“I’ve only 58 days left to live”



Death Blog

Texas the Lone Star State!

May 24th, 2011 4:17am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man! 

“Give yourselves to disciplines instruction; open your ears to tested Knowledge”

Good morning from another day on Texas death watch… I’ve only 58 days left to live if the powers that are have their ways… whichever it is, however it may be I must thank each and every one of you out there that’s fighting to save my life as well as my soul. Never in all my years of living have I seen so many soft hearted and compassionate people… so many wonderful people, so again let me thank you all for doing all you do!

We are on lockdown once again, and the crazy part is we had just been raided by the shakedown team here on death watch Sunday the 22nd of May. And after the team went through their procedures and we were able to get our world back in order and situated, Monday morning rolls around and they say lockdown for shakedown. Lo & behold death watch is the first section hit and this time by a whole new crowd of unknown faces bent on confiscating something, just anything. I’m serious, where do they find all these overzealous people at I often wonder? SO we were searched and had all of our belongings gone through again and even had our then little mattresses ran thru the x-ray machine… what a wonderful way to start out a day.

4:32am breakfast is served. Two small ¾ oz dry cereal boxes… no milk or anything… just dry cereal. What?? No peanut butter goo sandwiches?? Thank GOD for that! I guess with the budget cut they don’t want to use too much bread to feed us… and why should they? Ain’t we all slotted for death anyway?? Yep that’s the attitude of many shallow minded people who work here. But the ones who work back here with us on a day to day basis know the human side of us that we do possess human qualities and even contain compassion and human emotions. Sure there’s the monsters but there’s monsters even walking amongst all of you out there in the land of the free… undetected, covered in regular clothing.

My neighbor has 9 days left to live… and is going thru his final countdown on lockdown. Man what a damn evil place this is. We all are going thru the final countdown with him and with a little hope my friend who is also a Muslim will receive a stay of execution. Yes my neighbor is Muslim and isn’t it funny that the State says I’m such a continued threat to society yet I’m able to live next to this man of Islamic Faith… we laugh… we live… and we care!

Well before I close this out let me say this again, for all of you out there who have stood by my side or someone’s side who is in this type of situation as I am, your efforts do not go unnoticed… your compassion and support is what makes these dark days we face seem sunny and peaceful. Never forget that. Ya know at the start of this year I was so torn as what to do… should I just drop the appeal and stop causing emotion turmoil in my friends and loved ones, and that’s a serious thought that had engulfed a lot of my time but then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I will quote a piece I’ve read from a book written by a remarkable man who survived the horrors of Nazi concentration camps during WWII, the man’s name is “Viktor E. Frankl” and it is saying it easy to just lay it down and die. To ease one’s own problems and sufferings as he said. “A man who becomes conscious of the responsibility he bears toward a human being who affectionately waits for him, or to an unfinished work, will never be able to throw away his life. He knows the ‘why’ for his existence, and will be able to bear almost any ‘how’”.

Still unbroken and still Red, White & Blue

True American… loud & proud!

Mark Anthony Stroman 2011


11 Responses to ““I’ve only 58 days left to live””

  1. weflyfish2 Says:

    Mark ist is so sad that you just complain about your circumstances with no thought about the pain you have caused to the familys of the people you have killed or maimed. You have caused this and need to take responsablity. You need to look to Jesuse Christ for the forgiveness of you sins so you will not continue to live in Hell after you die.

    • Linny Meakins Says:

      Hey Wanker, (weflyfish2) you are the one in need of spiritual help not Mark! Mark has not gone one day without feeling pain in his heart for what he did, or one day where he has not prayed to the Lord for forgiveness. He has tried to give something back to life and the people who are in contact with him and whom he truly cares about on a daily basis. He has singlehandedly helped my 78 yr old Mother recover from severe depression which she has suffered with for 5 years since my beloved fathers death. His weekly letters have inspired her, comforted her and made her laugh, 3 weeks ago we were able to move her back into her own little home again, something my sister and I never thought could happen, we are eternally grateful to Mark Stroman for that. What have you done to help people.? You have come onto this page to cause more pain to Mark and the people that love him in what possibly could be his last days on this earth, it is you that need to ask forgiveness, you small minded little prick! Now fuck off and please do not give us the ‘benefit’ of your Christianlike words of wisdom (ha ha) again.

