Dust in the Wind


Death Blog

United States of America

March 3rd, 2011 10:54am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man

“TEXAS death watch” Still very unbroken!

“I close my eyes

Only for a moment, then the moments gone

All my dreams

Pass before my eyes a curiosity

Dust in the wind

All they are is dust in the wind

Same old song

Just a drop of water in an endless sea

All we do

Crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see

Dust in the wind

All we are is dust in the wind, ohhh

Now don’t hang on

Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky

It slips away

And all your money won’t another minute buy

Dust in the wind

All we are is dust in the wind

All we are is dust in the wind

Dust in the wind

Everything is dust in the wind

Everything is dust in the wind

The wind…”

Till the end… True American, very much unbroken

And in the end just dust in the wind

Mark Stroman



28 Responses to “Dust in the Wind”

  1. While I understand your grief and rage at losing your sister in the World Trade Centre, and would understand your actions after that more – why have they never been able to identify that you did in fact have a sister, and, if you do, that she was killed in the WTC? There is nothing to support your position on that, neither do you mention anyone other than ‘my sister’ who remains nameless in your blog. You’d probably get more sympathy if you didn’t lie about your motivation. I suspect that many felt as you did post 9/11 with regard to rage and grief – but no one else lies about it to justify murder, which is what it appears to be.

    • KiwiGal

      Are you fully aware of how insensitive and malicious that sounds?
      How many people died in the WTC on September 11th? And out of those people, how many of their bodies were recovered? Would you like to go and ask all of THEIR loved ones, what proof they have that their husband/wife/brother/sister/child etc on that tragic day? Those people who posted pictures, made desperate pleas on the news and held vigils for the safety of their loved ones, sadly to never hear from them again or get the closure they so desperately needed to confirm what had happened to them. The majority of these people KNEW their loved ones were in the buildings that day, that they had turned up for their normal day of work, and then just disappeared. What do you think happened to them? Do you think all of these people are wrong to believe they died?
      Have you also noticed that in Marks blogs that 99% of the time he doesnt name ANY of the people he speaks of when it pertains to his family or friends or visitors?
      Nor has he ever tried to ‘Justify’ what he did, only ever explained why he did it. Mark has always held his hands up and accepted responsibility for his actions.
      I can tell you with absolute 100% certainty, That Mark Stroman is NOT a liar and I will never accept anybody saying otherwise.

      • Danielle Allen Says:

        Much love to you affs! You said everything that needed to be said. Anyone that knows Mark, KNOWS he is NOT a liar

  2. Mark Jones Says:


  3. thank you mark jones mark he is right stay tuff i know u can dont let anyone tell u differently u are strong and u will stay strong xoxoxox misty

  4. Alex Glazenberg Says:

    Mark, a lot of people are thinking about you. Your words have reached many. Do not lose hope.

  5. same here mark is a great friend and not a liar and i trust what he says and i am glad he took responisbility for what happend not everyone can say that and stand up for what happend either on that tragic day

  6. I don’t need to ask the others involved in the WTC, no one else used the memory of a loved one to indiscriminately go out and kill others (thats also incredibly insulting to those that really did lose people) … It amuses me somewhat that you think justifying and ‘explaining’ are two different things. Of course I’m not suggesting that they are incorrect that they died. I’m saying there is no evidence (and none was produced by his team at trial) that he even has a sister, let alone one that died in that tragedy. The bad news for Stroman is that he has never able to produce that as mitigating evidence, which it would of been had it been true. I’m willing to bet that very few of you, if any, knew Mark Stroman prior to his incarceration. I don’t hear anyone from his family standing up and saying that they lost their daughter/wife/partner/mother/aunt/niece or friend. Therefore you only know what he has told you. Also bad news for Stroman is that you kill in Texas, you die in Texas. Wake up and smell the coffee. Even his defence counsel doesn’t believe him about his sister.

  7. Of course there is a difference between explaining and justifying. He never said “What I did was ok because…..” he said “I did it because…” There is your difference.
    What ‘amuses me somewhat’ is that you will willingly believe everything that the media has to say. Obviously you do not know Mark personally, so to make the presumption that he is a liar based on what you have heard or read is unwarranted. So Yes, I do believe Mark based on ‘What he has told me’ and as I have previously stated, he is not a liar. A lot of things were missed out at his trial, like many other men incarcerated in Texas, he did not have access to the best defence team. What is it that makes you think his current defence counsel doesn’t believe him?
    I suggest that if you wish to continue making misinformed and hateful comments that instead you visit one of the pro death websites where they have dedicated forums for such things.

