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Christmas Day on Death Row

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Texas Death Row

December 25th, 2009  6:23am

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man!

Christmas Morning

Well it’s finally here, as I sit here with the radio on, listening to some old classic Christmas tunes I’m actually in a good mood. No voices, no demons and no other distractions. The condemned around me have went to sleep after a loud and somewhat cheerful Christmas Eve. No one can get angry if someone is loud on a Holiday. Hell for many it’s their last so all’s understood. At 1:00am the two female guards passed out half of our morning meal, an apple and orange. At 1:00am. Aaarggg…. then at 3:30am we all got a boiled egg, small milk and frosted flake cereal. Our Christmas meal of the day will be fed to us at 8am or 9am. I’ll list  what we get so all the readers can see how we spent Christmas on Polunsky Unit. Home of Death Row.

Yesterday was a rainy Christmas Eve day in Livingston Texas and I was sleeping good until I realized the sheet and blanket I was covered up with was wet. No I did NOT wet myself in my sleep ( Thank God), but the rain was flowing down my wall in about 9 places and the sheet and blanket was absorbing most of the rain. What a wonderful way to be awakened. The day was a rotten one at first. Then the mail room ladies came thru and that did do some good for me. One of the nice smiley faced mail room gals had on a Santa hat that said “Angel” and was all smiles. The other one had reindeer antlers on and just as Happy. Their smiles were priceless and paved the way for a somewhat Happy Day. A Death Row Day!

Now since it is Christmas Morning I want to travel back to the past when I was just a little guy. When I lived with my Mom and Stepdad I always looked forward to Christmas and Thanksgiving because we always went to Grandma and Grandpas (who later raised me) and I remember being so excited because my Grandpa (who I called Robert and named my son after later in life) was my all time favorite person and my hero and pal. I was about 5 or 6 years old or maybe 7 but on Christmas it was a special time. We always got lots of gifts, my Grandpa owned a construction company and was well to do, so he spoiled us kids. But he always pulled me to the side and handed me a dollar or sometimes a five dollar bill and told me not to tell my sisters. So I put that money in my pocket and was the happiest little guy in the world. I shared this huge secret with my Grandpa, no one else knew. It was like I had the secret to the Universe in my pocket. I was proud! All during the day, each time my Grandpa aw me, he’d smile and wink at me and I knew that meant we shared this secret. My hand would instantly go to my pocket and make sure that dollar was still there. Memories are a beautiful thing. Hell I got tears flowing down my face right now!

The first phase of the meal has just brought smiles to our face. It’s what the State called the cold tray. Which is a paper plate/tray with the following items:

3 small sweet pickles

1 slice of strawberry cake

1 slice of chocolate cake

1 serving of apple cobbler

1 serving of peach cobbler

Will report more as it arrives.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Now it’s about an hour later and the regular meal has been brought to us and I am impressed and grateful and happy about it. They did good and have fed us like humans. It contains the following:

1 slice of brisket

1 pork sausage link

dressing/stuffing with gravy

cranberry sauce

baked beans

tator salad (potato)

corn and green beans

And for the nights meal they have handed us two salami sandwiches. So all in all there’s gonna be a lot of fat and happy people sleeping soundly in a few hours. And that folks is how Christmas was dished out to us on the Polunsky Unit.

Peace on Earth

May the New Year be just as good for all.

True American Till Death

Mark Stroman, 2009

Dying to live, living to die

Texas Death Camp


Christmas on Death Row 4

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December 22nd, 2009  9:49am

Texas Death Row

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man.

The day has started out calm. The day is still peaceful and quiet. The condemned around me as well as myself are trying to feel the Christmas Spirit as best as we can, no matter how hard we try to block it out and or pretend it does not matter we are reminded that outside these walls life continues and our loved ones are preparing for the Holidays. I myself wish everyone the best. Even the little mean sour faced mail room lady who came thru our section wearing a Santa’s hat but forgot to put on a smile. That blew my mind. If one is to wear that hat, toss on a smile too.

Or was I just seeing things!

Let there be peace on earth… we all share this planet.

True American till death

Mark Stroman

Christmas On Death Row 3

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Texas Death Row

December 20th, 2009  6:00AM

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man!

