Another Day on Death Watch

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Texas the Lone Star State!

May 1st, 2011 7:43am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man!


“True American, Red-White-Blue & unbreakable!”


Good morning to each and every one of you out there in the land of the living. The 1st day of May 2011 is already upon us and it amazes me at how fast this year is moving right along. We started our day with the same ole ritual this morning with doughy pancake mix and some applesauce and 90% of this Section has again refused the trays… just as most of the pod does as well. What’s wrong with this place and why would they continue to feed stuff that’s just tossed into the trash because of it being so unfit for human consumption?? This is wasted tax payer money and wasted food, food for which people out in the land of the living are in desperate need of.

 We have the next execution on May 3rd, 2011 but I’m seriously doubtful that this man will be put to death as I’ve said before. The facts of his case are showing the real depth of Ft. Worth’s wide spread corruption and the break down in the appeal process which is to safeguard these things from happening. I’m serious as ever, the incompetent appeal attorney’s are grotesquely inefficient! Just as in my case, it took dozens upon dozens of pro-se motions filed by me to have a true dedicated lap dog attorney who was afraid to bite the hand that feeds him removed from my case. I will never forget the day he came to see me as my appeal was due in 6 months and said he “was” hard at work on my case, and then asked me what my indictment said. I knew that instant that I was doomed to death by this clown. The same clown that was paid over $30,000 to do absolutely nothing. Moral of this story is this… we are not being killed by the State; it’s the rotten attorney’s who are doing it. Thank God I have a Superstar attorney now or I’d be dead already two years back.

They brought yet another man to death watch this past week and it is now almost a full section of condemned, but the moods of these people I’m around are better than most I’ve ever been around since being at this hellish place, we all have our good and bad moments just like everyone in life, but the strength here at death watch is powerful and deeply inspiring.  We all are feeding off each other’s moods so laughter is a must and I’m doing my best to supply this to all that I’m around!

Before I close this out I wanted to say a few more things to everyone who is reading this, friends & enemies alike… remember this, life is short and random chance happens to us all. Never forget to express your love to the ones that mean the most to you because that chance of not being able to is very real. You might be holding onto a petty grudge or just acting childish to someone, let it go and enjoy life while you’re still able.

I know there’s a lot of people who view this site who do not like me, and that’s perfectly alright, I won’t let it wreck my day and I’ll keep on passing out the Texas warmth that’s embedded into me… I’ll keep on smiling!

Unbroken, Unbreakable & one true redneck Red Blooded American!

Till death do us part


Mark Stroman, 2011


2 Responses to “Another Day on Death Watch”

  1. Gewitterfee Says:

    “Another Day on Death Watch”….reminds me a little to “Another Day In Paradise” by Phil Collins (guess you know it?).

    Reading the posts, you can, of course, see when they were written and when they were posted (always with a delay, caused by the mailrooms I suppose?). It´s an odd feeling to read you talking about that execution of Mr. Kerr, while knowing it has taken place days ago already….

    Keep your head up as good as you can.
    Hope I don´t injure you but your subscribing “still unbroken etc.” encourages me to say:
    Stressed – it´s just “desserts” spelled backwards, so keep smiling.

    A smile for you and the other ones from Germany!

  2. mark know that i am there with you holding your hand and i am hugging you and i care i smile when u smile i laugh when u laugh and i cry when u cry i am here forever …. lots of love misty

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