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“Good morning planet earth”

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Death Blog

Texas- United States of America

March 18th, 2011 6:30am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man!

“Listening to gossip is like eating cheap candy, do you want junk like that in your belly?”

Good morning planet earth, the day has started out in the normal fashion for me coffee, awesome memories and some heartfelt prayers for the loved ones and even the enemies of this world. The mood of death watch is rather well and it’s surprising to see all the other condemned around me face the issues at hand with such happiness and grace… everyone seems to get along and there is no chaos on this section. As for the other side of the pod I could hear the madness this morning while the guards were feeding… it would seem that the self proclaimed preacher “Paneti” and the self induced madman “Ripkowski” were slinging cuss words at each other and it was all over St. Patrick’s Day and the meaning of this… hahaha, I’m so glad I’m not on that section.

I wanted to add a few things to this blog in regards to what I’ve just recently learned about the beautiful day we had here on Death Watch March 5th 2011. The lady who put us all in a trance with her beautiful singing voice and the gee-tar playing, well it would seem she has a beautiful testimony just like Mr. Dennis Rice did… I’m still trying to find out her name so I can thank her.

The chaplain of this unit briefly explained this to me a few days ago. He also told me that after this lady sang and played the gee-tar for us she had to leave the building because she was in tears and overwhelmed with emotions. Her testimony as it was told to me left me speechless. She was abducted many years ago by a serial rapist. He did lots of horrible things to her, used a box cutter to carve up her genitals and buried her beneath the ground and left her for dead… she was the 8th victim of this madman and the only one to survive the ordeal. While buried she made a promise that if she was able to live she would serve the Lord Jesus her remaining days… that was the same lady who was singing to us all here on death watch… Texas Death Row. The person who had done that to her was executed in another state and she found it in her heart to forgive him. She did not have silliness in her heart to jump on the band wagon of all the pro-death site groupie groups… that lady has found the beauty of life, and has love and total forgiveness in her heart and it still echoes inside my head the way she sang to us that beautiful day.

Now let me move onto the next subject and that’s thanking all the awesome people in my life and for all the ones who are standing by my side and are defending me and just being all around super. I would love to thank each and every one of you by name but if I did that and forgot someone that would hurt someone’s feelings so let me say this… I thank every one of you out there and you all have made such a huge impact in my existence and I’ll never forget this. All the comments that are being sent it… remarkable and it gives me great pride to be part of this with all of you.

Ya know life sure is funny and I’ve been called a lot of things in this journey from Stone Cold Killer to An American Terrorist, even a racist and most recently a liar. It makes me smile because I’m one who cares not about what others think of me nor am I in search for false sympathy or any pity. I also don’t need to explain myself or justify my past actions to anyone and that mainly goes to The Babylonian Whore who called me a liar and speaks out of both sides of her mouth on issues she knows nothing about. For the record I have three more sisters and a brother and lots of other people in my life I speak nothing of nor do I ever intend to.

Still unbroken, Still a True American… AND PROUD TO BE ME!

Mark Stroman, 2011


“Thank you ALL!”

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Death Blog

Texas Unite States of America

March 17th 2011 3:45pm

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man.

“Just as lotions and fragrance give sensual delight, a sweet friendship refreshes the soul”

Good afternoon people, forgive me for being so distant the last few days and for not sitting back and putting my thoughts and the events of my little existence on paper… things get to moving so fast and then with all the tragic world events in Japan and all, the days just passed right on by… a bit to fast too.

I want to thank you all for every thing that has been said, I would love to comment on each one that is sent in reply to mine, but it’s just not possible but please be rest assured, I do receive these via snail mail and it really moves me and adds so much happiness to this day and that’s from my heart.

More to follow soon… Thank you ALL!

Red, White & Blue

True American ~ Still Unbroken

Mark Stroman



Amazing Grace

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Death Blog

Texas United States of America

March 5th, 2011 5:37pm

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man

“The salvation of man is through love and in love”

Good evening to all and to all a good evening. Today has been one of the best days I’ve yet to have on Texas Death Row and I’m still walking onto clouds due to the events that have unfolded before me and I will try my best to put it all in these lines as they happened today. But first let me say a few other things and then I will launch off into what I am wanting to share with all the dedicated viewers of this Death Blog, which by the way let me thank each and every one of you for the supportive words and compassionate heartfelt energy I get from all of you out there in the land of the living.

