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Tales from a Dead Man

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Texas Death Row

January 26th, 2010 3:43pm

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man!

I made it through another day and start a new one with cold food again. The warmest thing on this tray is the damn milk. Yes it’s a constant problem on this Unit or let e rephrase that, it’s a constant problem on 12 building Polunksy Unit, Texas Death Row. The food carts are non-operable. Let me explain, slop is made in the regular kitchen in general population then it’s put in stainless steel pans and placed in huge carts, when enough is prepared to feed all of 12 building its pushed in a huge convoy out of some building to the open air (outside) and wheeled up to 12 building. Which it then sits outside until the officers who run the x-ray machine can run each pan through the conveyor belt machine (airport style) so by the time this process is done the food is ice cold. Then it’s put into the hallway and other prisoners (general population) unload and start dishing out the food on the trays which are placed in food carts that heat up. But these are not microwaves, the food is and has been served to us ice cold. That’s a typical meal on 12 building. 90% of the food carts are non-operable!

Well I just scratched off another day on my calendar and it’s amazing how fast the month of January has slipped by. I also have a new execution list and see some names of several people who have got to this place after me and are now down on death watch with execution dates.

Here is a list of current dates:

Scheduled Execution Last Name First Name TDCJ Number Date of Birth
2/24/10 Skinner Henry 999143 04/04/62
3/2/10 Sigala Michael 999397 12/11/77
3/11/10 Maxwell Joshua 999408 05/17/78
3/30/10 Alix Franklin 999286 08/06/75
4/20/10 Bustamante Samuel 999380 12/11/69
4/22/10 Berkley William 999422 01/16/79
6/30/10 Green Johathan 999421 12/23/67
7/1/10 Perry Michael 999444 04/09/82

And I have a bit of other information I’d like to share!  2009 Unit States Executions:

Texas    –   24

Alabama – 6

Ohio      –   5

Georgia –  3

Oklahoma – 3

Virginia – 3

Florida – 2

South Carolina – 2

Tennessee – 2

Montana – 1

Indiana – 1

Total= 52

Well folks that’s about all for this round.

True American Till Death

Red White & Blue

Mark Stroman, 2010

Dead Man Talking


Death Blog

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Texas Death Row!

January 18th 2010 5:27AM

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man.

Death is in the air. Texas has issued more dates for executions. I was at visit Saturday and 3 people who are on death watch were out there and while I waited for my visitor I listened to the condemned tell others how they are being treated. Every 15 minutes the guards on death watch are waking them up to make sure they are alive.

Sleep deprivation is torture!

And is being used at the Polunsky Unit!

True American Till Death

Mark Anthony Stroman


Death Blog

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Texas Death Row!

January 16th 2010 4AM

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man.

It’s a new day once again, I’ve awaken to the sounds of yells and screams and I have no idea where they came from. Hopefully they are not inside my head, but anything is possible in this place. So I’ve done my morning rituals, put on the water for coffee, washed my face, brushed my teeth, said a short prayer and then I turn to my photos of my loved ones and friends that I have on display and heavily sigh. Then I scratch off another day on my calendar and realize I’m one more day closer to execution, that’s a wonderful way to start out a new day. A Texas Death Row Day!

The old saying is “Home is where the heart is” well it’s sad that it took a trail of blood to find my way back home. What a mess I’ve made of things and not one day slips by without me knowing it. The pain I’ve caused and feel within. Should have never  happened.

Texas murdered another man this past week. The second of the year. Gary Johnson went to his death saying it was wrong they let him take the fall for what they did. I’ve never done anything in my life to anybody. Those were his final words and it’s possible with all the dirty games our elected officials play and with out broken justice system that Texas just murdered an innocent man again. It makes you wonder, or at least should! Guilty until proven innocent.

We all stood at our windows the day of his execution and what I saw was pathetic and unbelievable and if the public could  have seen this, the death penalty would have another black eye. As we stood at our windows a group of 15 or more state officials, wardens and God knows who else gathered outside the visitation door awaiting for the condemned soul to be brought out. They stood outside laughing and joking around as if they were waiting to enter a club or bar. Then they  brought  out Gary Johnson, 90% blind, handcuffed in front, slumped over in what I call his hunchback of Notre Dame walk, he comes out and is put in a wheelchair and wheeled off to the  Death Van  as the hordes of Wardens and State officials follow. It was pathetic!

“Red White and Blue”

True American Till Death

Mark Anthony Stroman


Dying to live, Living to Die!

The morning of January 12th Execution

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January 12th , 2010 5:28am

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man!