  8. Oh, My bad KiwiGal aka WICKET, you’re already a member.

    WICKET:I posted on stromans “dust in the wind’ blog about his lies about his sister… I am surprised it was actually allowed on the site, look at the responses from these deluded people:


  9. Gewitterfee Says:

    And even IF he was a liar (I admit I´m not in state to exclude that) and lied in a try to save his life…..
    Still, I could understand that better than I understand a president who starts a whole war because of lies and faked evidence…..There are worse liars in the world.

  10. Gewitterfee Says:

    And another thing (to get away from that fatal Iraq War):
    I would not make too much account of what is said in trials in Texas.
    Sorry if anyone feels injured now (I know Americans have quite a different relation to their nation and their state than we have), but I´ve read the Randall Adams Story (was published in a book)…..
    Offenders may lie, but I have got the impression that prosecuting attorneys can do that as well.

    And lie or not – that´s not at all important for me as far as my opinion about death penalty is concerned. When someone is about to be killed by his state, the question of lying doesn´t matter to me. Even if the condemned person has committed a worse crime that he had told, I would try to stand on his or her side.

  11. gewitterfee i couldnt have said it better myself as for u kiwigirl get a life mark doesnt deserve to be downgraded because of his actions were all here to support him and like gewiterfee said go on another site this one is for mark about mark and we all are here to stand by his side no matter what happens in the end

  12. This is a message to the members of off2dr,

    I know you guys read these blogs so I thought this the best way to communicate with you. KiwiGal maybe you can post this on your forum?
    I believe that we are all entitled to our beliefs, I am very open minded and I can also understand why some people are pro death. Some of you have experienced unimaginable grief which I will never be able to fully understand or comprehend. I don’t know all of your reasons but the point is, I can respect that you have different views. I have looked at your website before and read your comments, as hurtful as some of them have been I have never responded, nor have I ever felt the need to as it is your forum, for your opinions and quite simply, its your business. From the other side, we all have our various reasons for either being anti death, or supporters of Mark and all I ask is that you respect our views too. I apologise for previously stating that your forums are ‘hate filled’ and ‘misinformed’, Regardless to how I view it I shouldn’t be making such statements.
    Mark is a dear friend to me and if he is attacked on THIS site then I will defend him. My word may not be enough for you that he is not a liar, but my word is all I have and I will stand by it. If you have genuine questions to ask then go ahead and we will answer them. However, anything that is deliberately provocative we will not. I am all aware too that this works both ways, I cannot speak on behalf of ALL the anti-death people out there but my suggestion is that we agree to disagree and leave our comments to our own sites. Just as I will never be able to change your minds, you will never be able to change mine. But ultimately we are all human, and all the same (political views aside!). I’m not suggesting we all sit around a campfire and sing kum baya, just that we all show each other a little more respect and I extend that offer to you today.
    With kind regards

  13. donvito111 Says:

    @ affs

    i am also a member off off2dr and first off all I woul like to thank you for your post. I am a german member so I apologize if my English is not correct sometimes.

    If you read the threads in the forum carefully you should know that off2dr has members which are against the death penalty. And these are very welcomed members. The admins and the members appreciate other views and other opinions. What we do not tolerate is when someone comes to the site and tells lies and anti propaganda. This is different. We had a lot of discussion in the past where people came and proclaimed inmates innocent where not a shadow of doubt about guilt existed. Also you have to know that some members are victims or famlily members of murder victims. They were attacked by antis on the site and all over the net.

    I do not want to discuss about Mark Stroman and wether he is a liar or not. Mark Stroman commited the crime, was tried, convicted and sentenced to death accordingly. He was a criminal before he commited murder.

    Even if his sister was killed on 9/11 that does not justify to kill innocent lifes. And for that reason I and most members on off2dr support the execution of Mark Stroman.

