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July 7th 2011 7:52am

“Welcome To My Nightmare…Tales from a Dead Man”

“Just as water mirrors your face, so your face mirrors your heart!”

                  Execution Day in Texas…good morning from Death Watch on Texas Death Row. We are on another lockdown for shake down, yes folks one more time and if you remember we just came off one 1 ½ months ago. This started Tuesday morning and what a great way to start out the final countdown of one’s life. Speaking of final countdowns, the person set to be executed tonight was just taken away from our section for his final visits…and then at 12 noon he will be sent to the Walls Unit in Huntsville, Texas so the execution process can begin.

Yesterday was a very full day for me and the stressful events of being on lockdown doesn’t help matters much. The first event was my 14 day Death Summary Review which is an all over review of the paperwork that was given to me when I was first notified I was to die July 20th 2011. The paperwork consists of various questions stemming from whom to release belongings to, who to release the body to, final meal, who will witness the killing, etc., etc…

Then the day shifted me straight from the summary review right into another legal visit with Sophie of Reprieve…and that was another thought provoking event and I’m extremely grateful for all they do on my behalf. The events that are now surrounding my case and the efforts of Rais with his European Tour to save my life are extremely overwhelming. I’m doing my best to stand tall and walk with my head held high…but I also realize that I’m in Texas and the chance of me being put to death is very real.

From that I went straight into a media visit…and no matter how confident I felt and how I assumed I was not a nervous wreck I was soon proven wrong because as soon as all those lights and cameras came on I melted like an ice cube on hot pavement. Stage fright or the 14 days left to live had me at a loss for words. (Damn)

Now as for the wonderful lockdown…I realize there are a lot of new readers to this blog and you have no earthly idea what a lockdown is and or what a Johnny sack meal is…and I will do my best to explain this to you so everyone will fully understand. Lockdown is when the unit is shut down; no movement of prisoners is allowed…it’s done for security measures or for the shake down procedures that happen every few months on this unit. The raid teams normally treat our belongings with respect but there’s a few overzealous ones; when you have new guards or the hate filled ones from Population that join in on the searches they scatter and destroy everything in sight….legal work will be totally disorganized…photos scattered and tossed into piles and so on and so forth…that’s how it is with the overzealous ones that are extremely unprofessional.

10:32am…they just brought me my final commissary purchase and even though we are on lockdown this unit showed me a bit of human compassion and allowed me to make a huge purchase of food, stamps, and other needed items to help the final days of life move as smooth as possible and I was able to get everyone on Death Watch a pint of Blue Bell ice cream as a farewell gesture that is like a tradition here. To Administration….much obliged.

Now back to what I was saying in regards to lockdown…we are fed these things called “Johnny Sacks” and what that is….a small brown sack with two smashed up sandwiches inside…yesterday for example lunch was a meat sauce sandwich that they said was BBQ…it was sauce…no meat… and a whole potato came with it…that’s all… and for the last meal of the day they brought a smelly fish patty on bread and a crushed up piece of cornbread…

I know there’s gonna be some of you out there in the land of freedom saying for me to shut my mouth and stop complaining….blah…blah…blah…..but if this was you or one of your loved ones or friends you wouldn’t be so fast to speak out the side of your mouth…even the guards who pass this stuff out are in total shock! When this was brought to their attention yesterday our reply was that the new kitchen Captain said all we get on lockdown is 750 calories per day…I guess if one wants more calories he must eat the damn sack! My neighbor said he was eating mayonnaise out of the jar with a spoon…and I actually believe him…hahaha…deep redneck ways he possesses…HAHA!

Well, that covers the explanation of lockdown and the meaning of a Johnny Sack meal. Yes, I fully realize we have a worldwide food shortage and millions of people would love to have these sacks…that’s understood completely by me and many others back here.

I’ve just made me another “Death Row Latte” using a ½ pint of French Vanilla ice cream by Blue Bell…tossed ½ of that inside my hotpot insert, melted it down and then added 3 huge spoonfuls of coffee, 1 sweetener and then filled the insert up with hot water to heat it up again…when done it will make about 12 ounces of rich & creamy coffee that tastes like a Starbucks latte…awesome indeed!

6:34pm…The radio station we all listen to just announced that the execution was carried out and none of us here on Death Watch was prepared to hear the actual events of what was done to the 16 year old girl who was the victim in this case…my heart goes out to the family of this little girl as well as to the family of the one just put to death.

