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Nov. 15th, 2008

The  nightmare continues…still on F POD “THE HOLE”. Have none of my property -legal or personal -no hygiene…doing real bad…

Then to add ot the misery – I am cold and have Nothing to cover up  with and I am not the only one.  A man downstairs  refused to cooperate  and the  Death Row warden  ordered all his property  to be taken. No mattress or anything- and it is cold in these Concrete Tombs…

Now I sit  here and  was reading the latest post  from the Web Site. I am helping add  these blogs  to  when I was “served” a Disciplinary case. Yes  they set me up . They are trying to take away  my typewriter for ever now. When I was removed  from my cell on the 12th  of November I was  typing a letter …The guards  or who ever  tossed  my cell opened up  my  new typwriter looking for  phones & othr things  that may habe been concealed .. which none has been located in this machine. But now 3 days  later I am brough  a case and it is written as this:

“Stroman did poesses Contrband, namely  a typwriter  with screws missing  and two square nuts  taped inside.”

This is the set up I spoke about. They fear the typwriter and The Blogs.  So now they will use this  case for grounds  to bar me from having  this or getting another (typwriter)…I predicted this.- and now  it’s all in black&white !

The State  it’s trying to silence me.-they took all my postage  and won’t  let me purchase  any more!

Things  are looking  bad!

True American Till Death!



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November 14th, 2008 Time  unknown!

Welcome to my nightmare- I am now   in THE HOLE , better known as  “F-Pod – jail  for Death Row  offenders… I have been raided  and raided again . Than after the lockdown was lifted  Iwas  raided again  and they  say  the found contraband concealed  in a door..” An iron door”. So I  am now  in this hell hole  and on ” a  full  property  restriction” which i t is very illegal. I have been here since  the 12th  and as it looks , I am  in for a long stay on F-Pod- at least  four months.

But  the thing is …on level 3  such as I am-  policy says I am  allowed  all legal  work and correspondance supplies, with my  hygeine and clothing – I am not with  any of this  and by  them taking  this from me  they are  blocking me  from the Courts-access to  the attoreny  and all of my  family…This is highly illegal.

They are gassing  men  down here  as I write this -you can hear  the screams and smell the gas.  It is causing  my eyes to  water & it is hard to breath…please forgive  me, I must  do all the blogs  by hand now …not sure  when I can  mail these  out but I will keep  a record of all  the cruel things  that  are going on  behind the closed  doors of Texas  Death Row

Wish me luck

True American  till  Death!


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The embargo has been listed…we are off lockdown…sweet smell of Jesus!!!

Yes indeed  it has been 29 long days…we all have been put  thru a lot of torments by the Great State of Texas! They  are doing  recs ( 1 hour out of the cell)…and the  rain and lightening  put a halt to all outside recs. wonderful !  What Texas you are you  afraid  one of us might  get lucky  and get zapped  by a blessed  bolt of lightening  and cheat yall of the satisfaction of  killing us  in the death chamber?  I wonder!

They  have  filled  up two  complete  sides of this pod  with level two offenders and filled up  F POD ( The Hole) with level  three offenders…the many  caught with  contraband or  just tired on  being treated  like dogs. The running rumors  from the guards  is that  there’s  a group  down there  being hard  heads  and gassing  and riot teams  are being used  to deal with it…se what  happens  when you poke  at someone  in a cage long enough… you can only treat   men like animals  for so long before  they act like one…

Too late for  all the “What’s  Wrong?

The last  few days of  this lockdown they had run out of bread complete  and had started  adding peanut butter ooze on hot do buns  and hard biscuits..Man  I aint’  ever been this  hungry  in my entire life!  They even fed us  a few hard potatoe… Just picture this …you  going into the kitchen  and grabbing  a Tator right  out of the bag…and eating it! Sound good  right! Weeeee!

I know there a few of  you old sour things  out there  that are saying  that we have no right to complain since we are on  death row…WELL you are wrong! I  The rest of us  were not sent here  to be punished or to be rehabilitated … we were sent here to die …that’s our punishment… so all you sour dole hate filled  folks could  just picture  one of your loved  ones in this place  and see how well you  like it…never in a million years  did I think  my life  would end  up this way and id be sitting  in this damn place! WE ARE HUMANS AND WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES!

So  I am not sure  that all my blogs are up and running  on this site, mail has been slow  but i’ll try  my best to keep  this running  as long as  I am able to!!