      • Linny Meakins Says:

        Sorry about that friends of Mark.
        I’ll start again.
        Hi Mark, Big hugs to you and your loved ones. I have a bit of good news from the ‘Reprieve’ website that you can pass on to your neighbours on Death Row. Due to the public awareness and pressure created by Reprieve, Lundbeck have finally agreed to change their policy on selling the drugs for the use of executions. They have agreed to get an independant body to advise them how best legally they can stop this happening, as they still obviously want to allow it’s very worthy use of treating people’s health to continue. So Maya has won the day! Maya has asked them to move quickly so I will be closely watching to see what happens. But I will say it doesn’t look like they will be able to re call already supplied stocks, so long term effects good, not so short term, sorry. Will let you know more as I find out more myself! Hope you are bearing up my friend, Madge sends her love. I spoke to Laura today and guess what, she is coming to a Stray gig with me soon. Lots of love to you. Linny xx

    • @weflyfish2, You are making quite a judgement on someone you don’t actually know. Mark has taken full resonsibility for his actions, he HAS repented and he HAS been forgiven. Mark brought me back to my faith when I thought it was long gone, he has shown an endless amount of love and compassion, he is bringing change to so many peoples lives (as Linny has pointed out)
      It is so easy for us to judge, but the truth is, we are all sinners -and ‘he who is without sin should cast the first stone’ It is not our decision as mere humans to pick what sin is worse than another. Mark has openly acknowledged the wrongs he has done. Commenting on his living conditions or the food he is given does not show a lack of responsibility or a lack or regard for the families, he is giving us an insight into the reality of the prison conditions, I know Mark very well, he is like a brother to me and my best friend. He gives us these insights for the sakes of the other men in there who do not have a voice. Some people may think that these men deserve nothing more, and that makes me very sad. These are men who do not have any of the things we take for granted every day, like looking up at the sky, hugging our loved ones….They are men who are waiting to die, men who yes, need love and forgiveness – how can you expect that to happen in a concrete cell with no hint of humanity? with no acts of kindness? With people judging them and telling them they are evil? HOW could you even possibly tell some of these men that Love and Forgiveness if they are not shown a single ounce of it, exists? The best thing I have ever heard is this ‘Preach the word of God every day, and if necessary, use words’

  2. Annette Says:

    @ weflyfish 2: Members of Reprieve have already been to visit Mark and are trying save his life. Has anyone tried to save you lately or even care about you fly 2? You are way behind times; go to” Stop the Execution of Mark Stroman” at “http://www.the petitionsite.com/6/stop-the-execution-of-mark-stroman/” and we are signing it to stop Mark’s execution on The Petition Site. He has people all over the world signing the peition to save him because we all know how Mark has chanced in the 9 1/2 years he has lived on Death Row. The victim “RaisBhulyan” started the Petition and will be speaking with Gov. Perry and other Congressmen an persons in Marks defence. He says that his religion has made him forgive Mark AND he has talked to the other 2 victims families and they ALSO forgive him and they will also speak up at the hearing. Mark is a good man, loyal to his friends, loves his 4 children and grandbaby, with lots of LOVE for many. He is a very sincere, sensitive, carring, compassionate man with strong beliefs and love for America. He has and still remaines “The Proud American”. He is also joking and laughing even on Death Row watch making the other men feel good and joke back. Mark has never removed his cross from around his nake which was there before the 9-ll killing. I have a high respect for his honesty and intregrity. He has made me a better person through his letters to me and changed me in many ways that make me a better person. I am glad I have met him and i am pround to beable to call him my friend-Forever!

    • Linny Meakins Says:

      Annette if you are the lady that is a retired Prosecution Attorney please contact Emmanuelle Purdon at Reprieve as they wish to speak to you. Thank you Annette for all you do and everyone else on here that are loyal friends to Mark, you are all wonderful people. Linny x

  3. Regenbogen Says:

    Just can repeat…..
    some postings ago we had enough discussion about Mark with the pro-DP fraction….And the arguments didn´t change at all.

    Ok, I said I wouldn´t feed the trolls, but some things probably have to be said:

    It´s completely okay to be busy to save one´s life. Every living creature would want to save its life, and it´s NOT Mr. Stroman´s job not to do it simply because the pro DP people don´t want him to.

    I do tend to believe someone on death row rather than a prisoner here if he says (like Mr. Stroman does) he feels regret about what he did. Why? Here in Germany, the lawyers advise the offenders to do so because they get a lesser sentence then. In America, especially in Texas, no one cares a straw so it´s of no use in the struggle for the own life. So I do tend to believe someone there expressing his regrets.

    And with reference to saving the soul from hell…..
    I absolutely understand that someone on death row prefers to discuss that with people who support him and do not want him to be killed. 😉

  4. mark all my love to u i am sending u pics soon so watch for them ,

    fly 2 everyone here is a supporter of mark and who are u to judge him he is a good person a changed person everyone is not perfect u should know that seeing how christian u are one day u will be judged too

    hugs mark thinking of u misty

  5. Gewitterfee Says:

    I really shouldn´t have posted while being in a hurry….
    reading here today I see I used the nick I´m using in German blogs (Regenbogen). I´ve been there before and that means that beneath one has to change the name, otherwise the blog takes the one used before….
    and I forgot to change the nick.

    So, in case someone is irritated: yes, Regenbogen = Gewitterfee. 😉

    • No such place as hell. why would a God of Love create such a place/ Would you burn your child and torture him cause he did something wrong? Well why accuse the creator of the universe of such a monstrous thing.
      If you do your research and look up the correct translation of the word; Hell or Sheol, is just a translation of the word that means the common grave of mankind, from which Christ promised a resurrection.

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