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A plea for help from Death Row

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Death Blog

Texas Death Row

April 27th, 2010 2:32am

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man!

“After the glory of existence comes death! And because that glory can never be replaced death must always be respected”

It’s a new day here on Texas Death Row. A last day for a condemned soul set to die in Huntsville this evening. The State also executed one of us on the 22nd of April. The smell of death is in the air and I don’t know what to say or to do anymore. To sit and watch these people treat us like animals then smile and joke with us sickens my heart and saddens my soul. All I can do is prepare myself for the crossover that will be coming for me.

This week has already been a bad one. The food issues at Polunsky have dropped to a all time low. I have not accepted a tray in 3 days due to the constant feeding of noodles or pancakes. It’s out of control! The whole death row is being fed little of nothing, out of the servings of what this place calls Chili Mac or Tuna Mac. You can sift through the noodles and maybe get a half of a spoon full of specs of meat. And the same goes with the Tuna Mac! Day after day, the same cold veggies and noodles and no meat. ¾ of the population is discarding the food, how is that a solution to what they call budget cuts? Noodles and pancakes, what a diet!

Someone please contact the food service administrator.

True American Till Death

HUNGRY for nutrition

Mark Stroman, 2010


Budget Cuts

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Death Blog

Texas Death Row

April 17th, 2010  3:53am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man!

“It’s always darkest before the dawn”

It’s a new day at Polunsky Concentration Camp. The home of Texas’s Death Camp! (here in modern American). I still to this day wake up praying that this is just one long bad dream, but as I sit here and look at the sadness and misery I’m confronted with a dose of full blast high volume reality. That I’m here to die… and this is a true living nightmare!

Speaking of nightmare’s, here comes the morning meal and for the 6th time in 7 days it’s the exact same thing. “COLD” pancakes, a spoon full of watery oatmeal and apple sauce. I’ve never in all of my 40 years of life seen such a pitiful sight. How does this place get away with feeding us like this? We get no meats, no sausage, no bacon and maybe twice a month we get one fried egg or a spoonful of eggs that wouldn’t fill up a small baby!! I do not create these conditions out of thin air; this is exactly how death row in Texas is being fed.

A few months ago, the State of Texas asked ALL State run offices and facilities to trim 5% off their overall yearly budgets to help save money, but they continue to spend, spend and spend. For example just look at the government of Texas, how the building of the mansion Rick Perry is living in is costing the tax payers so much extra money! Now where am I going with this you wonder? Well as you know I’ve got a front row seat on the death machines roller coaster ride and over the last 8 years have watched the prison officials trim the budget time after time and all they trim is the things the prisoners are to receive and I’ll name just a few and then I’ll explain the reason for me ranting over this topic.

When I first got here this place fed a lot better than now, and this place at one time cared about the prisoner’s dental care. Now you’re probably saying I’m just crying and ought to shut up since I’m just a prisoner and deserve to be punished. Well I’ve got news for you; my only punishment is death by lethal injection. Back to what I was saying, at one time we were fed a desert on each noon meal. Both Jell-O, fruit, cake or pudding… and then a budget cut came along and Texas said no more deserts each day. So the State gave us desert only on Tuesday and Thursday. But as of this month that has been cut from the budget and the calories have NOT been replaced to our daily count.

Dental care now. At one time we could get indigent dental flosses from medical here. Budget cut ended that and now you’re in big trouble if ya run down to the dentist on this unit and expect any help or compassion. We get no pain medications, only Tylenol tablets and the only service you can get now is yanked out teeth by some hillbilly dentist who should be changing car batteries or tires! As an example, my neighbor who is 73 years old had a chunk of tooth fall out last Friday and was in great pain. The whole backside of this tooth is gone, nerves exposed, severe pain, in a cage all helpess. So he tried to get medical/dental help on that Friday but was ignored. He tried to get help on Saturday and is pleading with the guards to help him because of the pain. He is ignored and this goes on through Sunday and Monday and then mid afternoon on Tuesday the staff comes to take him to the dentist and 30 minutes later he’s back with a missing tooth and a hand full of Tylenol. Budget cuts at work.