Today I’ve been on death watch just over a week, and the initial shock of it all has worn off and I’m now able to get back to my trademark good humor and regain a sense of direction. There’s only three others here with me that are sharing the same fate as me so you can just imagine how peaceful and quiet this section is, and for me that is the best part about it, it enables me to spend time inside my own head without all the chaos and craziness of a regular section filled with foolish souls and disrespect.

The whole atmosphere of death watch is new to me, I’ve seen more kindness from the guards, more smiles, more compassionate looks that speak a million and two words then I ever have. That alone gives me that spark on the inside and I say this because it’s exactly how it is happening to me and I must put it out there because the world does view all the ones who live here, and even the ones who work here as heartless monsters… well it’s not like that at all, sure there’s still the hate filled souls in the white condemned clothing, just as there is a great number of grey clad prison guards, but that goes to show you from all of this we may learn that there are two races of men in the world, but only these two, the race of the decent man and the “race” of the indecent man. Both are found everywhere; they penetrate into all groups of society. Prison society included!

Now as for the events of the day, we were blessed with several very inspirational people today on this section of death. Earlier in the day a group of people drifted in and a few of the Texas officials and every one I saw was just as kind as if I were in the free world attending a local gathering. Then the most beautiful thing happened that brought tears to my eyes as well as the other condemned souls I’m around, and I’ll take that moment to my grave.

As you may well expect, we are deprived of a lot of things that most would take for granted, such as the beauty of a voice and a guitar… yes folks, this lady came in with this group of people with her gee-tar in hand and I instantly knew something great was about to happen. Being surrounded by nothing but concrete you can just imagine how the acoustics of this place are… sounds bounce off these walls like a small rubber ball would. So this lady who has now stood upon the stairs tells us she’d like to play and sing us a song and she hopes we don’t mind. HAHA! Man if she only knew I was feeling like a small kid about to see Mickey Mouse for the first time she’d be all smiles. So she started playing that there gee-tar and singing “Amazing Grace” with one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard and instantly the tears started to flow down my face and I didn’t give a damn who saw them. This couldn’t really be happening, not here, not now and SURELY NOT on Texas Death Row. But oh it was and it was absolutely an awesome thing and left me speechless.

As all of this is happening, I have one of the Inspirational souls who is with this group at my cell door, as if we were drawn to one another and as I sit there with tears streaming down my face he nods his head and doesn’t have to say a word because we both know that this is a very beautiful moment for all of us. Then he looks at me and says; “Hey Mark, I have an execution date too”. At first I didn’t understand what he meant, then I looked at him and it hit me like a ton of bricks… this man standing before me has cancer and has just been told this… and I was right, he has been given a very short time to live. His strength, his courage and that look in his eyes gave me such a rush that if I could of exploded at that moment I’d of blew up for sure.

Then he starts to explain how his life had been changed many years ago and it happened inside the San Quentin prison back in the late 1970’s … and I was now seeing this in his face and eyes… this man was filled with love and happiness that only can come from Jesus being alive inside his heart and soul, and I could feel the positive vibes flowing through him into me, all the while this lady is still singing and playing her gee-tar.

See what I was saying at the start of this death blog, that I was having the best day ever, and I meant every word of it… this is a rare moment in history for all of us here waiting to die. I’m so grateful for all the ones who had a hand in this, for allowing us to feel this joy of life once again.

So this man who is at my cell hands the guard who is watching us a one page inspirational flyer and asks if he can give it to me, so the guard does his inspection and hands me the flyer… then we started talking again and he said a few more heartfelt things, when I suddenly notice a face on the flyer is of Charles Manson… hmmmm I think to myself, I know of him and even know of people who know him and so on and so on… then the group says it’s time to go and it’s over in a flash… all that’s left are the tears streaming down my face.

