“Life is a fleeting question mark”

“Death Blog”  The Lone Star State of Texas!
June 12, 2011  6:13am
Welcome to my nightmare…Tales from a Dead man!
“The Only Good Is Knowledge, The Only Evil Is Ignorance!”
Howdy folks, please forgive me for the lapse in these blogs…I’ve recently been going through some personal issues and I’ve been somewhat in the dark on all the things that surround this site…I’ve not been receiving the comments via *snail mail* as usual so I fully and completely apologize for not being able to be as active as I should be during this CRITICAL time of The Living Nightmare. I’ve sent two blogs this month and I’m not sure if those have been posted…I can only assume they have…I would gladly appreciate it if someone could print the most recent blogs and comments and send them to me via *snail mail*. To be in the dark is really an angering situation to say the least!
We have two executions this week in Texas…the moods of these two condemned men are high and it gives us all strength to see them walk with their heads held high…laughing, joking, and squeezing as much out of life as possible on a daily basis.
I was recently sent this poem by a wise and dear friend and I feel it should be shared with everyone who reads this blog entry, it is by a young lady named, “Hannah Szenes” a Hungarian Jew, born a Catholic, who was executed by a German firing Squad on November 7, 1944; the charge was *Treason*.
One…Two…Three…Eight feet long…
Two strides across…the rest is dark…
Life is a fleeting question mark.
One…Two…Three…Maybe another week,
or the next month may find me here,
But Death, I feel is very near.
I would have been 23 next July,
I gambled on what mattered most,
The dice were cast, I lost!
Hannah was exonerated on November 5, 1993 by a Hungarian Military Court…she had been trained by the British and had parachuted into Yugoslavia to try to help the Jews of Hungary. (already occupied)
Last week I was pulled out to the Captains office in regards to the mail issue at hand. Extremely rare in itself! He had a complaint that was sent in by one of my friends, this friend sent the complaint to the Ombudsman’s Office in Huntsville, Texas, they in turn contacted the prison and as you know, dirty water runs downhill…(I used a nicer term of word there). The Captain listened to what I had to say and assured me the issue *would* be resolved, that mail on Death Watch should be speedier than any other mail back here.
So for all of you out there who may have also helped in this issue to raise awareness of the mail conditions I personally thank you and several others around me do as well. Only time will tell if this is actually resolved; I have Faith in the Captains words.
Wish us all luck back here…
Loud and Proud…True American til Death…
Mark Stroman

7 Responses to ““Life is a fleeting question mark””

  1. Sent all blogs and comments for May through June 15th last night.

  2. Gewitterfee Says:

    Wishing you all luck back there?
    I´ll certainly do that!

    My thoughts with you all, like always….

  3. Thanks Connie! I tried but my printer kept messing up on me and I was only able to send Mark a couple of things on June 6th.
    Mark, I am sending you a copy of the letter Ms. Purdon in London . You are stronger many times over than I ever was on my best day. Take lots of deep breaths. We love you. You are almost home! You are strong and you can do this because you have to! Keep on breathing…

  4. Gewitterfee Says:

    I sent a letter to Ms. Purdon too. Don´t know if it´s of any use for her, but at least I hope it reaches her before the deadline.

    Greetings from rainy Germany (seems as if we had summer in April and May and now are having April weather….. 😉 )!

    • mark i sent u a letter on the internet and when that didnt work laura said she would see that u got it so i sent it to here. I love you Mark. And remember God will long for the work of his hand. the Bible says ” and the dead will rise”. through all these trials mabe that thought will help strengthen you and those close to you

  5. Linny Meakins Says:

    Mark, I have sent you 2 lots of mail with important attachments and I have not heard from you re these…Somebody is definatley messing with my mail to you and I bet from yours to me. I spoke to Laura monday and she said she hadn’t heard from you either. Madge is getting her letters regularly, but I’m guessing that they don’t worry about hers getting to you as a 78 yr old pensioner is no threat to their authority. I only hope it is getting sorted now! By the way I’ve had a lovely surprise earlier tonight, a phone message left on my answerphone, from Rais Bhuiyan. He said he will call back later tonight, so I will write to you (and hope you recieve my letter) and tell you all about what he says. Big hugs dear friend. Linny x and a big X from Madge XX

  6. Gewitterfee Says:

    I don´t know too much about the USA and their authorities and so on….
    You wrote something about “a 78 year old pensioner is no threat to their authority”.
    Maybe you could explain that to me? I mean, in the end, they still are able to do what deems them right, aren´t they – the courts and the governor and so on? Where lies the “threat” in which you mean?
    (You don´t need to answer if you think it´s not good or something like that.)

    Greetings from Germany!

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