Should  something happen that I  have no control over  it, there might be  a lag in my entries…but so far  so good and  I’m  read for this  nightmare  of  lockdown to be  a distant  memory!!!!

Well  I’m gonna close  this out…need to try  and get few letters  out and hopefully  they will allow us to purchase  a few needed items  and stamps  so we can  do our mailing  once again!!

True American  Til DEATH!!!


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October 28, 2008

Welcome into  my nightmare…going into 3rd week of a lockdown…it is clear  as day now  that we “Death Row” are being punished  for the few  that have been caught  with cell phones and other contraband… and that is not  right…so lets this blog begin…please excuse all my  typing errors …i’m not one to proof read my blogs…i know i should … but it is  just  the environment i am time to waste  I guess!

We  were raided  again yesterday …and I mean  hard… we had  a hundred  or more officers swarm death row and the had  the “regional directors” with them. We had  wardens and more wardens …majors, captains , and all other ranking  officials  all the way down  in on this…all other prison units . They even had dogs . not sure if  they were drug dogs or phone dogs…but they were  hear…all over too!

So we were placed  on this lockdown  “October 13th”, 2008 …the media says  we went on this around  20th….that ‘s not true at all…why does it matter?  Because we are treated like animals . We are being fed hardly anything …no type  of fluids …nothing …for  example  this morning  they fed us  wafer  thin piece  of cookie and a small box  of cereal…that’s it!. Last night I was fed a peanut butter  sandwich and two additional  pieces of bread.  And this has been going  on since the 13th of this month!

So back  to the shakedown  of yesterday…as the other blogs   i have sent  in will tell you  this whole building  that houses death row was completed  on Sunday  night… October 26th. So this  surprise  attack ( 2 days later)  was  uncalled for  and wrong. They came  in here  and threw away our cloths we bought  from the commissary. They totally destroyed thousands upon thousands of legal documents . This surely is against the law. I will never be able to get my trail transcripts back in order…and when you tell the ranking officials  who are everywhere  they do  not care…I’m surprised  this has not started  a riot in this place…it’s really out of hand!

We have been denied access to postage …we are not allowed  to buy  any  until this is over…they are blocking us  from the courts  and the mail rights  set  upon us  by Federal Law.

So once again we are with all of property  dumped  into a massive  pile  and then it is dragged  into our cells  on our sheets  that we sleep on…yes how freaking  bad is that… they refuse  to give us  any clean sheets…we have the same towel  for 12 days  and they won’t pass out toilet paper. They have took  people’s mattresses  and will not let  them have new one…we have guys  sleeping on metal bunks with  no sheet or any blanket …it is getting cold  at night…

The man down  the run  started a  massive fire on  the run with old newspapers and stuff because he has no  mattresses… it’s filled  this place  up with  smoke  and no one came. They won’t  pass soap  but  they offer you a freaking razor…why razor?  Because facial hair  is against  the rules…they want  us to follow  the rules  but the rules   that  obligate them are not being followed….so you can guess  no shaving  going on.

We have people with no toilet  paper  and now they  are using notebook paper  and tossing  it on the run  for the guards to pick up  and sweep up… how nice is that?… it is really shitty situation i tell ya.

Not  sure if my other blogs  are making  out of here … the Gestapo  is on the prowl again …so just for the record …i mailed a five pager yesterday  and i’ll add to these pages  as the day goes  by ! WISH US LUCK…


9.00am… same day…

There is a massive  fire on  the other side  on the run…protest has begun  and people are mad… no relief in sight and we  are now being told  we could be on lockdown  for many weeks… we are being punished by the wardens  here on this unit  because they are in deep trouble  themselves…They say  they will be hitting all prisons they way  they did  us yesterday  but since  the problem  originated  from ” the row”
we will be the last ones to be let up…you see it’s retaliation! Do you know  they have not showered  us since  Friday…it is now Tuesday, that’s one thing we are suppsoed to get …along  with clean  laundry…but none of this  is being done… so i’ll report  more as the day goes  buy!


3.39 pm ..October  28th, 2008… same day!