A short while later I read the flyer and am absolutely shocked at what I’m seeing. The man, the one with the cancerous date himself, is none  other but Mr. Dennis Rice and his story is as this. In 1969 he was working in Hollywood California, taking care of his four children. That year the Tate-Labianca murders rocked Los Angeles and the world. He being the rebel he was thought those crimes could set off a revolution in America and believe nothing short of the second coming of Christ Jesus, or a revolution. (Maybe both) were necessary to solve America’s problems. So he went and visited Manson in jail, and then he and his children went to live with the Manson family.

Charlie and the others were convicted of the murders and sentenced to die. In order to save them, they held up an army surplus store to obtain enough guns to break them out… that robbery failed and he spent the next seven years in prison and that’s where he found the “REAL” Jesus Christ. See  Though he was new to the Manson family back then, Dennis became one of its most hard-core members. Today Dennis is a hard-core member of Jesus Christ and that was so inspiring to me and another reason my day has been so damn awesome.

That again shows you out there how beautiful life’s events can mold one’s life… and it was an honor to have been able to enjoy this day.

True American, Still very unbroken, Red, White & Blue

Mark Stroman



Dust in the Wind

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Death Blog

United States of America

March 3rd, 2011 10:54am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man

“TEXAS death watch” Still very unbroken!

“I close my eyes

Only for a moment, then the moments gone

All my dreams

Pass before my eyes a curiosity

Dust in the wind

All they are is dust in the wind

Same old song

Just a drop of water in an endless sea

All we do

Crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see

Dust in the wind

All we are is dust in the wind, ohhh

Now don’t hang on

Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky

It slips away

And all your money won’t another minute buy

Dust in the wind

All we are is dust in the wind

All we are is dust in the wind

Dust in the wind

Everything is dust in the wind

Everything is dust in the wind

The wind…”

Till the end… True American, very much unbroken

And in the end just dust in the wind

Mark Stroman


“Packet of Death”

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Death Blog

TEXAS United States of America

February 28th, 2011 2:30am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man.

“If you fall to pieces in a crisis, there wasn’t much to you in the first place”

Good morning, live from Texas death row… as I sit here this new morning trying to get the voices inside my head to simmer down some, I want to start this part of the day off by saying a huge thanks and greetings to all the many faithful viewers of this blog worldwide and especially to all the wonderful friends and loved ones who have blessed my life and have went out of their way to show me what true friendship and love can do to ones soul.

Well since my last report a lot has happened to this ole’ Texas boy, and I will try my best to take a few steps back and get it all on this report as the events unfolded before me. If this sounds a bit confusing, it’s because it feels so surreal and as if I am having an outer-body experience and have been viewing all the last days from fat above, plus sleep has been very allusive for me and I’m sure has a lot to do with it.

So going back to the 24th of February, that’s the day we came off lockdown and returned to a somewhat normal existence of recreations and so forth. As I had mentioned in the previous blog, I’ve given credit to the ones who did shake us down and showed us some human compassion by not destroying our belongings, which again goes to the Polunsky shake down squad and the dozen or so field boss guards who had participated. Again, the way they did their job is proof these shake downs can be done professional if you have real professionals doing them and not a bunch of people drunk with authority.

The 25th of February started out with the normal things I do as I enter into a new day, so as I’m sitting in my own comfort zone typing out a letter I am given a letter by the mail room ladies from my attorney, which was the start of the emotional filled day that’s about to unfold before me. So as I’m trying to get a better hold on my sanity two guards show up at my cell door and say that I’m being escorted to the Majors office! In this world of doom and gloom a trip to the Major’s office is almost like being told to report to the principal’s office when you are a kid at school, except for here when it happens you are about to be told you are about to be real dead real soon.

So I’m escorted down the hall, and it’s so wild knowing what’s about to come, and as I’m walking down the hall I see people talking but all I hear is the sound of the blood rushing into my head, even my footsteps are a loud echo now. And as I enter the office of the Major I see that it’s one of his trusted and respected Lieutenants and before him on the desk is a packet of death which consists of all the papers I must fill out two weeks prior to my departure, last meal and all that stuff. And as he is telling me everything that he is required to say and it’s still as a loud echo and everything is in slow motion. Very surreal and I’m not sure if any of it makes sense to you readers… it’s a wild feeling I can assure you.