As for the moral of this story, the Counties we condemned souls are sent from pay the State each day to feed us, house us and for all medical and dental, but do you actually think with all the cutbacks and budget cuts Texas is refunding our Counties any money? I doubt it. These States officials are screaming for a 5% budget cut then how about stop all the millions and millions of dollars spent to send people to Death Row. Budget fixed, problem solved.

True American Till Death and Beyond.

Mark Stroman, 2010

Living to Die, Dying to Live

” Dust In The Wind”

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Death Blog

Texas Death Row

April 16th, 2010 3:58am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man.

“All we are is dust in the wind”. Nothing lasts forever but the earth and the sky…

Hello everyone, emotions come and go like clouds in the sky. My new found peace of mind was short lived. Life has been at a all time low for me here late. The voices, the demons, the screams inside have been running wild. This month has been a battle zone within my head. It’s causing me to step back and regroup. It’s hard to explain but it’s like I’m trapped under water. Near the surface but yet so far away.

The conditions of this place worsen by the day and I’ve sat back and watched how we are being treated. How we are being fed. How we are being ignored. The mail system of this Unit has crumbled. It’s at a all time worst (I’ve had eight years thus far, April 5th 2010) and never has it been this bad. Mail continues to be handled with lack of care and concern. Mail is being pass out to wrong cells and the staff does nothing to fix the problem. Just the other day I was handed a stack of mail that did no belong to me. The young kid who now wears a prison guard uniform asked me my name and prison identification number, I respond and this untrained kid still hands me all the wrong mail. It’s out of control. MY GAWD, untrained and so unprofessional. WHO HAS MY MAIL I WONDER??

For another issue, for the past two to three weeks all this Unit has fed us has been noodles and specs of tiny things that resemble meat, the same meal, two times a day at times. Noodles. It’s to put starch in our diets to give the impression we are being fed well! Yesterday the last meal of the day was this:

1 small bean burrito

1 serving of sliced carrots (about 4 to 6)

1 spoon of lima beans

THAT’S it! Who serves this crap anywhere but here on the Polunsky Unit. The officer who passed out trays even said he has worked on dozens of other Texas Prison Units and has never in all his 15 years seen any unit feed this bad. I have more to report and will be back soon.

True American Till Death

Mark Anthony Stroman, 2010

Texas Death Camp USA!

Execution Day

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Death Blog

Texas Death Row

March 30th, 2010  3:00am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man

Execution day in Texas. The smell of death is in the air. A scent that’s a constant reminder that one day you will be strapped to the death gurney and for me that image is fresh in my mind, for I continue to have that “dream” of this event. I’m being strapped down and the sheet is being placed over me to conceal the restraints and then there is silence. And then I wake up in this place. Startled, like one of those dreams you have when you’re falling and you awake with that fear from within. Yes you all know that feelings.  WHEW! There’s plenty of time for grave markers and eulogies later… I’ll laugh while I can and enjoy every moment of life the good Lord grants me.

Red White & Blue!

I had a great day yesterday. I ventured outside and was able to get 3 hours of direct sunshine. My body absorbs this like a sponge now and took for granted in the land of the living. We could even hear the birds singing. We could see the small planes fly over and it was a feeling that’s hard to explain. My recreation is not only to exercise the body but to free the mind of all negativity that builds up in these small cages. This is a hellish place to be with a weak mind.  Here is hell and hell is here. Texas Death Camp.  What 2010!

The external world and the inside of one of these places, may it be a state facility, federal, county, City they do not have connection points based on humanity, psychiatry or penology, jails and prisons represent human and societal failure at its worst. Nothing more, nothing less! The conditions and ways of this place are set up to do one thing and one thing only, to separate aberrant and undesirable people and keep them invisible as possible until time to die, and the ones who have mental issues and weak minds go insane quickly. I watch this on a daily basis. The medicated zombies of this place are alarming to watch as they shuffle by to the shower. Hell my neighbor just yesterday realized that daylight savings time was on the 14th of March. 15 days after the face. He didn’t even know what day it was!

All of this is happening in the USA


True American Till Death

Mark Anthony Stroman


Dying to Live, Living to Die!