  14. Gewitterfee Says:

    Well, I suppose affs managed to say it better. 😉

    Seriously: I don´t know the website he/she is talking about (an American website I guess….most of the time I spent on the web I´m on sites in my own country 😉 ).
    If I understand affs´ posting right, it´s a page where relatives of victims are posting…..
    If that´s so, I´d like to apologize in case I hurt someone´s feelings with my postings. I hope I didn´t sound as if the relatives´ pain didn´t matter to me. It´s just I don´t see any sense in doing something equal to a prisoner…..and I believe in a God who wouldn´t want that (although of course I acknowledge how difficult it is to overcome the wish for revenge which – per se – is absolutely natural).

    And it is that I´m trying to understand the feelings and motives of both sides – and therefore any despaired try to escape the execution too.

    Just can repeat what I said in former postings: Got you all in my prayers – victims and their families and friends as well as the people on death watch and death rows and everyone who is in any way involved in the process.

    Best wishes to everyone!

    • Mark Jones Says:

      Well I for one am not apologizing for NOTHING!!! If i want to give anyone and yes that means a CONVICT words of encouragement then that is exactly what I will do! I don’t have to justify my reasons to anyone. And for those of you who want to call Mark a liar? So what if he lies? You really think that the police and prosecutors don’t and DIDN’T lie in Mark’s case? They lie in ALL cases! Our Supreme Court here in the states have upheld time and time again that the police can and DO lie to get a conviction. EVERYBODY LIES!!!! Give me a break!! THOSE WITHOUT SIN, CAST THE FIRST STONE!!!! I’m waiting?!?! Yeah no rocks flying just like I thought!!!


      • I dont mean to sound like a broken record, and I totally appreciate all the support Mark is getting, but I really need to stress the point that he’s NOT lying!! (But I get the point you were making!)

        Gerwitterfee, the website is for those who are pro death, some may be the family or friends of victims or they have other reasons too be it political or any other reason. However there are some unkind things said on there and as I said to them it’s their business on their website, just not to bring it onto ours because this site is for people who support Mark.

  15. Mark Jones Says:

    well i’m supporting him!!

  16. im a supporter of mark and a friend as well till the end :0) one day we will all be judged and u will too kiwigal so dont throw stones as mentioned above we all are not perfect people hugs to everyone here whos a friend to mark and the ones that are not hugs to u as well

  17. Gewitterfee Says:

    Thank you for explaining.
    Of course you are right that pro death penalty opinions don´t belong here.
    I just wanted to avoid victims´ families getting the impression that I don´t care about their suffering. With reference to their contents, I´m standing to my first two postings here…I was not sure about my formulations.

    And certainly (also @mark jones) I support Mr. Stroman too, otherwise I would not post here – and of course no one has to justify that….it IS just a difference between justifying and explaining (voluntarily and without being obliged to give account).

    So, @Mr. Stroman….we´re all more than just dust in the wind; we have an immortal soul and a dignity that cannot be taken by anyone. Keep your head up (heavens, I can say that easily….) if you can, and the others on death watch too.

    Best wishes to you all!!!!!!

  18. “Kiwigal” is also known as “Wicket”. I found her on the web site for Pro Death Penalty. She was bragging about her above statements and even gave information on how to find her statement to Mark and stated that she was surprised that it got into the blog.
    Hopefully it will not be approved on this blog again.

    @ wicket aka kiwigal: We do not go on the Pro Death site and make hateful or suspicious statements to victims of violent crimes; please do not make mean statements here. Of course, we all feel sad for the victims. This site is not for pro death or amnesty for death row inmates. This is a blog of support for Mark from his friends and loved ones. I am very sorry if you, a family member or friend was a victim of crime, however; you have your site – please keep your comments to the to the people who are PD. We would never go on PD and make comments that maybe the girls on the PD site should not have done this or that, worn the seductive clothes that they did, gone to the places they went to, talked or flirty with the wrong type of people, did drugs where or with whom they did, how late they were out at night, or how much make-up they were wearing, etc. Hopefully you can understand what I mean. These are hurtful remarks. What goes on in court is a whole other story. Prosecutors are out to win and they do not care who gets the death penalty; they laugh about it and how they won the jury over. There are many State paid psychicritist they do nothing but travel to cities to be well paid to testify and convince the jury of a suspects’ danger to others after talking to them 30 – 60 minutes. He is called and paid well because he is an expert in his field and known by the prosecutors who are also State paid. Most times the trial is terribly flawed if not a dog and pony show where deals are made under the table for big money. I would suggest you do a little more research and ask Mr. Stomans’ attorney if they think he is a danger to others, about his sister, and the pain he feels and felt. Mr. Stroman has friends who love him from all over the world which I doubt that you, me, or 99% of others have. You will never convience me of what you believe about Mark and I will never convience you. That is why I do not comment on the PD site and there is no reason for you to be on this one. This site is for people who love him and want nothing more than to see him off of death row and at least in general population for life, or; see Mark back into the free world population!
    Hugs and loves to a True American – Loud and Texas Proud and who remains Unbroken! 😉