6:52pm…The same radio station is now speaking about my case and how I will be the next featured story…both my Redneck neighbors just yelled over to me and said these words, “Saddle up Stroman, the rodeo is about to begin.” It sure is nice to have such supportive Redneck neighbors such as mine…even in the face of death we find ways to laugh and keep each other’s spirits up.

True American…Loud & Proud and Very Unbroken.

Mark Stroman 2011



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  1. darlene a/k/a ducky Says:

    One of my buddies on Death Row in Nashville always says don’t let them rent space in your head. One of my buddies from death row in Nashville who has passed says death is not extinguishing the light, it is putting out the lamp becaause the dawn has come . . . hang tough!

  2. Linny Meakins Says:

    I’m not ready for your Fookin Wheels to Fall Off yet ‘Me Luverleey’ so keep that handsome head up while we fight for you while this thing goes to the wire, we knew it would, didn’t we?!! Rais has brought a new powerful action against ‘Wanker Perry’, sorry slip of the tongue, ‘Governor Perry’. He is sueing him and fellow wankers in a breach of Rais’s human rights and wishes as a victim, no doubt Annie has probably explained what has been filed to court today by Rais. Hope you have recieved the photo collages I sent you, if not they will soon be there with you I expect plus another letter sent tuesday12th. I will send you emails from now on via Jpal Ive got the details Laura gave me here somewhere so will do that tommorrow. Annie told me you liked me and Madges video message, good. Have I got the ‘Farmers’ version of Maya’s sexy english voice then? Ha Ha, sorry about that, I’m a country girl hun, so can’t help it. Hey Iv’e got a bone to pick with you (as we say in England) Where’s my fkin ice cream?!! Big hugs, and send you a letter tommorow, Ive told Madge to give me one to type out for you as well. Big Hug and a sloppy kiss coming your way. Eeeew! Linny x

  3. Timothy Leon Jackson Says:

    God bless you Mark and keep you in these trying days brother. God grant you peace in these days that are seemingly dark. And God Bless them Rednecks too!!

  4. Gewitterfee Says:

    “You were not prepared to hear about what had been done to the 16 year old girl” – didn´t you know anything about Mr. Leal´s case and what he was on Death Row for?
    (Just a little bit astonished; I thought you maybe had been talking about such things too. Certainly I would, nevertheless, preferred Mr. Leal´s execution to be stopped.)

  5. always with you mark much love xoxo misty

  6. I use Forrest Gump words. Life is like Johnny Sack. You never know what you get.
    I have so much to say, but no words. I know there is possibility that you cannot read messages.
    Thank you Mark for this Diary.

  7. Yes, I would have prefered Humberto not to be executed as personally I think his punishment should have been to live on DR the rest of his life. Not the early release for the terrible thing he did.
    I f it were my daughter or indeed YOUR daughter you would want the same. Remember he tortured and killed an innocent girl. he does not deserve death. He deserves a life of hell.
    As for you Mark , you took your chance, now you must pay the price. Tho I do not think you warrant the death penalty since your crime was not premeditated. Good luck and I do hope you get a reprieve if that is your wish.

  8. fingers crossed for you Mark x

  9. Mark,
    Hey, man. I am sorry for what happened. This life is so fragile and short. We only have a little while here on this tiny rock and i just wanted to let you know that i am aware of your case and would like to ask for your permission to write a song about your life for one of my bands here in Los Angeles. I don’t know if you will get these messages or not, but if you do, let me know what you think and in what style you would like the song to be written and performed. (Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk, R&B). God’s speed bro! My name is John Diesel and i am @ Frwyguy@yahoo.com

  10. love you mark and u hang in there hold your head high. were routn 4 u. your friends forever into paridise and beyond love ya. the posey/cody family

  11. Mark, you said in an interview:

    “I am a human being and made a terrible mistake out of love, grief and anger, and believe me, I am paying for it every single minute of the day.” and “I am sorry to say I made innocent people pay for my rage, anger, grief and loss,”

    You don’t have to pay for it every minute of the day. Christ was the ultimate Innocent, and he will willingly take the punishment for your sins if you turn to him – He can take it. He can take far more than your rage and anger. He’s not the anemic shepherd you seen in pictures; He holds the universe together with his word, and when He pays for your sin, there’s nothing left to condemn.

    Yes, you will still face death, so do it with a clear conscience, get right with God, and move forward with a hope of Life beyond death and a powerful Father who will care for your children.