Happy New Year to All! The day has started out and I’m surprised that this Sunday morning is still very peaceful and quiet. Time to collect one’s thoughts and explore the memories of the past. I’ve tried to listen to a few Christmas songs this morning but can’t get into the Spirit at all. This place is killing all the human emotions I have stored from within. But for my loved ones and friends I’ll continue to hold onto my sanity. Regardless of how loud the voices inside my head scream and try to give instructions. I will survive and hold strong!

Yesterday my hometown football team, the Dallas Cowboys beat the undefeated New Orleans Saints 24 to 17, BIG SMILE! WHOOP WHOOOOOP!  I also has a nice visit last night and was extremely shocked at what I was blessed with, not only did I have a good two hours at visits but had a huge seafood and shrimp salad, full of crab meat and shrimp. I have not had this type of luxury since my freedom days. Awesome!

True American Till Death!

Mark Stroman

Christmas on Death Row 2

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Texas Death Row

December 15th, 2009  3:20am

Welcome to my nightmare… Tales from a dead man.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all – friends and enemies alike!

I sit here in the extremely calm and quiet morning with a cup of coffee, a few of my happy memories and a calendar that has 17 more spaces that need to be scratched off for the year of 2009 is almost gone. I’ve actually scratched thru each day on this calendar and am shocked at how fast this year has went by. I could fill up a room with my past stress, anxiety and depression of 2009. The death and executions are taking their toll on me! Where the hell is my comfort zones? Where the hell am I? Its hell on earth, Merry Christmas to all!

I was looking out my window, the small slot at the back of my cage of “Doom and Gloom” and I noticed the wild cats that live within our hell on earth. Yes folks, cats and there’s a dozen or so that are apparently well fed because of their size. And I know we have huge rats in Texas and here as well because I’ve seen a rat climb the outer wall by visitation one day and it actually shocked me and the two guards who had the duty of escort. But the reason I am even on this subject is I wanted to share a memory of this place. A few months ago I had a visit on a Saturday Night, and about 10:00pm I’m being escorted back and going down the long sidewalk which is enclosed by fence and razor wire there’s a cat caught on the razor wire, yelping in pain, blood dripping from its wound and as we walk by not one word was said. I was shocked and looking out my window brought that memory flooding back. Hell on earth!

Well folks the day has started… “Chow time” CHOW TIME! Lights on if you’re eating, LIGHTS ON IF YOU’RE EATING! Those words have just shattered the calm morning that I try to enjoy every chance I get. I’ve always been like this, the memories of getting up early to help my grandpa feed the horses and cattle before he left for work and me off to school are still fresh in my mind. Carry’n an arm full of hay, a bucket full of oats with our faithful dog trotting by our sides is what we did each morning, long before the sun was even up. Memories. What would we do without them?

True American Till Death!

Merry Christmas to all!

Mary Anthony Stroman, 2009

Dead Man Talking

Christmas On Death Row

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Texas Death Row

December 12th, 2009  2:56am

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man.

The morning air is crisp, sounds of cries and yells are not flowing through the air yet. It’s a peaceful morning and all I can hear are the sounds from my headphones which lay in front of me. Christmas music playing. Good morning Texas Death Row and good morning to all of you out there on planet Earth.

I wanted to take the time to say this, to everyone who celebrates the Holidays:

Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Holidays

and May there be peace on earth.

Now for a short run down of the latest outbreak of misery from Texas death camp. We all try to have a piece of the Holidays in our small cages of death, may it be family photos on a wall or a small display of Christmas cards out to remind you of the love and season that’s upon us all. But the other day, which was Thursday December 10th we had all been ordered and threatened to remove all photos and all Christmas cards from walls and tables. Remove all paper from doors and windows or we will write you a disciplinary case. Well Merry Christmas to all the hate filled clowns who decide to do these type of things. The guards said its due to a Captain with a big ego on a rampage. Even the guards speak about wanting to work anyplace else besides here because that causes misery and conflict and it’s not worth it. Just yesterday a guard who was on the shake down team narrowly escaped having his eye put out by an offender here. This place is definitely not feeling any Holiday spirit.

What a nightmare.

True American Till Death

Mark Stroman, 2009

Living to Die, Dying to Live

Death Blog

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Texas Death Row

December 10th , 2009  5:00am

Welcome  to my nightmare, tales from a dead man.

