Independence Day

“Death Blog” TEXAS-USA-United We Stand

July 4th 2011 6:05pm

“Welcome To My Nightmare…Tales From A Dead Man”

“Like the wind, like the rain, it’s still running through my veins…                                                    Red, White, and Blue…Still Unbroken.”

            Good evening to each and every one of you. Please forgive me if my words are a bit jumbled, the Texas sunshine I’ve been in today has scorched my skin and scrambled my insides…but as you know that is one of my pleasures of Death Row…to get out into the sun and regardless of the sun’s rays I’m in it with smiles. I’ve only 16 full days left so I’m enjoying each one to the fullest.

The morning kicked off with a meal of fried eggs and biscuits so you can just imagine the huge ole smile that produced from me…Hell that’s the fourth time in a week that we’ve had eggs…God Bless them chickens (HaHa) and I’m really pleased about that because it’s extremely wasteful to continue to feed raw pancakes in order to save money when everyone refuses the trays and the end result is wasted food and wasted money. For the new readers of this blog this is an ongoing thing with this unit, feeding these awful undercooked pancakes 5 or 6 times a week…you try to flush em and they refuse to go under!

So the day rolls on and the 1st shift arrives and the guards set up recreation, I’ve landed 3rd round outside with an old friend “Sarge” who is now back on Death Watch for the third time this year. So as we are waiting for that time to arrive we get an unexpected visitor…one of the Directors of TDCJ comes by on his own time, being the 4th of July I know this ranking official is not required to work, and he walks right up to my cell and says, “Hopefully your 4th is going well” and he meant it. He then let me know that if I should need him or if I feel the need to have him pray with me should my execution go ahead as planned that he will be there for me, all I have to do is request for him when I get to the Walls Unit in Huntsville. That alone speaks volumes and gave me added strength and respect for this man.

The day continued and we were all shocked by the lunch tray we were fed, we were given chicken fried steak, mashed tators with white gravy o set it off…and set it off it did…that was some really good stuff and I don’t think I heard one sound for several minutes by anyone. As soon as that was done me and Sarge head out to recreation, he’s on his side and I’m on the other and we lay right down on the concrete in the sun for 2 ½ hours and relived old memories and enjoyed the day that was a blessed event from the start.

We have an execution this week but there’s a chance its put on hold, Obama has asked the United Stated Supreme Court to halt this execution due to the international issues of Mexico and the USA, apparently something is bringing awareness to this man’s case to have Obama speak openly and with recent events we have all seen the power of Obama…to wage war without first getting approval from Congress…so if he can do that he surely can halt on mans execution, right? Time will tell.

It’s 7:08pm and I’m just sitting here listening to the radio and the station is playing a lot of my favorites…Redneck Southern Rock with all the patriotic themes…its Independence Day in the USA. Speaking of this, last Friday I was called out for an attorney phone call and I was speaking to my attorney and with her was “Sophie” from Reprieve, who is also ALL 100% British and from London, England…down here helping with the efforts to save my life..and as we were finishing up the call I simply wished them both a great weekend and that’s when Sophie, with her cute British accent said she does not like being in the States during this time of year…I assumed it was because we are having 100 plus degree weather…she then giggled and said it’s because we celebrate the victory over England..(SMILE). Well I told Sophie that this is one time this True American is proud to say that “THE BRITISH ARE COMING…THE BRITISH ARE COMING” as Paul Revere did when he saw the British army approaching long ago in Colonial times.

Yes, and I meant it and I hope Sophie that you have been a good girl this weekend and have not landed yourself into any trouble…(hahaha). As for me…I want to thank everyone who is trying to help me from every land worldwide…if I was a free man my yard would look like the United Nations because I’d have a lot of flags flying right next to my American and Confederate flags!

Still Unbroken & One True American til Death.

Mark Stroman      2011



6 Responses to “Independence Day”

  1. Michael Says:

    Hi Mark, good to hear that you had a good Independence Day. I read part of your blog because your case has been in all major newspapers in Germany. I learned a lot about your feelings and your life on death row. I hope you and all your supporters manage to save your life so you can keep on writing on that blog. Keep your faith! Best wishes, Michael

  2. Gewitterfee Says:

    You really have a different justice system in the USA, Mark….
    The states seem to have more authority than the government of the whole USA. That´s completely different here; I think one or two of the German states still have death penalty in their laws – I think Bavaria and Hesse, but they could not use it even if they wanted to because the constitutional law breaks the federal law….

    I was very sorry they executed Mr. Leal.

    But glad to hear you got some good food and had some good talking, with Sophie as well as with that Director.

    Like always, my thoughts are with you and everyone on Death Row and Death Watch.
    Got to get ready now; a cousin of my mum is celebrating her Golden Wedding today (know that term too? It´s when a couple is married 50 years) and we´re invited…..
    Regards from Germany!!!!

  3. I read the story about you and Rais Bhuiyan in the Independant, a british newspaper. If he can forgive you, so should your country.

    My best wishes to you both.


  4. nice you got a bit of sun Mark. We got too much on the round, so much Gina said she couldn’t work so sat in the shade and let me get on with it.

    WE got out in the Kayaks last week and I went under, Gave sam a good laugh any road. Got some home brew on the go an all. If it don’t make me happy it’ll sure keep me on the loo (thats John to you independant lot)
    Love Clive, Gina, Sam and Jud

  5. JEAN FUDGE Says:

    Mark, Just to let you know I have never stopped writing to you. You do not seem to have got the letters I have sent.

    Just know I am still here supporting you with all my love and prayers


  6. Gewitterfee Says:

    I did not write a letter back anymore because the time seemed too short to reach you…..(sigh; unfortunately)

    But of course I will not stop praying for you and reading your blog as long as you can write it.

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