  12. i pray for you mark

  13. Gewitterfee Says:

    I agree with a life sentence and a life in prison, but I would prefer to leave “hell” away…..Judging about hell is not man´s job.
    But of course you are right it was a horrible crime.

    as there are only a few days left until July 20 and I don´t know when you get the comments for the last time before this date….
    Always remember my thoughts are with you and I am praying for you.
    Really hope you get a stay or be commuted – and if not, I do hope to see you in heaven when my time has come.
    Hug from Germany!

  14. Does someone know what is that radio station what Mark many times mentions his diary ? Can it hear via internet?

  15. yes you can hear it by going to kpft.org from there it is one of the 90.1 hd channels in the top of the page, I warn you though it is never pleasant to listen to, and I have informed Ray Hill that I intend to join forces to take his show off the air via the end of the death penalty

  16. Stroman wasn’t given the DP because his crime was premeditated, he was given the death Penalty in part at least because it was happened during the commission of a robbery, Which is an enhancement. He’ll meet his buddy Osama in hell.

  17. KiwiGal,
    Mark did not rob anybody during the commission of a robbery! There was NO robbery Cow Gal. It is all over the Internet that Rais handed him money because he thought it was just another robbery. He said that Mark did NOT take the money! Mark asked him where he was from… Why not ask Pameeeeee (PD adm.), she has been to Polunsky Unit visiting her boyfriend there until he was executed and then cried on Mark’s shoulder about her niece. Then she fell in love with Mark and Mark wanted nothing to do with the donkey! Pam is a very bitter, hateful, nasty talking, two faced B____.

  18. Gewitterfee Says:

    I always have to laugh when I read those pro DPs being able to tell who will end in hell and who won´t….

    Probably they´re God´s “right hands” or something like that.


    Mark, don´t ever listen to them, just keep your hope, faith and trust in His mercy.
    I think it was Therese of Lisieux who once said, the sin that injures Jesus most is not trusting Him.
    And don´t forget there are many people praying for you.

  19. Gewitterfee Says:

    It just reminds me of a story I once read…
    someone coming to God and telling him: I didn´t do anything bad, God….I didn´kill, I didn´t steal, I didn´lie. My hands are clean.
    And God answered: No doubt. But they´re empty.

    There really are some pieces of the Gospel some people should take the time to read….
    such as Lk 18, 9-14, Mt 5,38-48, Mt 6,14-15, Mt 18, 19-22 and Mt 25, 34-46…
    (In the last one, the speech is only about “I was in prison”, not “I was in prison although I was innocent”….means clearly that the question of guilt and innocence is of no importance and prisoners are definitely still considered as Jesus´ brothers….and sisters of course. 😉 )

  20. Gewitterfee Says:

    An edit button is really missing here. 😉

    Mark, never forget that the first officially pronounced saint (pronounced by Jesus himself) was an executed criminal.
    “Saint” doesn´t mean perfect (no human being is) but being
    with God after this earthly life. And it was that crucified criminal from the Luke gospel (Lk 39-43) whom Jesus promised the assumption into paradise.

    (There were other murderers in the biblical stories who are counted among the just ones anyway….just look at Moses, and at St. Paul. And anyone who would kill Kain was told to
    get revenge by God.)

  21. stensprangare Says:

    I don’t understand..A man like you dies, while others who shot american servicemen in the back, and considered the traitor as friend.. still lives… A muslim..and gets hospital care.. I feel numb.. Something is very wrong with this world. You have all my support, the thing you did doesn’t call for your family to suffer even more..

  22. Annette,

    The Court Documents stipulate otherwise.


    Perhaps you should engage in some factual reading as from the court document above, especially since both the prosecution and the defence stipulated that there was in fact a robbery taking place. I’d also point you towards the security camera footage that does not support your position. If you are saying that there was no robbery then what you are saying is that this was a hate crime, pure and simple, and that you are lionising a despicable man.

    If you have a problem with Pam then I suggest you take it up with her. It’s a shame that you’re a sad enough person to go spewing irrelevant (and badly written) crap at Pam when the topic is Stroman – and Stroman is all I commented on.

  23. Why are my comments still awaiting moderation and people after mine have theirs cleared? What kind of game is going on here?

