July 18th, 2011- two days to Execution

“Death Blog” Texas-The-Lone-Star-State

July 18th 2011 5:21am

“Welcome To My Nightmare…Tales from a Dead Man”

“Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky and of course the soul.”

            Good morning to each and every one of you…I sit here on Death Watch this morning sipping coffee and listening to the radio and have this entirely satisfying feeling, it has really engulfed me and I’m not sure what it is, to be only days away from my own execution, it’s not a feeling I thought I would possess..AWESOME.

I want to share this really remarkable song that was written and dedicated to me, it was created by some amazing people in England and has been playing in m head ever since I heard it.

“Putting The World to Rights”

  (written by David Cattermole)

The day the world came tumbling down

   two towers lay on the ground

     loss, turmoil, hate all around

  Race against Race is the game

   We don’t see things the same

   Gun in hand, the need to blame

I tried to put the world to rights

to save the land was set in my sights

 But it wasn’t my fight

Mistaken deed, the hurt is done

 four families lives are now torn

 no gain just more to mourn

What oh land that I still love

 remorse shadows my face

 they say I am to die in this place

I tried to put the world to rights

to save the land was set in my sights

But it wasn’t my fight

Peaceful compassion there must be

 For humankind to be free

Days, years of thinking I see

No more wars, they’re born from greed

 Stop these crimes of hate

or we will seal our own sad fate

I’ve tried to put the world to rights

to save this land was set in my sights

 now they can turn off my light….

 can turn off my light…..can turn off my light…..

It’s now 6:18am….

I again must thank “Little Bit” Linny Meakins & Madge, all the members of the rock band “Stray”, The David Cattermole Band, and Kenji of “Simply Red”….and everyone who is trying to put together the World Peace tour for the 10th anniversary of September 11th. It’s a great honor to be part of this.

Today my all day visits begin, from 8am til 5pm I will be out in the visiting booth, the final set of visits for the condemned lasts 3 days and are held I the death booth on the other side of regular visitation. It’s a very hot cage with no air circulation and the cord on the phone is so short that when you face your loved ones you are forced to lean back in an uncomfortable position. These visits will surely be the most emotional ones thus far.

It’s now 7:22am….

Just returned from the shower… what a refreshing feeling that is. We are still on lockdown, almost 2 weeks of this status with no end in sight. This morning the meal was 6 prunes, a smashed up sandwich which consisted of two pieces of bread and a spoonful of eggs…there was more bread than anything, also a small container of dry cereal which contained 90 calories. I kicked mine over to my neighbor so he at least could get enough to eat…I’m heading out to my visits this morning and am surely to eat more than my fair share of food.

It’s now 5:20pm….

Just returned from day 1 of all day visits…I was taken out there at 8:20am and what an emotional day it was and seemed like just a few minutes had passed…the time simply vanished like smoke in a swirling breeze. The memories of the day embedded into my very soul for Eternity.

The first round of friends were Ilan & Connie and I want to thank you both for the remarkable times that we have spent…Ilan, you have changed me for the better and it’s been a great honor my friend. Connie, you are a person that carries really powerful heartfelt energy and I am so proud of you and that’s from the heart…thank you for standing by my side when things seemed hopeless.

My second set of visits were equally awesome and my friend mark Dowd from London, who now resides in Madrid, Spain flew in to spend these final days…a promise he made in 2003…a promise he kept. Mark, you have all my respects and that comes straight from the heart of this Proud Texan. MUCH OBLIGED my brother.

The last visit of the day was from Laura who has been in Texas since the 11th and is one super kewl , awesomely sweet soul…Rebel Spice I call her, and to you Laura, to have seen your tears roll down your face

Was heart breaking to me, to have seen that pain within tore me up…the tears I shed were for you and I will forever cherish our bond, our “Unbreakable” friendship has powered me into who I am now. I’m very proud of you and when we prayed Wednesday I felt something bigger than the both of us at work…NEVER forget how you have affected my life. Love ya girl…         Rebel Spice Sheehan!!!!

  It’s now 7:00pm….

The day has left me mentally drained. I’ve never sat on a hard bench for 9 hours before with my knees tucked up under me such as I have today, it is so cramped in that small death room and has no air circulation. Just from me being in there talking and breathing the inner windows fogged up and all the surfaces became wet as if the humid rainy conditions had been inside. That is definitely wrong; the way we are closed in, the final visits should not be in an environment such as that.

    It’s now 8:00pm….

The mail just came around and I was given a stack of mail so large that it couldn’t fit through the side of the door….it came in as 3 large bundles, mail from the month of June is even present…31 letters in all from many people worldwide. It’s a wonderful feeling, over the last 3 mail days I have received well over 75 letters from many known friends and others who I’ve never even heard of who are just sending well wishes. Thank you all. Danielle, received all the messages you have sent, just received a stack of them, thank you so very much for all you have done and that’s from the heart…you have also been a remarkable soul whom I love greatly, never forget the time we shared… and that the events of life happen for a reason…even though we don’t understand them ourselves. You have a heart of gold my little Cajun….continue on being you! Love ya!

Must sleep now, big day tomorrow….

Still Unbroken & the True American….

Mark Stroman                                                                                                                                                          2011


3 Responses to “July 18th, 2011- two days to Execution”

  1. i miss u soo much mark i wish u could know how much the tears flow like a river over my face and i miss u my heart breaks i hope wherever u are that ur happy and u are free now ur in my heart forever love misty

  2. Dreamt of you the night you were executed, Mark. I know you are safe now. In a place without walls – a bright & beautiful place. Sweet dreams. RIp mate – will miss you x Love Sarah

  3. Love u always mark always in our hearts ♥ n memories forever

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