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Texas Death Row

Texas Death Row March 16th 2009 3:48AM

Welcome to my insanity tour, the nightmare continues. As I sit here in the quiet cell of death I try to gather up my thoughts and grab a hold of my sanity. The coffee they just served us was cold again, so I’m heating it up. Need it severely these mornings. So what do I report on this morning? The options are many, but I don’t know how to capture the real atrocious conditions with this pen. I still don’t believe what I’m saying each day so I know the readers are unsure. Now let me say this, we have no more executions set for this month, so that’s a real blessing. I am looking at the list and we only have 4 set to die from 4/07/09 to 6/02/09, but I can assure you the State has about 60 to 70 people who are totally exhausted with their appeals. My opinion on the reason the list is not a mile long is it would draw unwanted media attention to the State of Texas which is already in the spotlights world-wide for their taste of killing folks in the name of justice. Now let me get back to the start of the blog. The cold coffee is now hot and the reason I say this is because I’m shocked at the way this side of Death Row is acting and has a non-caring attitude towards the way we are all being treated. A big difference from the Hole to this Pod of death waiters. That’s how I see it. Everyone is content with being kicked around like animals on this side of the row. Let me explain. As most of you know I recently was down in the hole and saw some really wild stuff, and no the ones down there are not just down there because their rebels as some of you commented on in another discussion group a few days back, you can’t continue to treat us as animals and expect us to behave like men. You poke a stick at a caged animal long enough and sooner or later you got yourself some serious trouble directed at you. Well that’s why the guys on F-Pod, the Hole are where they are at, not just rebels, men tired of inhumane treatment. Now I will say this, I use the term “men” lightly because you do have the grandma killers and baby rapist pedophiles who are down in the hole because they can’t keep their private parts out of their hands and tend to show all the female guards every chance they get, so those sicko’s are excluded from my talks and from the word “men” I have just used. Now being down on this side of the death camp I’m part of what I’ll call death waiters who have just gave up and don’t care what is tossed in their cages, for example the other day they served their famous spoiled beans and instead of raising hell and getting the rank down here, not one person said a thing about it. I know the guys on F-Pod raised the roof in protest, there’s no unity down here. These death waiters who are just happy with the commissary have no problems with this and won’t even try to voice their complaints. And we are the ones they say are a continuous threat to society. What a joke that is! The food we are fed is atrocious. For example this morning at 3:00am breakfast was brought to our cages; we had two hard biscuits that were made at least 24 to 30 hours before they had been served to us. I tried to flush them down the toilet and they were so hard they almost clogged it up. They still float in defiance. We all had two shreds of tatters the side of your pinky and a spoon full of eggs. Cold food, cold coffee, hard biscuits and a 3/4oz container of dry cereal. No sugar, no butter- but it’s required as part of our calorie count. Where’s it at? Why are we being deprived when population is fed sugar and butter daily? Is there a damn law somewhere saying no meat can be served for breakfast in Texas? No bacon, no sausage, no meat products, eggs are rare, maybe 3 times a month. But you get these inedible pancakes almost daily. I’m not just saying inedible for the hell of it, burnt and under cooked goo! With all the recent scandals going on inside Texas Prisons it’s a wonder things are not far worse than they are. But someone has got to oversee Texas Prison Systems. It was a smooth machine under the watchful eyes of the Federal Government. Now you have 80% of the ranking officials who are all part of the “good ole’ boy” crowd and are covering up all the illegal activities. Well folks, that’s about all for today. So before I sign off let me say this, one of my friends has recently sent a few words to me that have real meaning and I must throw it out there because not only does this affect me but it effects a lot of the pro death people out there, which a lot of you know I’m in the gray area with that issue. Grandma and grandpa killers, rapists and pedophiles are not ones I can tolerate easily, I’ll keep my views to myself, but my friend told me this, she said to live in a permanent state of anger must be worse than any death sentence. Poor devils, that alone said a million words folks. True American Till the End Mark Anthony Stroman 2009 – Texas Death Camp