  24. Gewitterfee Says:

    Certainly a hate crime is despicable, but if the offender changes, he is no despicable man anymore. (On the contrary; it´s already the bible that says there is more joy in heaven about a sinner changing than about 99 righteous persons who don´t need to change.)
    It´s okay if you don´t believe him that he changed, KiwiGal….
    Annette and many others obviously do and in that case, it is absolutely okay to defend him against your postings.
    (By the way, you wrote it often enough that you consider him to be a bad man…..we all know it now.)

    Besides, the question of guilt and character shouldn´t matter as far as death penalty is concerned, anyway. But of course I´m aware that this is my personal religious belief….faith is always very personal and I´m aware that others might come to different conclusions.

  25. Gewitterfee Says:

    Just read my posting again….
    before any pro DPs turn the words around in my mouth (as we say here) or others misunderstand me:
    Of course, I mean that, no matter if someone shows remorse or not, he/she should NOT be executed and death penalty should be abolished.

  26. I have been watching the emotional back and forth between the pros and the antis. (I am an anti) Fact, Mark Stroman and Jesus Christ may soon have at least one thing in common, (there are probably more but this one stands out, ie family that will mourn his death, etc), they will have both been executed. It was a “mob mentality” and law that brought about the execution of Jesus Christ. It is a “mob mentality” and law that brings about this and all other executions.

    On deterrence at least we can intelligently agree it is no more a deterrent than jail for theives and rapists. For those that still believe it at least deters the convicted from murdering anyone else, please show me where someone else (since the Death Row in Texas has moved to Polunsky) has been murdered by a death row inmate.

    Texas proposes a $15.2 cut in education,(source Austin American Statesmen 7/13/11) with the average cost of a capital case at $2.3 million if a death sentence is granted, (source DPIC fact sheet) it seems the zeal for the death penalty (at least in Texas) outweighs the importance of education. (This figure does not account for the $80,000 per year of incarceration and future benefits for those wrongfully accused and released, I believe the number is at 12 now).

    These are just a few unemotional facts (yes, facts) that I feel compelled to point out on this the eve of yet another scheduled execution. My own personal views have no place here, but I would be remiss if I did not point out that it is completely demeaning for all of us on either side of the death penalty to continue to spew hateful rants toward one another. The debate and discussion will and should continue, with dignity and intelligence. There are two places you will not find either. One is a support service for those with incarcerated loved ones, the PTO. A continued avenue of support for those who find themselves embroiled in the criminal justice system. The other claims to be a pro death penalty resource, where I personally have yet to find any intelligent argument for or against the death penalty. When these two forces collide (many times by one from the pro site antagonizing those from the anti site, as was evidenced here on this blog) the end result lacks any validity from either side.

    On a personal note to Mark, death is something you will do alone, the fight to end this fate for others similarly situated will continue. May your transition be peaceful, your victims be satisfied, (if your death is what they want) and your family, friends, and loved ones land softly.

  27. I can understand where you are coming from from a religious perspective Gewitterfee, though personally I cannot agree for my own reasons. I have not posted here to stir religious zealotry.

    The fact that Stroman has changed in prison (we all change over time regardless of our personal circumstances) does not mean that the punishment meted out by law be negated. Only that he used this stint in prison (note that his earlier visits to the big house changed his criminal behaviour not one bit.) to actually attempt to create/do something positive since he was to spend all the days remaining to him there, and apart from being a somewhat absent father to 4 children, His legacy is one of hate and loathing, racism and intolerance.

    History will not remember him as a ‘good man’ nor a ‘Hero’ of any sort – because he is not. He is also a proven liar (a point he responded to me on with a distinct lack of truthfulness)

    Had any of the lies he told regarding his ‘sister’ and then ‘family member’ in the WTC were true, then I suspect that Markie would be serving LWOP.

    So, in the end, he is a lying, using manipulator of easily taken advantage of people. He’s racist (that is not a change he appears to have made) And obviously couldn’t tell the difference between major world religions.

    And the Europeans here… some of you are a joke and do not help your cause by the things that you post online (I’m specifically talking about BlueButterfly here)

    Stroman created his own victims with his own actions, planned and carried out his little one man race war and now there are further victims, created by his own actions.

    Those who chose to be friends to Mr Stroman, well, thats very noble. If you chose to believe what you are told by him and his extensive criminal past, congratulations.

    The sad fact remains that he’s a murdering, lying thug with a superiority complex, certainly not the ‘True American’ he would have you believe he is.

    Remember that he committed acts against his own country. Thats something I find abhorrent and would expect that most others would also feel that way.

