“I am absolutely speechless”

Death Blog” The Lone Star State!
June 15, 2011  8:36am  Execution Day!
“Welcome to my Nightmare…Tales from a Dead Man!”
“Many words rush along like rivers in flood, but deep wisdom flows up from Artesian springs.”
Good Morning Folks…live coverage from Death Watch…Livingston, Texas. Today we have a scheduled State sanctioned killing taking place and just moments ago the escort team took this condemned soul to his final visits…he will not be returning to this section of death….either way the day plays out he is now off death watch and could possibly be dead by 6:20pm this evening. Should he be fortunate enough to get a Stay of Execution he will be shuffled back into the chaotic world of Death Row
I have been mentally exhausted the last few days and things have been moving in slow motion. I still find it extremely hard to analyze my feelings but I know I must extend my most sincerest gratitude to each and every one of you that are out there who has been trying to spare my life. There’s many unseen heroes that are working behind the scenes, way too many to name so I feel if I even tried to express my thanks and left just one person out it would be a grave injustice.

Mr. Rais Bhuiyan…again let me thank you for your forgiveness and your efforts to save my life, I am absolutely speechless. I sent in another blog on this matter but have no idea if it has made it to its destination so I’m saying this again…Texas loud and Texas proud…thank you from the bottom of my heart. Fate has joined us together in a very strange way and I am honored and touched by your level of strength and forgiveness….you are truly inspiring!

I’ve seen some rather amazing things the last few weeks and never in my life have I seen so many compassionate people joined together with one common goal and that’s to stop the executions as well as mine. Reprieve and this goes to everyone that has joined this wonderful group…I thank you on behalf of myself as well as every other person on Texas Death Row and Death Watch because its wonderfully amazing to know that the hard fight is paying off..the Lundbeckdrug issue news has raced through these halls and Death Row pods like a Texas wildfire! Thank you all!

On a personal note, Reprieve, I Mark Stroman am deeply grateful for what you have done on my behalf…the world needs more people like y’all. Please, never for one moment think that I’m not extremely grateful for all you are doing on my behalf.

It’s now 9:15am and the escort team has just taken my neighbor to his visit. My neighbor has his date of execution set for tomorrow. The executioner is to get a bonus this month if he is successful. I often wonder how he or she starts their day out?? Does this unknown person have a family…does his loved ones know what he or she does all day long? What is the topic of conversation when you’re sharing your meal at home with your loved ones? Thought provoking indeed!

5:28pm…some men are wired for optimism, others for doubt….yes, indeed…just a few seconds ago the roar of laughter and screams erupted like a volcano spewing ash into the sky…the news was broadcast on the radio that the man in Huntsville has received a Stay of Execution…the cheers of this section are heard by many, and truly heard by me because I share the same attorney as the man who was just given another chance to see a sunrise in Texas.

8:54pm…the man who received his Stay just came back on our pod, he was placed on another section because he is no longer Death Watch property…to see him walk by with the huge smile was priceless!

We do have another execution set for tomorrow so one more day of stress filled moments…..but we are all having more faith than before! So with all that said I’ll close this out and hope these pages reach their destination.

Unbroken…Loud & proud Texas Style…

True American
Mark Stroman


10 Responses to ““I am absolutely speechless””

  1. Dear Mark,
    Hi, just saying to that the lord Jesus is with you my love and God is in you room and watching over you at all time’s good an bad and just remember he love’s all his children no one left be hind love you always .

  2. It is horrific!!
    I live in South Africa, one of the most violent countries in the world!! But nothing like this happens here!!

    To be honest i believe in the death penalty, I believe that some people are just too evil to be allowed to live in this world! Texas has lost the plot though! They seem to just want to put people to death. I don’t think it’s right to end someones life just because they may have made a terrible mistake!

    I think your Mr Rick Perry, needs to re think what he is allowing to take place in Texas!!

    Mr Stroman, I have read your crime reports, you have done some dumb things, but you certainly don’t deserve to die for your dumb decisions!! I hope the blood thirsty state you live in can see that too!!

    Shaun Mannion

  3. Gewitterfee Says:

    Mark, I wish you so much you would get a stay too or even better your sentenced commuted. I´m very glad for Mr. Balentine´s sake (guess you were talking about him).

    And I´m very sorry about Lee Taylor.

    My thoughts are with you and the other ones on Death Row.
    A consoling embrace from Germany via this blog to you all!

  4. Sally Longoria Says:

    Mark, I have learned alot in the last few weeks about deathrow and execution.None of it is pretty. BUT the most “beautiful”thing I have read and understand is the power of forgiveness. And I too,would like to send a big THANK YOU to those who are fighting to abolish execution and to all those who are personally involved with your case.I have to come to respect all of you who are on Death Row,Death Watch. I am sending prayers up daily for you and the others.Yes, I am saddened to hear about Mr.Lee Taylor. Humberto Leal, I am praying for you as well my friend.May the Lord have mercy on your souls. Keep the FAITH,Mark.God Bless.

  5. praying for u mark for a stay or commuted sentence as well much love to u hugs misty

  6. If you take a life without just cause, then you should expect no sympathy if your life is to be taken……You knew before the crime that if you were to get caught then the penalty of death was a real possibility, so do the right thing, and accept your sentence, and show some class as you meet your maker, and stop asking people to feel sorry for the crime you committed as though you have a right to life, after you had taken one…..

