“Food Loaf”

Death Blog

The Lone Star State of Texas

April 27th, 2011 7:00am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man!

“Patriotism does not consist of hatred towards other peoples, but of the love of your own…”


Good morning from a really rotten place in Texas… but inside my mind it’s as peaceful and tranquil as ever. We are only a few days away from the next execution and the moods of the others are as an ocean, sometimes swelling, sometimes retreating, like waves constantly shifting. But for the one who is set to die on May 3rd, he is firmly planted into reality and is prepared for whatever his fate and destiny has in store for him. The information I’ve seen on his case, as well as the lack of evidence and the State’s corruption claims, I don’t see him being put to death… if he is, then it’s a cover up to hide the truth. 

A wave of food poisoning has rushed thru this place… we have had many people here begging for medical assistance this past week because of the high level of sickness that’s been causing a lot of people to have all their insides turn to liquid, my neighbor being one… throwing up and other ways which I won’t mention in this blog… but if you are human then you know the symptoms of liquid insides. This place has been feeding us like animals here lately and the end result is what I’ve just mentioned… and no one has received any medical treatment. 

I’ve been inside my own head and staying focused on the road ahead but each time I venture out to a visit I listen to others around me speaking of the horror stories of the gassings and uses of force… and how they have filled up the other pod which is jail for death row = F Pod. .. and how they have people on food loaf restriction… which is punishment with one’s food! Food loaf is a big block of mushed up who knows what that looks like cornbread… and once you are placed on this restriction you eat food loaf for 7 days… then you get one day of regular food then back to 7 days of food loaf… it would seem the regular sections of death row are in complete chaos with many daily uses of force and many gassings… welcome to 2011… the Unite States of America…


Still un-broken..and a true American till death.

      Mark Stroman


5 Responses to ““Food Loaf””

  1. Gewitterfee Says:

    Heavens, you don´t even get medicine when you need it?
    Now I´m just really shocked….but probably I shouldn´t be
    surprised about anything….

    Regards from Germany where the spring is still warm and
    sunny and the rhododendrons are in full blossom….

  2. What a shame we feed our inmates garbage! The dogs at the Humane Society are treated better and yet we give Illegal Aliens free food, free housing, WIC-free medical and they go to the Emergency Room when ever they have a cold, headache, throw-up, or stab one another over a drug deal gone bad and they are treated for free, unlike American Citizens. Texas treats their inmates with cruel, un-usual, and inhumane treatment as well as our helpless old folks. One day soon, we will look back on this sort of treatment as BARBARIC! Stay strong Mark, stay Texas proud, Texas loud, stand tall for being the first to take action after 9-11 against the Muslims who want us dead! We love you our True American and Sweet big ole Teddy Bear!

  3. thats a disgraceful remark the people that mark killed did not take part in 9 11,they were at work,mark is remorsefull you should be too ,what a disgusting thing to say,no deaths are right

    • Irregardless of whether they participated or not NO person other than duly appointed officers has the right to do anything about it, Mark was not such an officer therefore at best he could only be a vigilante , which under the laws of this nation is the same as being a murderer .

  4. Gewitterfee Says:

    Sorry, but I have to agree with jodac; I understand you wanting to support Mr. Stroman but that way you did it is really a No-go.

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