    Just remember that to the rest of the world he will ALWAYS be “THE AMERICAN TERRORIST”

  28. Gewitterfee Says:

    “True American” – that´s a term that doesn´t tell me something anyway, KiwiGal.
    We in Europe, especially in Germany, don´t have such a
    pathetic relation towards our country anymore, I would say –
    except maybe the “brown ones”.
    (Standing there during the national anthems, hands on the
    hearts and singing it every morning before school – some-
    thing that seems absolutely strange to me and probably to
    many others here too.)

    Like I said already:
    You MAY be right he didn´t change as much as he said.
    I don´t know it and I´m aware I was only able to look at his postings and not inside his heart.
    The thing is, if he really hadn´t changed, he needed support just the more to do so. So I wouldn´t have acted another way if I had known anything bad about him.

    Yes, I guess that most people – especially in the US as there
    are many DP proponents – will only remember the bad side
    of his life.
    I don´t want to be a “zealot” as you called it – I do think there is a difference between an absolute fanatic (who, mostly, show no tolerance at all and I do believe I have a lot
    of tolerance against other opinions as long as the other one
    lets me have mine too) and people having a deep faith and
    standing to what their opinions. (And the zealots were the
    absolute fanatic ones, in the Israel of Jesus´ time.)
    But for me, after all, it will count whatever God will think of
    Mark for He knows him absolutely, better that I do and
    better than you do.
    I absolutely hope that I´ll see him in heaven (because that
    would mean he was not too bad or he changed – and it
    would mean that my own life was not too bad 😉 ), and if
    I should do, it would indeed be a pleasure and an honour.

    And by the way….
    there are “zealots” among you proponents too. 😉
    (Telling someone he´ll meet Osama in hell seems to be an
    indicate of that too.) Just like other ones writing letters
    to some inmates that they curse them and God will curse
    them and so on. (I never understoood why, even if someone has that opinion, he/she spends money for paper,
    stamp and his/her time to write that.)

  29. To KiwiGal. “True American” Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction and kill lot of innocence people. But i guess hes true american hero. What about those soldiers who take pictures irak prison ? Ok….they are true american soldiers and war heroes. Or are they ?
    So i think many american are joke because they belive everything what president say. Did you know, there is not any proof the Osama was behind 9/11. Sure Osama was bad man, but he was target Bush sr and Bush jr own race war.Someone had to pay the price WTC towers and people guantanamo bay still pay that price. Well…most of them are innocence, but who cares, because its leagal race war.If presidet say they are terrorist, then you belive it. So dont tell me european people are joke.
    Here people can walk parks at the night and there is no way someone shoot them. We do not have guns for the kids and oure market sell food, not guns.
    Mark did wrong thing and he admid what he did. He say he deserve to punish but did he deserve to die ? NO..he did not die because he crimes. He die because true america need executions. Its long way tradition and thats the american way, like Coca Cola or country music.

  30. Gewitterfee Says:

    “Kill one person, and you are a murderer. Kill thousands of people, and you are a hero.” (Indian proverb)

    Oh, yes, and about “being a joke”…..
    just think “whoever wants to laugh at us, shall feel free to do so.
    It´s better having people laughing at oneself than making them cry.”
    (At least my opinion.)

  31. I am also from Germany and I respect that there is no capital punishment here. But I also respect the law in the U.S.. It is irrelevant if Stroman was a prouf Texan and proud American. It is irrelevant that the survivour did not want that Stroman was executed. Stroman was charged but not tried in this case. Stroman got the death penalty for capital murder during a robbery. He was charged, tried before a jury of his peers, convicted and sentenced to death. He had many years annd numerous appeals. The result stands. Now he has paid his debt and it is up to a greater court to decide his fate. Stroman was a life long criminal and as a proud Texan he knew that there was the possibility that the state of Texas kills him if he murders in the first place. He did it and it is irrelevant if he was an angel after he murdered. The death penalty is punishment for the most heinous crimes. No if´s and but´s. He got it and he recieved it. The book is closed. Done and dusted.