  7. Gewitterfee Says:

    John, he is allowed to ask whatever he wants, also for forgiveness. If you are not willing to give it, it´s your own choice (which you are also allowed to make).
    Besides, I´m wondering a little about you talking of forgiveness…
    The turn to grant or to refuse forgiveness is the victims´one, right? Or what has Mark done to YOU? 😉
    (And most of all, it´s of course God´s turn to forgive and I´m sure HE does…)

  8. Gewitterfee Says:

    I really miss an edit button here. 😉

    I´d like to add, who´s to say Mark or any other person on Death Row has no right to live anymore? Any human being? I daresay it´s only God to decide something like that. I do believe in punishments; here in Germany I can daily see what´s the result if there is nearly none, but no one except God is Master of Life and Death, and it´s absolutely normal that every creature tries to save its life (may it be an animal or a human being). No one has to accept a death penalty without fighting it just because some others want him or her to.

    Just imagine God would judge like that. He is only good so you needn´t commit a murder, but every sin is enough to make you unworthy of his presence….would you like him to tell you: Go to hell, you knew before that committing anything against MY laws would bring you there and yet you did it?
    (And NO human being is without a sin, except God´s mother, and she is it just because of her son´s death, otherwise she would have been a sinner too….)

    I don´t know if Mark EXPECTS sympathy for himself. His postings don´t sound like that; they sound more as if he doesn´t and is just the more happy when there are compassionate people. I don´t think their support seems self-evident and to be expected to him….

  9. @ John… I know I am wasting my time to acknowledge your attempt to get attention since you appear to be jealous of Mark. I can see it pains your inmature being and dark heart to see all the people who love and want to help and inspire him. You are obviously a bitter, hatefilled, ignorant, person not to mention a liar. It does not matter how kind and sincere Mark is, you just want to get on this site to try to be noticed, however; you only show your ignorance and how closed minded you are. Mark has not asked for, much less expects any sympathy and it eats away at you that people love, forgive, and are voluntarily showing empathy (not sympathy) for him. I have never known Mark to ask for anything other than help with letters from just a few miles away that take 17 days to receive …like mine do. I do not imagine you receive many letters other than bills. I will never give up on this sincere, extremely honest, good, caring Christian man.
    Obviously what he did was wrong, but he is sorry and he prays for forgiveness every morning from and for these families. Mark has always worn his religious cross, never removing it either before prison nor since. The victim, Rias, has forgiven Mark, as well as the other familes have and many other Muslims as well as his friends and loved ones from around the world. I wonder if your were in a 6′ X ‘6 cage, 23/7, if you would not have gone insane long ago, or committed suicide where as Mark remains sharp as a tack, happy, joking with other inmates, the Wardens, his visitors and writes to many people who he makes happy and helps them with personal problems. How many people do you make happy John? I do not know of any bitter, offensive, hostile, and antagonistic person who has any friends… except those that are also dull, simple, oafish, and closed minded as you are. Have you ever prayed for a mistake that you have made? Are you even able or aware enough to see that you have made mistakes, or see your hate, ill will, and resentment of others? You are an unwanted bacteria (present in sewage) on this site and you will never, EVER change anyone here, nor Mark…he is much too strong to be broken; the worse or the worse have tried. You will be better off if you go back into your hole at your own site of filth, ignorance, and hate as this site is based on love, devotion, and unselfish concern and emphathy for Mark. Mark remains an Un-broken, Texas Loud, Texas Proud American!

  10. Shawna S Says:

    From the mouth of innocent babes: The following is my daughter’s (actually she is Mine and Mark’s daughter’s) take on the death penalty – it is short, but I feel says it all. She said to me: “Mom, Why do we kill people to show people that killing is wrong?”
    I am horrified at all the children that lost their fathers because of Mark’s ignorance, but can you imagine being a teenager, getting to see your dad for the first time in 15 years, knowing that he has consequences to pay but now another child struggles to understand the loss of a parent, which most of us cant even begin to comprehend in any circumstance. Lets top it off with she is not even allowed to have one small hug or minute piece of physical contact with him. (Not even with him chained and shackled will they allow her to hug him). She will live with so many conflicting feelings that I and/or most people cant and/or wont even begin to even comprehend, but she will turn this around to do every thing in her power to make this a kinder, loving, joyful journey – this thing called life.
    The more the world cheers for the death penalty (which is not a deterrent of crime) and we continue as a society to justify murder I can truly say that I am NOT always proud to be an American.
    I know many people with judge what I have to say, and/or find it vague, but I have hidden my feelings, frustration, love, horror, sadness and forgiveness inside me for too long! My heart has been so broken for so long because of so many things and in the end nothing that I have to say will ever matter or even be heard by more than a handful of people.
    I am not the important one though, my daughter is the most important thing in all of this!
    If you see this Cassandra…..I am so very proud of you that words could never describe the joy you have brought me.
    If you see this Mark…..thank you for our beautiful daughter…. I hope you will rest in peace knowing that I might not always do things exactly right, but I will treasure, guide, learn, enjoy every moment I have in this lifetime with her. Rest easy knowing, I have enough love for both of us. No matter what I have always made sure she knew you adored, loved her and wanted her and that we chose to have her.
    I am so very sorry that you missed her growing into a young woman and that she did not have you. Love, Shawna

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