“My work has just begun”

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June 25th 2011 6:21pm

“Welcome to My Nightmare….Tales from a Deadman!”


            Good evening to each and every one of you out there…it’s been another full week and I’m just as exhausted as everyone else who is on this crusade with me.  All my supporters, friends, legal team, Rais & company…and just everyone who is involved in this MUCH OBLIGED…FROM THE HEART OF THIS TEXAN!

ILAN ZIV, thank you, too…for had it not been for you, had you not believed in me from day one, Execution Chronicles would of never gotten off the ground!

Texas carried out another execution on the 21st of June…we all knew him as Youngblood…and he is deeply missed on this section…and for all of his family and friends..My deepest condolences to you all…For the victim’s family, my heart goes out to you…I was sad to hear that a 15 year old girl had been paralyzed in the initial crime. May God bless you and give you the needed strength to carry on in this life.

As for another issue concerning Death Watch…they have already placed another man in Lee “Tiny” Taylors vacant cell…my old friend “SARGE”…yes, Cleave Foster is back on Death Watch with his third execution date of the year. For some odd reason they sure are trying to get him silenced…makes ya really wonder why. I can’t even begin to imagine what his family is going through to have to travel from the State of Kentucky once again must be emotional as well as very expensive.

Friday the 24th Rais along with Rick Halperin from SMU met in Houston, Texas and held a press conference with many members of CAIR-Texas…which is the Texas chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations and have spread the word on their feelings in regards to my execution…I’m deeply touched by this and it’s amazing, not only do I have my supporters and friends fighting to stop this but I have a lot of the Islamic community joining forces…this is bigger than me or Rais….BUT it starts with Rais’ forgiveness…and I see this as a chance to join a lot of people from many walks of life together…to be able to Stop the Hate…and if I’m allowed to live past the 20th of July, I will take that as a sign from God that my work has just begun.

~True American & Very Unbroken~

Mark Stroman 2011


7 Responses to ““My work has just begun””

  1. Gewitterfee Says:

    Dear Mark,

    your card has arrived today; thank you very much!

    I DO wish you could live longer that July 20 and if that SHOULD happen, I´d be delighted to keep in contact….

    And if not and we indeed met each other in paradise, it would be a great honour and joy for me.

    Keep your head up, I´m on your side and many others as well.

    Regards from Germany which is getting warmer and sunny again. 🙂

  2. sally longoria Says:

    YES! We still have alot of work to do and that’s why the state of Texas needs to keep you alive.YOU are the VOICE that is needed to head this campaign and if you are silenced all of Rais work and the others will not be in vain. We will still carry the torch in your honor.But,we would rather do it along side of you.

  3. Gewitterfee Says:

    Just read my newspaper (had no time before)….
    there was an article saying the US Government summoned the Supreme Court (I hope I translate the names properly….) to stop the execution of Humberto Leal because it would harm the USA with regard to foreign policy. 😮

  4. Linny Meakins Says:

    Hey Gewitterfee, that is indeed good news… I feel the more appropriate media attention that is gained for Mark the better. I want the Texas Judicial System to be shamed time and time again for their support of the death penalty. The rest of the World are now going to be looking at Texas and seriously criticising their whole justice system and the people that head it up. It cannot continue, it is barbaric, corrupt and outdated. Rais is now in Europe and this will bring yet more attention to whats going on in Texas. I know for a fact there are several TV stations and radio stations after interviews and even wanting to do short documentarys etc. I have personally sent carefully worded statements to nearly every main radio station in England to accompany Marks song. The whole World IS going to say SHAME ON YOU TEXAS, SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  5. Gewitterfee Says:

    Äh….sorry Linny, but the execution in question was not Mark´s but Humberto Leal´s. (…because you wrote “attention that is gained for Mark)

  6. Gewitterfee Says:

    I found something you might like, Mark….I don´t think I posted it yet and I´m trying to translate it.

    You are unique
    and exceedingly beautiful in my eyes.
    I´m calling you: beloved child.
    I don´t consider anything as too precious for you –
    I´m ready to sacrifice everything, really everything for you.
    I sacrifice myself for you.

    What do I want from you, vice versa?
    Your sorrows, your trouble, uncertainty,
    your pain and your fears.
    Give them to me and, in addition, your tears, your despair.

    And I will give you, vice versa,
    share of my peace, of my love, of my power,
    of my patience, of my strength,
    of my joy, of my kingdom.

    There is no step you are taking without me being with you.
    Go your way being certain:
    You are not alone – and being certain
    that it will lead you home
    towards your heavenly father and to me.

    Your friend Jesus

    (Ingrid Seeck)

    Thinking of you all on death row, of all victims of violence and their families and friends, of the jail and court staff and about everybody who has to do with you.

  7. Mark here for u forever xoxoxo .misty thinking of u

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