  32. Gewitterfee, I truly respect your response…

    Timppa – GWB has nothing to do with this conversation, or Osama and their politics. You’re obviously European and I am not an American, nor do I live there. I’m sure NZ has a comparable crime rate to wherever you are, so I get to walk my parks at night too and enjoy a relatively safe society so your point is somewhat irrelevant. Please take the time to read posts properly. If you had bothered you would’ve noted that when I was talking of posters that are a joke I was referring to one poster in particular

    Mark died because he did commit a crime and the punishment for that was death. He has completed his sentence for the crime for which he was condemned. I strongly disagree with alot of the positions his supporters took, especially in the last few months, as I am sure that they disagree with the positions I took. He has fulfilled his sentence, paid in full and now I have no need to vilify a dead man who has fulfilled societies required punishment.

    Timppa – another thing. The fact that you are European doesn’t give you superiority over any other nationality, US or otherwise. Since you seem to know so much about the guilt and innocence of detainees at Guantanamo I suggest you take your European sensibilities over that way and make some noise.

    After all, how seriously could I take you Timppa if your grammer and spelling are this bad!!!

  33. Gewitterfee Says:


    1. A person who has a bad grammar can have good opini-
    ons though. He or she might even be very intelligent….
    if, for example, he has got what we call “Legasthenie”
    (know what I mean?).
    So a bad English is – per se – no reason not to take him
    or her serious.

    2. May I ask you a question? Why is it that you (and
    others) so regularly wrote Mark was a bad man? Did
    you have any aim you expected to reach by that
    – especially by often repeating it, on a site that was
    in Mark´s favour?
    Did you expect to change Mark´s friends´ opinion
    about him, did you just want to provoke – or did
    you (also by writing about hell) want to frighten
    him more than he might have been anyway (no
    matter what he said about not fearing anything)?
    Or did you have any other reasons?

  34. KiwiGal . You say GWB has nothing to do this converstation. You say Mark do the crime and must die for what he did and he lie about her sister. GWB lie also and that lie give him leagal right to start war in irak. Otherwise that was not possible. How many people die for that lie ? If you think Mark death was justice and you want justice, then why you dont think GWB must pay his lies and crimes ? So i think whole US justice system is Joke. There is no justice. What other country put 13-14 yr old kids prison rest they lifes ? Maybe korea and china. What other coutry execute mentaly ill inmates, maybe korea and china. Russia had also death penalty but not anymore because they did not see any reason execute people. If someone had to pay they crime they own life, then what else that is then revenge. Something like that say russian president when they end death penalty.

  35. Gewitterfee Says:

    Don, America as well as Germany is a free country.
    No buts and ifs?
    We, the death penalty opponents and Mark´s friends,
    are FREE and ALLOWED to say in Mark´s favor
    whatever we like to. We do not need your permission
    to do it.

    In fact, I´m really sorry for the ones who can just consider
    the whole thing so one-dimensioned.
    And I´m very happy to belong to the ones who are able
    to see miracles which you are not able to see.

    The book is closed?
    Mark´s earthly life is, yes.
    But the memories always will stay with his friends, and
    as far as his eternal book (=fate) is concerned, I do
    have hope it has turned out well.

  36. Kiwigal Says:


    Your issue still has nothing to do with this topic.

    I think you have some unresolved issues regarding conflict in the Middle East and the politics surrounding it as your comments clearly have nothing to do with Stroman, his person, his crime or his penalty and this is his blog. Even I posted relevant info here. I suggest you find a site that satisfies your political needs. I don’t care one whit if you hate GWB and think this is all his fault, and you hate the American Justice System. It has Sweet FA to do with this topic and I’m from New Zealand as my nic suggests so I find you amusing more than offensive. Maybe you really should go to the correct site, where people do care about the particular topic you are discussing. Otherwise Timppa, you still a joke and you aren’t even a Stroman supporter who for the most part are reasonable educated caring people with whom I happen to disagree about this particular situation and discussed such with.

    One more time Timppa – Your postings are a joke…..

  37. Kiwigal Says:

    @ Gewitterfee – sorry I missed your questions….

    Mark may have been a ‘nice guy’ at some stage, you only met him after his incarceration did you not? Thats truly the point here. According to all the research I’ve done, no, Mark was not a nice guy on the outside (he also admitted that himself), and the price paid for making him the man you knew was 2 dead bodies and blinding someone. When someone has 23 hours a day to do not much,and a Damocles sword over their head they can sit around being as nice as pie. Finding God is always big for convicted murderers too. Some of the higher profile ones like Stroman and Whitaker make a lot of commissary from their pen pals, why would they not continue to be nice?

