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October  19th, 2008   5.51am

We are still  on lockdown status …the entire prison unit…they brought us our morning meal…johnny sack…which contained 3  pancakes and 2 slices of bread…nothing else on them…only  thing  missing  is the water, yes indeed I do believe  they want  us to have  a pancake  sandwich …great day  to be alive in Texas…hell terrorists  who wish to kill all Americans  who are in custody  are treated better than us…HOW SAD  IS THAT…

Texas executed  two people  this past week…and as you may know from my last blog entry  we have more  set for this month. Friday they came up on my neighbor  and took him away  to death  watch. His attorney was not the one  to notify him his appeal  had been kicked  out and denied…but some rookie  officer  who has no business  telling  a man  he has a date  with death…why am I telling you  this in my blog? Because it is wrong!  This same attorney  was paid  way over  50 or 60 grand to represent  him in his case …why in the hell  can’t  that same person  who eagerly  accepted  the federal  drafts  vouchers for payment  be the one  to tell this man he has lost….a sad situation  indeed.!  MAKES ME SICK!

We also  had another man done the same way this week…Texas has executed  two…and added  two more  to those empty  cells on  the Death Watch sections…people better wake up  and realize that this  is some serious  stuff that’s going on … EXECUTIONER IS BEING  paid well…and is happy about  it !!!

The  crazy thing  is…most  people down  here have  no clue  as to where  their case is  and or  what the appointed  attorney is doing  on their behalf. But if you ask  these same  condemned  people  , who is playing  the Sunday Football game or  what was  the latest top 10  songs  hits  of the week, they can tell you that in an instant…it is wild I tell ya.. these lap  dog attorneys  are getting  lots of money  to do nothing…I am grateful  I have one  who cares  and is dedicated  to what  she does  and all her clients…blessed  indeed!

So I am not full  of things to talk to you about  this wonderful Sunday morning. The demons  inside  my head are running wild and  I am trying  to keep all my negative  comments clean…

Well  I have  rambled on enough, I ‘ll close this  out  and until next time… stand tall and  represent  the best you can…


Editor’s  comment:

To read more about Texas’s  prison system lockdown  please go to In Depth and to Filmmaker’s blog


Texas Death Row October 7, 2008 6.22 am

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Welcome to  the insanity  tour…my existence!

Well to start the day , we are being  told we are no able to an outside  recreation… the higher ups  decided that  since there is a slight chance of a storm coming  in and  reports of lightening, all “OUTSIDE”  rec will be cancelled.  Boy this sure  has a few of us upset….we look forward  to the outside air, I do  beleive that  the State of Texas is  being safe…they wouldn’t  want any of us  being hit by lightening, that would cheat  them out of  their EXECUTIONS. Now we damn sure don’t want  that now …do we?… sad situation indeed!

So as to the latest news …I do beleive  The United State Supreme Court  has just started  off  the new term(session)… and let me  tell ya folks, those folks  wasted no time yesterday and denied 12 Texas condemend  appeals yesterday… the radio broadcast that like  it was the Weather report…and it was a bit  of a jolt…12 in one day…that just Texas! How many other cases  were  unworthy  for review??? GOD ONLY KNOWS…

So the next man  who is set to die  on the 14th …hje was also one of the denied…so it does  look good for alvin  kelly… but you know what , that  man is deeply secure  and has alot of faith and is ready to go home to JESUS…I  only  hope that I  am able to walk  with that much joy and happiness to  the Death House. ONLY TIME WILL TELL…MY  CASE IS DEFINATELY  ROLLING  DOWN HILL LIKE A SNOWBALL HEADED TO HELL…

Well the  rain is here….I am hopeful  this cell does not leak  like the other one did… it would leak so bad  that within minutes my floor  would  soaked…oh hell, I ve   sprung a leak to my right  side here… Damn this place  and the Idiots who built it. …it is leaking  and it’s  only has been rainning  a few minutes, this ios just great… must shut down  this blog  and get my stuff  to higher ground…. what a great day to be alive

True American….