  19. donvito111 Says:

    @ annette

    you are free to love and to support Stroman and to want him free bla bla. Your posting speaks for itselfs. You and all other supporters of death row inmates have always reasons and explanations why the offender killed innocent people. One time the victims are blamed one time the prosecutor is blamed and one time the system is blamed. But never ever the offender him-/herself. They are all poor and misunderstood people. But the facts proved otherwise in 99,9 percent of the cases. And in this case his own attorneys do not believe his story. His story was never backed by any evidence inside or outside the courthouse. You have to imagine the facts and not the hearsay. And this has nothing to do with our wishes to see Stroman ge executed.

  20. Gewitterfee Says:

    I´ve read above that you are a German member of off2dr – okay, now I understand where you get that “the offender is never accused” from.
    I´m from Germany too – and therefore I know such arguments from German justice cases. (I´m writing in English yet – would be silly if the rest couldn´t understand the postings 😉 ).

    Concerning our system, I would agree with you – not pro death penalty, but Germany is indeed an “offenders´society” (guess you saw that Til Schweiger interview too?), bad childhood, can´t remember anything, when they ill-treat children until they´re dead, not the parents are the guilty ones but the Juvenile Board, and as a result they nearly get no punishment.

    I´m sick of such cases too, but I do think it´s quite different in the USA.
    I think you really can´t compare America´s justice and Germany´s justice.
    They don´t have such jail circumstances as we have, I´m sure.
    Besides, there are more and more cases where I don´t see any relation anymore. Read about that soldier having killed three civilists in Afghanistan? A deal, gets 24 years and will be released after 8 years.
    And recently there were reports about a man having killed 49 people – gets a life sentence (I don´t know anymore in which state that was – but I think it was one with death penalty.). I wouldn´t want them to get a death sentence, either – but I´m really just wondering where the relation is.

    – Well, and about faith, you can´t dispute…one has it and one hasn´t. I am not against death penalty because I think the death row inmates are in fact little innocent saints, I oppose it because I´m convinced that it´s not man´s part to take life – no matter if it is innocent or not.

    Best wishes to everybody!

    “the prosecutor is blamed” – sorry, but there ARE cases in America where the prosecutor is to blame. Randall Adams, I just say. 😉

  21. Gewitterfee Says:

    As I already wrote in another posting:
    I´m convinced that most people can´t and shouldn´t be reduced on their worst deeds. Most people aren´t simply bad or good but mixtures who don´t lose their elementary human rights by what they did.

    This really doesn´t mean I deny the responsibility men have for what they do.

  22. Legal action charity Reprieve (www.reprieve.org.uk) would like all the supporters and friends of Mark Stroman to please get in touch with us, as you may be able to help us save his life. Please contact immediately emmanuelle.purdon@reprieve.org.uk for further information.Thank you.

  23. Timothy Leon Jackson Says:

    Mark, Its Big Terry Pavat’s buddy man! i just want you to know that when you leave this ol world brother…..That If you are truly remorsful and repentant of this sin and you have made your peace with the Living God OH WHAT A DAY OF Rejoicing you are about to experiance brother!! Know this that when you ask with a sincer heart for forgivness of sin that he is faithfull and that God cast our sin in to the sea of forgetfulness never to be remembered again….and further that he has no rememberance of it as he states that it is as far from us as the east is from the west brother!!Oh what a glorious day as you will sit to sup with our LORD Christ Jesus! man…cause that is what you are a man….you hold your head high and dont let anyone rob you of your JOY bother! You say your sorrys to the loved ones of this man and tell the person who administers the fatal dose that you forgive them and you go home and be with our Lord. I will someday see you again brother. I love you Mark and Tell my mom and dad that I will see them just as soon as God is finnished with me here brother!!

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