A stay of execution

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Texas- The Lone Star State

April 5th, 2011 10:00am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man!

“Sometimes man may be required to accept fate, to bear his cross”

It’s execution day in Texas and yesterday was a very long day for all of us on this section. We all stayed up most of the evening while Mr. Foster also known as Sarge was in the recreation cage having his final few hours of recreation… so we all laughed… shared stories and tried our best to give our support to this man who has left very little life if Texas has their way.

Good day to all of you out there and I’ve said this with a clear and open heart. I had tried to get this blog started hours ago but I just couldn’t find the words, with a million things I wanted to say, I just sat at this typewriter and looked at my keyboard lost inside my head. The morning slowly inched along and our section was slowly showered and as we walked by “Sarge’s” cell we could see him packing up his belongings and preparing for his final four hour visit with his loved ones. He still proudly flew his American & Confederate Flags from his cell just as I do… as I walked by, he saluted me and since I’m in handcuffs behind my back all I could do was nod my head, but that’s understood in this place.

So at 8:00am they come and get him for his visit and as he is taken off the section we all know this could be the last time we ever see this man again and everyone shouts the final farewells and to keep his head up… I had a hard time holding back some tears… and I will admit a few did escape from my eyes and I’m not ashamed to admit this in anyway form or fashion.

I now posses two sets of flags, the ones I proudly display and the ones he left me… the emotions are coming and going like clouds in the sky. I sit here and listen to the news… all they can say is that he is such an evil man and has a long record of spousal abuse… but they forget to mention he is a 21 year vet of the United States Army and that he is convicted under the law of parties and has killed no one… his co-defendant who died of cancer has already admitted to this, but in Texas someone has to die for the offense so the wheels of so called justice can remain greased and rolling properly.

10:52am same day… different mood…

We were just told by one of the guards who works our pod that Sarge has just received a stay of execution… and I can just imagine what his family is feeling at this very moment after having to come back to Texas for this a second time… the happiness that must be flowing through his mother and sisters and supporters is surely overwhelming… it has left this whole section of death watch with a feeling that I can’

T put down into words… God answers prayers!


The news just announced the stay of execution was issued not for the use of the new drug but for an issue of ineffective assistance of counsel. So the Supreme Court has once again stood in and prevented this state sanctioned killing from taking place.

True American till death… still unbroken!

Mark Stroman, 2011


7 Responses to “A stay of execution”

  1. Paul Butler Says:

    Hello Mark,

    I was thinking of you yesterday as I watched a National Geographic documentary called 3 men on death row. You probably know of them and have maybe even seen or spoken to them. David Martinez, Willie Pondexter and Johnny Johnson. It was harrowing to see these men talk through the last weeks of their lives and then see their bodies after execution. it’s just not right. Murder is murder no matter who does the killing.
    I hope you’re doing well, Mark, and once more remember someone is thinking of you in Paris, France.

  2. god is good and hes blessed i hope u and him will continue to be strong and brave i am holding u both in my thoughts n prayers and everyone on the row with u

  3. had my grandson last night i will send u a pic hes so adorable much love to u mark hugs misty

  4. Gewitterfee Says:


    good to read about this stay.

    We have reached the week before Easter now, so I´d like to wish you all a blessed Easter and may the blessing of the Resurrected be with you all –
    just in case the snail mail doesn´t bring any new postings before. 😉

    Regards from the warm and sunny spring in Germany!

  5. keep going Mark. Isiah 42:5

  6. Gewitterfee Says:

    Oh dear, this morning I read there was another execution in Texas….
    I´m so sorry to read this and my thoughts are with you all on Death Watch!

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