“Good morning planet earth”

Death Blog

Texas- United States of America

March 18th, 2011 6:30am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man!

“Listening to gossip is like eating cheap candy, do you want junk like that in your belly?”

Good morning planet earth, the day has started out in the normal fashion for me coffee, awesome memories and some heartfelt prayers for the loved ones and even the enemies of this world. The mood of death watch is rather well and it’s surprising to see all the other condemned around me face the issues at hand with such happiness and grace… everyone seems to get along and there is no chaos on this section. As for the other side of the pod I could hear the madness this morning while the guards were feeding… it would seem that the self proclaimed preacher “Paneti” and the self induced madman “Ripkowski” were slinging cuss words at each other and it was all over St. Patrick’s Day and the meaning of this… hahaha, I’m so glad I’m not on that section.

I wanted to add a few things to this blog in regards to what I’ve just recently learned about the beautiful day we had here on Death Watch March 5th 2011. The lady who put us all in a trance with her beautiful singing voice and the gee-tar playing, well it would seem she has a beautiful testimony just like Mr. Dennis Rice did… I’m still trying to find out her name so I can thank her.

The chaplain of this unit briefly explained this to me a few days ago. He also told me that after this lady sang and played the gee-tar for us she had to leave the building because she was in tears and overwhelmed with emotions. Her testimony as it was told to me left me speechless. She was abducted many years ago by a serial rapist. He did lots of horrible things to her, used a box cutter to carve up her genitals and buried her beneath the ground and left her for dead… she was the 8th victim of this madman and the only one to survive the ordeal. While buried she made a promise that if she was able to live she would serve the Lord Jesus her remaining days… that was the same lady who was singing to us all here on death watch… Texas Death Row. The person who had done that to her was executed in another state and she found it in her heart to forgive him. She did not have silliness in her heart to jump on the band wagon of all the pro-death site groupie groups… that lady has found the beauty of life, and has love and total forgiveness in her heart and it still echoes inside my head the way she sang to us that beautiful day.

Now let me move onto the next subject and that’s thanking all the awesome people in my life and for all the ones who are standing by my side and are defending me and just being all around super. I would love to thank each and every one of you by name but if I did that and forgot someone that would hurt someone’s feelings so let me say this… I thank every one of you out there and you all have made such a huge impact in my existence and I’ll never forget this. All the comments that are being sent it… remarkable and it gives me great pride to be part of this with all of you.

Ya know life sure is funny and I’ve been called a lot of things in this journey from Stone Cold Killer to An American Terrorist, even a racist and most recently a liar. It makes me smile because I’m one who cares not about what others think of me nor am I in search for false sympathy or any pity. I also don’t need to explain myself or justify my past actions to anyone and that mainly goes to The Babylonian Whore who called me a liar and speaks out of both sides of her mouth on issues she knows nothing about. For the record I have three more sisters and a brother and lots of other people in my life I speak nothing of nor do I ever intend to.

Still unbroken, Still a True American… AND PROUD TO BE ME!

Mark Stroman, 2011


3 Responses to ““Good morning planet earth””

  1. Lovely to hear from you, again, Mark! What a lovely testimony you shared! I too would love to know and meet the lady who sang ‘Amazing Grace’ to all of you: she is a blessing to the body of Christ. She has clearly understood Christ’s message of forgiveness and redemption. I am glad that you are being blessed and encouraged by the mail you receive. At the same time, please remember that you are greatly encouraging those of us on the outside too – You have certainly encouraged me! God bless you, Brother Mark, and may the Lord continue to bless and sustain you!

  2. Gewitterfee Says:


    this lady you are telling about really seems a remarkable person. It´s often even hard to forgive some injuring words – the more admirable is that she managed to forgive such a torture. This truly testifies for an excelling human greatness and a deep faith.

    I think it´s not self-evident that human beings are in state to bring up such a strength. I even daresay without God´s help, it´s nearly or in fact impossible. Therefore, I personally would not term all who are pro death penalty as “silly”.
    I haven´t had a look at those pro death penalty websites – I am not pro death penalty, so it wouldn´t make any sense for me. But I really suppose there are different people with different reasons.
    You have people simply enjoying cruelty everywhere – so probably on such websites too, maybe those are the same who celebrate outside the jails when an execution takes place so you get a “circus atmosphere” – with reference to such guys, I absolutely agree with you.
    But if there are people on those sites who lost friends or relatives in a crime, I think they are often stuck in their pain and fury which are quite normal. Of course, this does not make the wish for revenge right, but at least understandable and I think they need help and prayers (never underestimate the power of prayer) to be able to go on with their lifes without breaking. “Do not judge, lest you will not be judged” – imho this concerns such people too. Don´t judge the ones who are not strong enough to forgive – especially not if you haven´t been in their situation and haven´t proved you´re better yet….so, as I personally didn´t have to endure such a loss by a crime yet, I would not call them simply “silly”.
    (In case I misunderstood anything you meant with those sentences, I apologize. My English isn´t that good anymore.)

    Oh, yes, and a compliment to you.
    You started this posting telling about prayers also for the enemies of this world.
    Surely this is not easy in your situation either; the more I appreciate it, so thumbs up and I´d like to encourage you to continue like this.
    In one of my favourite books, “The Shack” by William Paul Young (as far as I know, a bestseller in the USA; was published in German too), I found the sentence “Everything you do is important because you are important. Every time you forgive, the universe changes.” (It´s in fact the best book I´ve ever read besides the Bible.)

    Thinking of you all, the inmates of death row, all victims of violence and their families and friends, the jail staff and pro and anti death penalty activists.

    Praying for you all and regards from good old Germany!

  3. Hello Mark,
    Another beautiful story from you. I am glad to see that not only are you unbroken but remain a very peaceful, upbeat, positive, loving,Texas Loud and Texas Proud True American!

    Know that we love you and are praying for you. I am so proud of you that you remain so calm and beautiful in side your heart, personality, and remind so strong, calm and positive. This is so different on this site compared to the PD site where everyone of them seem to be so filled with hateful nasty thoughts and words. I feel sorry for them living in such deep, dark, sad places of hate in their hearts and their minds are closed. They encourage eachother to go deeper and deeper into that dark hell hole with hatefulness. Beleive me Mark, your are in by far a happier place with all the love and peace in your heart than the people on PD are.

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