Death Blog

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Texas Death Row

March 10th 2009  4:46am

Welcome to my nightmare. I awoke to the sound of screaming, inside my head. Good morning death row! What a great day to be alive. No comfort zone is in sight. Need some coffee and a few happy memories, but to find those I’ll need to dig deep. Am I insane? Sometimes it seems like suicide is the only solution, but I’m not that brave.
We have another execution today. The smell of death is in the air. We also have another set for tomorrow. I’m not sure how many I’ve been here thru, well over 200. I’ve lost count again! As I said what a great day to be alive. I wonder what the man who is 13 hours away from death is thinking right this moment? Surely he is not asleep, is he pacing his floor? Writing goodbye letters? Or perhaps he is making peace with Jesus? Or with himself? It’s hard to say what one is thinking while awaiting that injection to the land of Oz.  “WHEW”
There’s plenty of time for grave markers and eulogies later. There I go laughing at death again. I’m like that man on the bed of nails. I may grimace in pain but I somehow find it in me to laugh at the irony of where I lay my head, yet there is frustration. I’m not an easy man to like these days, I don’t even like what I’ve found out about me. The things one learns of himself in times like these are really disturbing.
I was coming back from seeing Mrs. Wilcox, my 82 year old spiritual advisor who comes to visit me each month, bless her heart, and on the way back I saw something very disturbing, upon entering 12 building which house’s death row and about 110 ad seg offenders, there’s the x-ray machine- conveyer belt and all, the kind you would see at your airports, Court Houses and some of the American Schools (due to violence). So as I’m walking up the sidewalk escorted by two young guards fresh out of high school I might add, there’s a line of food carts piled up… traffic jam so to say. But what it is, we have guards who are not wearing hair nets or gloves pushing all of the food that’s prepared for death row thru this expensive x-ray machine and the lids are removed and it’s an assembly line event. I am absolutely shocked! Now I know why our food is ice cold and the mystery dust on some of the food is solved. Now I know damn well if the health inspector people were to see that they would end that instantly. I’m not even sure if food is able to be ran thru x-ray machines?
Speaking of food, I do believe this Unit is in direct violation but have no one to oversee what is being fed to us. Just like the Johnny Sack issue I reported on a few months back, well the actual food trays are absolutely sickening! We get no meats anymore, noodles and some watery stew each week. At times they feed the exact same thing for days, Chili-Mac and this month alone we have had three pancakes fed to us 8 days in a row. We get a spoon full of grits and about 12 raisins. That’s how we are fed. At 3:00am in the morning!
The Federal Government had to step in many years ago because Texas was treating their prisoners so bad, Texas lost all control, and I believe with the Fed’s handing back the prison system to these clowns in 2001 was a bad mistake. No one is watching how things are ran. It’s inhumane, the filth, lack of nutrition, lack of medical care, blah blah blah blah. Yes it’s a good day to be alive.

True American Til The End

Mark Anthony Stroman, 2009


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Texas Death Row March 5th 2009 9:42am

Welcome to my nightmare! The Texas executioner has claimed two more this week. They have been busy in Huntsville Texas . Not sure what I’m feeling at the moment. I’m unraveling, unsure and very undetermined. This existence is hell… 2009 – In the USA ! Is it really going down like this, can this just b one bad dream? God I hope so… It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to write these thoughts down.

Yesterday I watched the death squad escort a man from the visitation room, The Death Walk… to the heavily and well guarded van of execution. Just seeing all of this from my small window puts cold chills down my spine. 10 dead in Texas Since the 14th of January:

Curtis Moore

Frank Moore

Reginald Perkins

Virgil Martinez

Ricardo Ortiz

David Martinez

Dale Scheanette

Johnny Johnson

Willie Pondexter

Kenneth Morris

In 49 days the State of Texas has killed all the above in the name of Justice. Murder is Murder! Do you know that when the death warrant, or let me say death certificate is issued in Huntsville to the family it says Cause of death- Homicide They’re admitting they are killing! INJUSTICE! As I said, murder is murder. How can the State say it’s wrong to kill and then kill for punishment? On March 3rd 2009 two Texas lawmakers have filed to the legislators to eliminate the death penalty from the State penal code. House Bill 682, authored by Houston Rep. Jessica Farrar (D) and co-authored by Ft. Worth Rep. Lon Burnan (D) was filed in Texas late January. They say it’s filed on “moral grounds” and not solely because of the mounting costs of litigation and court appeals. This will likely be laughed at but it’s a start in the right ole direction! Send the executioner to the unemployment lines! We have been having a lot of men being gassed the past few weeks. The conditions continue to get worse and on top of that we are now having to deal with the constant harassing of the new regional Gestapo search teams. Now check this out- they are saying this is to combat contraband entry. So why in the hell are these raid teams being ordered to destroy our cells and throw out legal documents? We have death sentences, so our legal work is sacred, but not to these clowns. I’ve had all of my transcripts thrown out in one of these raids so I’m not speaking on hearsay. What is really going on? The Regional Director’s are mad and are ordering this to be done. What’s it gonna take to get these folks to do proper searches? Some are speaking of violence, but that’s what these people want. What needs to be done, the friends and supporters, loved ones, need to voice their complaints and concerns. What it boils down to is this: Senator Whitmire is threatening to fire the Regional Directors so they are retaliating and having our cells and legal work tore up as a punishment. Polunsky Guards have said so! So we on the inside need ya’lls help and support! We all understand we are in a high security prison and shake downs are part of our world, but not destruction of belongings and then lying and saying it is not happening! HELP IF YOU CAN! Well I know I’m sorta jumping around on this entry, and I’m sorry for any confusion I’ve caused, but let me take the time to say a few words of praise to the “Journey of Hope” which has recently mentioned I was touched by this article that Renu Nahata had wrote. Now some of you out there have no idea of this group, but they are murder victims family members speaking out and telling their stories of love, forgiveness and understanding. Hoping for an end to the cycle of violence. To ending the death penalty. This is a rare and courageous thing and so needed in the cause. These people are what fuels me to continue to fight the daily struggle of the row. So I praise you all- The Journey of Hope and all of the Anti-Death Penalty groups. Hell I even hope them pro-death people can find peace in their hearts. I know from experience that emotions will almost push “ALL” common sense out of the way and take over. A popular misconception, hiding from pain doesn’t help heal a wound. It simply gives it a place to hide and fester! I’ve ran my head long enough today, so I’ll close this out…

til next time.

True American Texas Death Row Mark Anthony Stroman, 2009