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A storm is brewing! (Part 3)

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Death Blog – Texas Death Row

April 14th 2009 7:15am

The nightmare continues- tales from a dead man.

Last night another incident kicked off on our pod. It seems the night shift sergeant from population came to our pod and had the sole purpose to harass an individual. So this sergeant arrives at this man’s cell and began barking commands of shake down. The next thing that happened was unexpected. The inmate must be had squirt bottles ready with human waste inside because he went squirting fecal matter from these bottles and sent 3 guards running for cover, chocking and gagin’ as they ran.


Then a few minutes later the riot teams arrived and went to gassing this man’s cell in order to get him out. Well this went on for several long minutes, the smell of human waste and gas is still in the air as I write this – good day to be alive!

Now the new Polunsky raid squad has tried to sneak in and turn off the water in the section next to ours, the same section the trouble was in last night, so this is a revenge raid. As I said yesterday, the storm is brewing and things are getting worse by the day. As I write this I can hear the screams and complaints, mattresses being tossed from two row to the floor below, sheets still attached, the damn Gestapo raid teams are mad! And they wonder why men act like animals and throw fecal matter. You can’t treat us like animals and expect us to act as man.

The storm is brewing!

True American till the End!!

Mark Anthony Stroman

Texas Death Row, 2009


A storm is brewing! (Part 2)

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Death Blog

Texas Death Row

USA – April 13, 2009 4pm

Welcome to my nightmare, TALES FROM A DEADMAN!

Easter Sunday passed rather uneventful… many of you don’t know this but we on the row are denied all religious services. You would think Texas would allow some type of Church for the condemned who are waiting to be strapped to the execution gurney, but no we are kept from it as if these clowns don’t want anyone to have a chance to make peace with God or Jesus or whoever your higher power might be!

Our Easter consisted of 2 cold fried eggs at 3am. What a great day to be alive in Texas!

Things are getting worse for us down here on the row, I have only been out of the hole for 2 months and I can see the drastic change in the way things are being done to all of us. For example the “Regional One” Gestapo raid squad that swoops in like ghosts in the night, destroying all legal work and leaving your cell in shambles, photos thrown out, stepped on.

And now not only do we have to endure that but Polunsky Unit has not created two more raid squads that raise havoc 7 days a week on this Unit. F-Pod is fast filling up and more will be heading that way, the storm is brewing folks, I’ll explain!

Texas Death Row is not here to be punished like regular prison population, our punishment is death by injection and as long as we are level one offenders we get certain privileges’, or we once did. Texas has taken everything away from us and before they moved Death Row to Polunsky Unit from Ellis Unit in the 90’s (which was before my time) they had group recs, TV, Church Services, work program and craft shop. Now we have access to a commissary once every 14 days, that’s it. Nothing else! And things are getting worse daily!

Now before you start saying I’m just sitting here crying over nothing, let me explain this to you, prior to October 2008 lock down, due to the cell phone scandal death row had the luxury of going to commissary once a week. Well don’t me3 confuse you, we didn’t go the actual commissary window but we were able to fill out our slips and then our pod officer would pick them up and later that day your items you purchased would be brought to your cell on a big cart. That was the only thing keeping most of us in line. Now that luxury since November 2008 has been taken from us. We went from once a week to 14-20 days. Big change don’t ya think??

Alright, the reason this is so troubling is because it’s been done only to us back here on death row. Regular prison population is still going once a week. So death row is being punished! We are being denied postage spends and everything. This is the only thing we had to keep us in line. The storm is brewing!

Now as you know Texas Death Row is the only death row in the Unit States that is not allowed any TV access, now it’s being denied radio purchases. We are trapped in our cages 22 hours a day and are being blocked from all outside news. They refuse to sell us any radios. ¾ of all death row has had their radios confiscated by this administration for punishment. They have not sold any since 2008. So this is against the Federal guidelines and another reason a storm is brewing.

We seek your help out there. Advice and input is needed!!!

True American till death!

Mark Anthony Stroman  2009

A Storm is brewing !

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Texas Death Row USA

April 9th 2009  3:10pm

Welcome to my hellish nightmare. The Insanity Tour.

Please forgive me for my leave of absence, the days and nights are all one big tangled mess. These last few weeks have just flown by, well that’s how it seems anyways but the smell of death is in the air. It always is on The Polunsky Unit! Where dead men walk – and slowly go insane in these small cages made to hold men who have had a few behavior problems within the prison, for 6 months – but we condemned are placed in here for years and years. The mind grows weak if you allow it. If it was already weak upon arrival, you have no chance.

The last few weeks I’ve watched some men slowly go into a state of depression, I hear a man down the run bark like a dog late at night, then quote Bible scriptures. We have another who walks around and whistles and makes paper footballs and spends hours flicking them under his cell door. His job before coming to death row, a medical assistant in a hospital in Dallas. These isolation cells are slowly breaking down minds. Sprits are low.

There’s been a few additions to the death list and a few more denied appeals. Another man on our pod just received a date for execution in September. He has been here 18 years now- under the old law which had no time line on the appeal process. Now under the new law, if you are fortunate enough to have a half way decent attorney you may have a few years of this hellish place before Texas says you must die.

Now it’s 4pm and the new raid team is here again. For the last few days we have been raided by the Polunsky Raid Squad. Don’t mistake this for the Region One Raid team. Now we are being searched by this group of Polunsky Unit Officers who do nothing but raid cells all day! This started out April 7th, 2009. So we have to endure two sets of destroyers!!! So far things have not been as bad as Region One, but it’s a new team, only time will tell.

Now I’m still awaiting the response to my Step Two grievance. As you remember from the previous blogs, while I was on F-Pod – the Hole – Region One’s Gestapo clowns raided us and totally screwed up all of my legal work and threw out all of my court transcripts. Now there’s a Federal Law saying this type of stuff can’t be done. And since the case is a death penalty one, these documents are extremely important, but the Region One team believes they have no one to answer to.

Well there’s over $600 worth of transcripts these clowns have thrown out, by design or neglect, not to mention the destruction of all my belongings and photos. And this is a continued thing. Now I’ve had a few people wanting to raise the funds to replace these documents from the Dallas Court House – I’m absolutely speechless! But I can’t allow them to do this because these clowns will continue to destroy our cells and demolish our legal work. Texas must be held accountable!!! The only way they will stop doing this destruction is by having to be the one to pay for these documents.

So – should Robert Treon and Brian Rooden, who are the Regional Directors, be held responsible?? I believe so! If we alter a simple pair of State socks these clowns charge you instantly. Alter a mattress or any State property and Texas takes whatever funds you have from your account. If you have none, as soon as you do it’s confiscated. So Texas should be held accountable – someone needs to monitor the raid teams!!

Now even correctional institutions division director, Nathaniel Quarterman is praising these squads, well how about making him pay the courts for my legal work. I bet the next time all of my legal work would be handled with care if they have to pay for it. So, does anyone have any peaceful solutions to this problem? If so I’d like to know. I welcome any and all advice!!!

Well folks I’ve talked enough and I’m feeling the anger start to swell up inside so I’ll end this one now.

Till Death Takes Me

True American,

Mark Anthony Stroman

Dying to live, living to die!