So I’m escorted back to my POD and as I enter the door all the loudness and chaos comes flooding back to me (The hall way is quiet and calm) and as the few people who are in the inner rec cages see me, there‘s instant quiet, because everyone knows where I just came from and where I’m about to be taken too. As I walk back to my cell, I receive a few silent nods of the head which we are all aware of in this place of death meaning “take care” and good luck.

So as I start to pack up all my worldly belongings the POD guards come to me and say its recreation time for me, and am I still wanting to go outside as scheduled, I say yes and away we go, me and my little buddy Olsen. The two hours went so fast, there was no clouds in the sky and the end result is I’m still sunburned and it’s Monday morning… how pathetic is that, so deprived of sunshine that two hours is almost like a full day at the lake. The final visit with my friend was really great and an emotional even for both of us.

So as I sit here and type this I’m sitting in my new death watch cell which has a fancy infrared camera mounted to the wall… it’s like that reality show my hero Ozzy Osbourne had done, hahaha… man what a freaking nightmare, and there is only three others in this whole section, those three are the next ones to be killed by the State… I’m the fourth in line.

But with all that said and done, I’m still very much unbroken and proud as ever to be the true AMERICAN that I am… I was born one, and I’ll be dying as one. LOUD AND TEXAS PROUD!

True American

Mark Stroman

“149 Days left to go!”

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Death Blog

Texas, United States of America!

February 23rd, 2011 1:41am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man!

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions”

Good morning from a quiet and calm death row, the only sounds I’m able to hear at the moment are the doors opening and closing as the night guards do their 30 minutes security checks, it’s a peaceful morning and the best time to be alone with ones thoughts. I’ve been awake a few hours and my morning is off to a great start, coffee, a few great memories and the morning prayers and daily ritual of marking off one more day of my calendar, and as it is, 149 left to go.

We had an execution last night again, not many people here are aware of it because we have been on lockdown so their minds are elsewhere. Speaking of the lockdown for shakedown, let me give you the details of how this went for the pod I’m on. I will give credit where credit is due, and yesterday we had our pod raided by the Polunsky shakedown team, and Polunksy ranking supervisors and about a dozen or more Field Boss guards in full dress of their professions, which is all Texas, COWBOYS ALL THE WAY, cowboy hats and spurs on their boots as if they rode up on their horses to get here. A few of them had empty gun holsters on too!

So as the morning kicked off the shakedown went as this, we were told to put everything on top of our bunks, remove the sheet from the mattress and place it by the door (WHICH WAS RESPECTFUL OF THEM TO ASK) and then when a set of guards came to your cell, you were told to strip out of your clothes and once cuffed and escort6ed to the shower as another set of guards did a very thorough shakedown of all your belongings. The mattresses were stacked up and carted off to the x-ray machine and brought back.

When I was brought back to my cell after the team searched it, I was in complete shock! They treated me as a human being with respect, none of my worldly possessions were scattered or slung about, and none of my legal work was tossed under or over my bunk in piles… All my property was in a neat and orderly fashion. This was done professionally by real professionals… to all who did these acts of kindness I personally thank you!

This is proof of what I was saying earlier in my blogs about how evil and hateful the region one squad team is, they “DID NOT” participate in yesterday’s shakedown and not one person had to be gassed, not one person complained or caused any trouble, and that just goes to show you that region one is drunk with their own authority. They’re so caught up in self importance and so used to being their own Gestapo agents with no one to answer to that they feel they must destroy a person’s cell. IT does NOT have to be that way and yesterday was proof of that. Our cells can be searched and our belongings can be put back in a normal fashion if you have professionals doing it. There’s nothing professional about them region one shakedown clowns. A waste of state funds.

That about covers this part of the report, so until next time, I STILL REMAIN UNBROKEN AND A TRUE AMERICAN.

Mark Stroman, 2011