    I don’t care whether his emotional state one way or the other was affected by my mentioning hell, for it is my belief that is where he is, he can say hi to Osama. I am entitled to say that as much as you are the other way. I had little or no intention of attempting to change anyones mind here, but there was gross information (eg the sister) that was being put about by people who write to ‘nice guy Stroman’ and don’t bother to check his facts. Misinformation is misinformation. Why should I not comment on a factual basis on things I know to be incorrect?

    Last thing. A fairly virulent member of this site came to a pro site and started a discussion that started with calling everyone there C***s – I think you have to agree that I have never done anything of the like here.

    AS for the grammar thing – If it was relevant I would’ve bothered to decipher the whole thing, but it wasn’t (and still isn’t) so punctuation would do Timppa a favour and then people would probably read the whole post.

  38. Gewitterfee Says:

    Okay, I accept your reasons and of course you are free to think whatever deems you right, also about life after death in common and Mark´s in particular.

    I don´t know what word is hidden behind the stars at “c*****s” but I assume it´s a bad one (I know those stars mainly from f***).
    Okay, you did not use such words (had it been otherwise, I would have ignored you more and hadn´t asked for your motives 😉 ).
    Right, that´s not okay either.
    On the other hand, I came to know much bad from your pro site (I´m not talking about you in particular); I know it says opposite opinions are welcome but what I read how an anti was treated there….
    I guess there are such and such ones on both sides.

    Yes, I know what you mean, there is a fair amount of death row inmates who get an equally fair amount of money from penpals and are mainly having those penpalships for this reason.
    I once even read an article in which a death row inmate himself was telling that.
    The thing for me is, I do assume there are others too, and how am I to distinguish the one sort from the other one. I, personally, prefer to think too good about the bad ones than to think too bad from the better ones.

    Right, there are many prisoners who “change” (seem to change or do it indeed) when they get into death row.
    And you are probably right they would have continued their bad way of living if they had stayed in freedom.
    Sorry, probably you will call me a zealot again, but as I´m trying to let my life be led by my faith, many of my opinions base on it.
    Seeing the gospel of the lost son, it seems obvious to me that the reason for the change doesn´t matter. Know what I mean?
    If that lost son hadn´t come into a famine, he would very probably have continued his bad life. He didn´t come home because it occurred to him how he injured his father – he was hungry, that´s all. (I don´t think his words of being unworthy would indicate on other reasons than his hunger. He simply was not in the position to be cheeky or demanding.) And yet, in spite of all that, the father welcomes him back.
    It´s the same with the criminal on the cross. I do think you can assume he changed because of that death sentence and had otherwise continued with his criminal life, but nevertheless he is promised paradise.
    And if God is acting like that…who am I to act differently. I´m surely not managing to always do it like I should, but I´m trying.

    I hope to be right about Mark not being THAT bad or indeed having changed…..but what I´m absolutely sure about is that God will listen to prayers coming from the heart, in the one way or the other.
    Never underestimate the power of prayer.

  39. KiwiGal

    1. Who start it. You say Osama is Marks buddy, so why you had to say that. What common they have ?
    2. You was upset Marks lie so i remind you what happen when GWB lie.
    There is also gross information so why that not upset you ?

    People like you yell justice and three time hip hip hooray when someone has executed. I just dont belive executions help anyone and its pure revenge. All pro death penalty people speaks victims voice and try to make DR inmates monsters who kill just for fun. Pro Death penalty groups say its law and justice happen when someone is put the death. How the hell someone can be happy when execution take place ??

    Your only reason be come Marks site was you want hurt people who love him and know him. What kind of person you are when you say Marks site after his death you hope he meet his buddy osama in hell ? I dont mean now his pen pals. I mean his love ones and hes kids who visit this site.

    Its much better be a joke then idiot 🙂

  40. Gewitterfee Says:

    And about Timppa….
    I think what he/she (I don´t know if Timppa is male or female) wants to say is:

    1. It´s an injust system where someone as Mark has to die for what
    he did, while others – among them the former president – don´t
    have to, they even live as honoured people although there is
    blood sticking on their hands too.

    2. European countries have less crimes than the US althought they
    do not have the death penalty.

    Please don´t consider this as my posting here (although I agree in criticizing Bush for the Afghanistan and Iraq War), I just tried to shortly summarize what I suppose to be Timppas intended statement.

    Timppa, if I didn´t understand you correctly, then please correct me.

  41. Gewitterfee Says:

    Timppa´s and my postings crossed; hadn´t seen the last one, Timppa…

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