As I sit here with my mind in turmoil I try to put the world to rights and understand the news reports I hear on my radio. Yes we live in crazy times, all one has to do is tune in to be thoroughly shocked and amazed.

We have an execution set for today and the news has just reported that Texas will be executing Gary Johnson even though he is blind. Just hearing that proves that Texas is a kill happy State. One of the reasons someone is sent to death row at the time of the trial the jury must decide if the condemned or the almost condemned is a threat to society. There is not one person on this Unit, inmate or staff that can honestly say this blind man is a threat to anyone. But I guess killing him is easier than housing and feeding a blind man for the rest of his life.

True American Till Death

Mark Stroman

Dying to live, Living to Die

Death Blog

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January 8th, 2010 4:12am

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man

Good morning from an “Artic Like” cell in Livingston Texas where the food is cold and the tempers are hot. It’s below the freezing level and so cold in our cages of death that we (or at least me) have placed our thin mattress on the floor so to avoid sleeping anywhere near the concrete walls which are producing extreme coldness. The bad thing about doing the mattress on the floor is you take a big chance of drowning if it rains. The water that steadily leaks in 90% of the cells here at Polunsky, will definitely engulf your bed sheets and blanket. What better way to wake up on Texas Death Row. Cold or wet? Or both? But I shouldn’t complain, at least I woke up!

Texas had it’s first execution last night in Huntsville. This man “Kenneth Mosely” had two stays last year but the death bells have echoed and he is no more part of the living nightmare we all share. Me and Mosely shared the same trial attorney in Dallas. That attorney has many people he represented here on Death Row. That attorney who was a paid lap dog for the County of Dallas has a lot to answer for, but he has to do that with his God. He was killed in a head on collision when a little old lady veered into his lane killing them both instantly just weeks after my trial ended. Fate? Karma? No one knows but God. I had a lot of respect for Mr. Oatman at the time of my trial but now I’ve educated myself some and see clearly he was another lap dog attorney. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

I decided to venture out to recreation yesterday, the first time in several weeks. I went to our inside rec cage and walked around so I could exercise my legs and I also did over 100+ deep knee bends and it may sound rather easy but to be stuck in this type of world where movement is limited is a bit awkward. For today I’m hardly able to walk. Those few hours of constant movement has taken it’s toll on this 40 year old’s body. WHEW! As for another related subject the current administration is having these officers strip us naked on the outside rec yards in temperatures below the freezing level in attempts to get as many offenders to refuse recreation. That is a form of torture just like being stripped searched in the day room while female officers are present or in the picket or area. If a male guard is not allowed to be anywhere near female prisoners while their being stripped searched, how is it possible for females to be allowed to view male nudeness during searches? I do recall somewhere that was called torture when our American Service women were viewing Iraq’s prisoners of War in their nudeness but its allowed in the USA. I’m just a simple Texas Redneck but even I can see something ain’t right.

True American Till Death

Mark Stroman

Dying to live, Living to Die!

The New Year On Death Row

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Death Blog ~ Texas Death Row

January 5th, 2010  3:30am

Welcome to my nightmare. Tales from a dead man.

Well hello planet Earth, happy 2010 to you all. My day has started out with the normal ritual’s, a silent prayer, the scratching off another day of my new calendar that sits next to the execution list, it’s to help remind me that more than likely I’m gonna have a really rotten day! It’s arctic like weather conditions in this concrete cell and we Texans have an issue with the cold weather but there’s something about having a concrete floor and ceiling, concrete walls, a steel bunk to sleep on and a thin mattress that sends the coldness straight to the soul.

Well speaking of coldness it’s execution time again in Texas. Yes folks we have two set for January and one for this week. The Holidays are over so let the executions begin. We have one person who is set for January 12th, 2010. Gary Johnson. And last Saturday night I was blessed with a visit again and I saw Gary out there again, which is rare because he hardly ever receives visits. He is also 90% blind and has to be led around and has his hands cuffed in front, not the behind the back cuff like the rest of us crazed killers. So this man has a sergeant with him when he’s escorted anywhere because he is no threat to anyone and it’s clear as day he is blind, but that matter’s not in Texas. The reason I bring this man up again is this, he sat here for years and years with no family mail, love or visits but all the sudden now he has a date for death and all his kids and family are rushing to see him. Or as we call it here, to clear their conscious. It’s sad but that’s life on the row.

Well I just have all the proof I need to determine this is a really rotten day, CHOW TIME… CHOW TIME! Cold pancakes, 3 gooey prunes and a clump of grits. What a great day to be alive.

True American Till Death

Mark Stroman, 2010

Living to die~ dying to live