ITVS (Independent Television Service) and ARTE (French / German public TV) entitled Jesus Politics, a 90-minute feature documentary that explores the intersection of faith and politics in contemporary America. Filming for Execution Chronicles is on-going until the appeal or the execution of Mark Stroman.

Maryknoll Media Productions
Maryknoll Media Productions, the co-producer of Execution Chronicles, is the television, video and radio office of the Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers, the US-based Catholic missionary organization. In addition to its TV series, The Field Afar, Maryknoll Media Productions produces two weekly radio programs, Voices of Our World and Voces de Nuestro Mundo. Documentaries include Lives for Sale, about human trafficking, and School of Assassins, nominated for an Academy Award in 1995. Maryknoll Media Productions is also a sponsor of the Angelus Student Film Festival in Los Angeles.

3 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi.

    Just wanted to say thankyou for an interesting read. I haven’t finished your blog yet but I am finding it compulsive reading.
    I guess I just wanted to say Hi, and thanks.


  2. Could the producers of this blog please give me a call? I’m wondering about particulars of how you get posts from inmates. Thanks.

  3. mark,
    just wantes to tell you am praying for you. lost all of guy’s and gal’s when lurch left me , but you were alway’s nice to me. God Bless

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