Howdy folks! Good  morning from a small death row cage in Texas   where the hopes are few and the nightmares are many. Our days   has begun again  with gooey pancakes , grits  and applesauce and a sour faced guard  who is just as miserable  as most of us in this place.  I had a good week , 8 hours of visitation  from a remarkable ,man in  New York  whom I respect with all my  being and who  changed my views on a lots of things . Mr. Ziv , I am honored and  Thankful!

I want to tell a little story  of something  that happened  the other day.  I went outside  from my recreation  time and this  is an outer cage surrounded  by concrete  walls  and bars on the top and a steel  mesh fence separating the yard  in two halves.  All we can see  is the sky. So I am out there and there ‘s another  convicted  killer out on the other side  and we are walking around and talking and trying to forget  about our miserable  existence and enjoy  our time out of our cells.  So we  are standing out here  and talking when all of a sudden  this big ole Texas  bug comes  crawling  out of someplace  and on  reflex  I stomp on it  and then  me and this  other  condemned  convicted killer  look at one another  and he feels  what’s showing on my face  and he said , did you  have to do  that? I replied no, I didn’t  and wish  I wouldn’t  have done it.  Ain’t that crazy?  Here  we are waiting to be killed by Texas and we both  realized  that little ole bug  had the right to be there to live and I killed it. WHEW!

As  for another topic that is news to all of us here is the decision to change  the method of execution in Ohio. This state is the first to wade into uncharted  waters. They  have ok’d  the switched  , and I ‘ll try to give  ya a  bit of history on this. The man  who is considered  the “father” of lethal  injection in the United States  is Doctor Jay  Chapman who  developed the three drug cocktail in the 1970’s when he was  the Oklahoma  State Medical Examiner.  He has said  that Ohio’s decision  to become the first   State  in the Nation to use only one drug achieves that goal. Chapman who is  in California  at the age of 70 and semi -retired  said that  hope was that the new injection would avoid the pain  and suffering argument and allow executions to take place.  The  new drug is a single  large dose  of  “Thiopental Sodium”, an  anesthetic  to put inmates to death , similar to the way  veterinarians  euthanize  animals.

So what does this mean? Not a damn thing to Texas. It will take an act of God to get Texas  to change  those this new method.  22 killed in 2009. How  many in 2010?

True American  Till Death

Mark  Anthony Stroman


Death Blog

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Texas Death Row

December 5th, 2009 4:15am

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a Dead Man.

Greetings from a very cold and chilly Texas Tomb of misery. Our day as most of you know has started with the same cold raw pancakes, cold watered down coffee and 5 raisins. Well bless my heart, someone must be in the Christmas Spirit, 5 whole raisins, WOW! I do think I’ll eat one now and save the other 4 in case I get hungry in the next 15 minutes What a great way to start out a rotten day!

Talking about rotten days, its been really hard to focus on anything the past week or two. The loudness of our section and the sleep deprivation is overwhelming it’s all due to someone in charge ordering these officers who work the pods to make sure everyone is racked up before chow is fed. Which means this: first wave of recreations go out, and by 9am it’s time to rack up those first recs (place back in cells_ and since someone has said no one can be in a rec cage while the feeding process is going on they leave the second wave of recs in the cells and await the chow cart to arrive on the pod. By the time the feeding process is completed and trays picked up and the second round is put out it’s 1pm. They could of ran 2nd and 3rd round of recs in that dead time between 9am and 1pm So what this does is make recs go way into the midnight hours. We are supposed to have undisturbed sleep from 10pm-3am but it’s not been happening. It’s now like 24 hours of yells and screams and its taking it’s toll on me and several others. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture. This is a serious problem Indeed!

We have a grand total of 22 executions for 2009. The final State sanctioned murder was held this week and since I have some very strong views on child killing pedophiles and people who prey on our elderly and females I’ll just keep my mouth shut. It amazes me how the worst of the worst are spared and walk free in population. Yes we have some in my eyes are the worst of the worst and Texas did not put them to death. But the system is broke. It’s no longer the worst of the worst who come to the row. It’s the easy wins by a prosecutor. To add to a frame of “hey look what I did”. I’m tough on crime. “WHATEVER”. The system and methods used to determine who the bad ones are, the worst of the worst is shattered and broken.

Till the end

True American

Mark Stroman, 2009

Dead Man Talking