Welcome again, just got  my property  sorted out  for the third time in four days.  Yes  i was raided  one more time today,  and they completely  destroyed  all of my property again…this time  it was  “Lt.  Duff” and “Sgt.  Newberry” and two other officers.  They stripped  me out and placed me  in a shower stall..then they  hauled  out my mattress and radio and typewriter and took it  to the X RAY  machine…this time  they also opened  this typewriter up because they wanted  to see if i had  it wired or something…they left the screws  out..or  let me  say they left  them barely in their holes…they broke the bottom tabs while  trying   to open  it…so i’ll need to file a grievance on them  so  i can have a paper trail  because they  could try to say  it was done by me  and than i’d  have no proof  what so ever. They took  another man ‘s typewriter…we ll  they didn’t  but another mean old lady did..said he opened it up , so he lost  his machine…i smell a set up coming…they don’t like my blogs  i think…

So  they destroyed  my cell and mixed up  all my legal work… i might  as well toss it all out now…it’s ruined  and i believe  i must  have some legal ground  here… this is not  right… THESE OFFICERS  ARE NOT ALLOWED  TO BE ALONE  WITH OUR LEGAL WORK …LET ALONE DESTROY  IT!







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Welcome to my nightmare…we are still  on  lockdown…hopefully by now  my other entries   have reached the site safely. But with all the chaos and insane activity it is hard  to tell if mail is even leaving this place…so I’ll recap  on all the latest  events and tell you of the “the most  hated man in the Texas  prison system”

We here on Death Row  have been on lockdown since October 13th.  The media claims  it has been  statewide  for a few days only …which is far  from the truth. Polunsky  Death  Row Unit  has been locked  down way longer… we have been  fed very little… just enough to keep  the body moving… Johny sack meals , which consist of  peanut butter sandwich and some other evil looking things… for example , the other  day we were brought  a “Potato” and a noodle with a mustard sandwich…that’s is! Nothing else! This is  how they feed us each meal! That’s  lockdown  status  for us here in the Polunsky  Unit. Other units vary …depending how they  run  their kitchen.

We are not allowed to go to recreation , no showers, (except) three days a week. So most of us shower by standing  over the toilet  and pour water over us…leather up and rinse Many won’t even  bother. I am one  of the ones  who is some what  addicted to being clean  so i do this daily…yes I am still a human and being clean  is one thing  i do still  enjoy.

We are on this lockdown because  some idiot  here on the row has done  one of the dumbest things  i’ve  ever seen in my life.  Some coward ass named  “Richard snitch Tabler” who is on the row  somehow ended with  cell phone  and thats rather  illegal and prohibited in the prison system state wide. So it seems this idiot  decided he  would call a lawmaker…a senator…and attempt to make a deal… he had some info on another death row  inmate and thought  he would be this super snitch  and have some  sway over  this veteran lawmaker of Texas ….well  hello…it ain’t gonna go down that way…

So  from what  i can gather from all the many different news stories “Tabler”  then starting  telling  this senator  all about everything  he thought he knew  about and  all about the corruption  and behind the scenes issues  pf prsion life. To say it a lot clearer he is a Snitch and the most hated  punk/man in Texas prison not only by other prisoners …but  the guards despise him for creating so much  heat and  disruption within the system…it’s really bad. Now  the reason is so bad …this chump made threats  to this Senator’s daughters…yes folks  he took it to a new level,  he realized  he was  not gonna  get a pro -bono attorney for his  snitch tactics  and then made a lot  of merit less threats…he is a no-body ..always  was and always will…but that’s  besides the point …you don’t  threaten anyone’s family  like  that and especially  from an illegal cell phone from your  death row cell!

So now  we have teams of raid squads  running  around this place and it ain’t nice.. they are showing up with gas masks in one hand  and ready to roll the door if you even attempt  to hesitate  and refuse to come out. They will gas you  senseless and run  you! Of course  none of this  will be caught  on tape… it always amazes  me how they  have the officer  who is in charge  of filming  all use of  force , somehow  move or is blocked  by the person standing  in front of the camera…ya know like an accident… so by the time  that the person blocking the view  snaps  he is in the way…all the dirty work  is done …Texas style.

So  as of now  they are shaking  down every  Texas prison in the system. But Death Row  is getting all the attention…even the good ole  governor  perry is on the scene  and mad  as hell…ain’t nice  at all… so  that’s why  Tadle Tale Tabler is the most  hated punk  in the Texas prison  system  by guards and prisoners!

We also  had all visits canceled  state wide…and i really feel bad h about this …because a lot of people already bought  plane tickets, booked  rooms  and rental cars  and done all the required things …and now  they are  turned  away… we also have  two executions  set for  this coming week…