“Packet of Death”

Death Blog

TEXAS United States of America

February 28th, 2011 2:30am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man.

“If you fall to pieces in a crisis, there wasn’t much to you in the first place”

Good morning, live from Texas death row… as I sit here this new morning trying to get the voices inside my head to simmer down some, I want to start this part of the day off by saying a huge thanks and greetings to all the many faithful viewers of this blog worldwide and especially to all the wonderful friends and loved ones who have blessed my life and have went out of their way to show me what true friendship and love can do to ones soul.

Well since my last report a lot has happened to this ole’ Texas boy, and I will try my best to take a few steps back and get it all on this report as the events unfolded before me. If this sounds a bit confusing, it’s because it feels so surreal and as if I am having an outer-body experience and have been viewing all the last days from fat above, plus sleep has been very allusive for me and I’m sure has a lot to do with it.

So going back to the 24th of February, that’s the day we came off lockdown and returned to a somewhat normal existence of recreations and so forth. As I had mentioned in the previous blog, I’ve given credit to the ones who did shake us down and showed us some human compassion by not destroying our belongings, which again goes to the Polunsky shake down squad and the dozen or so field boss guards who had participated. Again, the way they did their job is proof these shake downs can be done professional if you have real professionals doing them and not a bunch of people drunk with authority.

The 25th of February started out with the normal things I do as I enter into a new day, so as I’m sitting in my own comfort zone typing out a letter I am given a letter by the mail room ladies from my attorney, which was the start of the emotional filled day that’s about to unfold before me. So as I’m trying to get a better hold on my sanity two guards show up at my cell door and say that I’m being escorted to the Majors office! In this world of doom and gloom a trip to the Major’s office is almost like being told to report to the principal’s office when you are a kid at school, except for here when it happens you are about to be told you are about to be real dead real soon.

So I’m escorted down the hall, and it’s so wild knowing what’s about to come, and as I’m walking down the hall I see people talking but all I hear is the sound of the blood rushing into my head, even my footsteps are a loud echo now. And as I enter the office of the Major I see that it’s one of his trusted and respected Lieutenants and before him on the desk is a packet of death which consists of all the papers I must fill out two weeks prior to my departure, last meal and all that stuff. And as he is telling me everything that he is required to say and it’s still as a loud echo and everything is in slow motion. Very surreal and I’m not sure if any of it makes sense to you readers… it’s a wild feeling I can assure you.

So I’m escorted back to my POD and as I enter the door all the loudness and chaos comes flooding back to me (The hall way is quiet and calm) and as the few people who are in the inner rec cages see me, there‘s instant quiet, because everyone knows where I just came from and where I’m about to be taken too. As I walk back to my cell, I receive a few silent nods of the head which we are all aware of in this place of death meaning “take care” and good luck.

So as I start to pack up all my worldly belongings the POD guards come to me and say its recreation time for me, and am I still wanting to go outside as scheduled, I say yes and away we go, me and my little buddy Olsen. The two hours went so fast, there was no clouds in the sky and the end result is I’m still sunburned and it’s Monday morning… how pathetic is that, so deprived of sunshine that two hours is almost like a full day at the lake. The final visit with my friend was really great and an emotional even for both of us.

So as I sit here and type this I’m sitting in my new death watch cell which has a fancy infrared camera mounted to the wall… it’s like that reality show my hero Ozzy Osbourne had done, hahaha… man what a freaking nightmare, and there is only three others in this whole section, those three are the next ones to be killed by the State… I’m the fourth in line.

But with all that said and done, I’m still very much unbroken and proud as ever to be the true AMERICAN that I am… I was born one, and I’ll be dying as one. LOUD AND TEXAS PROUD!

True American

Mark Stroman


11 Responses to ““Packet of Death””

  1. Paul Butler Says:

    Hello Mark.

    I’ve been reading your posts for a few months now and I’ve been wanting to write to you for quite a while. I have hesitated because I wanted to write something meaningful. But I think there isn’t a lot I can say that could in any way alleviate the pain you must be feeling.
    So I just wanted to say to you that there is at least one person in Paris, France who has a thought for you each day. I’m not a religious person I don’t pray but from one human being to another I just want to tell you that you have someone in Paris who is on your side.
    I hope this message gets to you and please feel free to answer me if you can.

    As we say here in France “bon courage mon ami”.


  2. Mark Jones Says:

    Got damn Honkey!! Texas has got this whole process WAY twiztid! I did time for homicide (15 yrs) flat time and compared to the deplorable conditions in which you exist in are absolutely reprehensible! As you’ve said numerous times on this blog you were and are sentenced to death. That is you’re punishment!!! NOT the punitive segregation and ritualistic abuse that you and your fellow convicts are being made. How are they going to further segregate you 4 months before your sentence is carried out? This (segregation/isolation) IS a form of Torture no way around that!! Man I really feel for you. Now the baby killers and CHO-MOS I don’t have so much sympathy. Any way you’re in my prayers CRACKER and don’t let these bitches (C.O.s) break you down. Keep on keepin on!!!
    Mark Jones Out the Ghetto, Detroit Michigan!!
    White Boy Til I Die!!!

  3. Danielle Allen Says:

    Mark Jones- I got a letter from Mark specifically requesting I tell you thank you for the comments. He had already written this blog but he plans on writing something to you directly, I’m thinking on his next blog. They are holding his mail, I cannot believe I got this one this quickly.

    • Mark Jones Says:

      Danielle thank you so much!! Im planning on writing to him directly in the very near future. I just want to offer Mark and YOU my support in some small way. Thank you again for reading and answering my posts. And can’t wait to hear from Mark even if it is just a few words on this blog. Thank you again so much. You’re both in my prayers.
      Mark Jones

  4. mark i will write u something soon u should get it a big hug to u my sweet texan friend xoxoxoxox misty

  5. Gewitterfee Says:


    my best wishes from the second foreign country (after the first answer coming from France 😉 ).

    I don´t know if my words really are helpful, but I think I´ll just have a try…maybe at a time in case you don´t feel so unbroken.

    This text has been preached in a Catholic mass (at least that´s where I got it from), and the topic of that sermon was a quotation of Fjodor M. Dostojewski saying “But you, love me even if I am dirty. Because, if I was washed white, they would all love me.” (Just a try of translation).

    The priest spoke about a legend:
    “Look at the furrow under your nose. You can feel it. And even as nobody really knows how it is called or why it exists, it has got a meaning. Yet before your birth, an angel of God pressed you three times under your nose, and so this furrow was formed. Touching you the first time, the angel promised you: You are loved. During the second time, he told you: You are unique. And when the angel pressed the third time, he reminded you: You are not from this world.

    – You are loved: Don´t ask how you deserved this or what you have to do to deserve it. You are accepted. You have dignity.

    – You are unique: Don´t start to anxiously compare with others or even to hide. You are important as the person you are – with everything that belongs to your biography.

    – You are not from this world: You are more than what can just be seen in you. You are a likeness of God, you are a mystery. Every human being is a mystery one must have respect for.

    We can see that furrow under our nose daily, we can feel it daily. Maybe we can thereby remember daily God´s promise for our lives: You are loved, even if you are dirty.”

    I´ll keep on praying for you, the other death row inmates, all victims of violence and their families and friends and the jail staff too.

  6. Arched Across The Sky
    by Hope
    Rainbows created my imagination
    As it arched across the sky
    On one end there sat you
    At the other end, there sat I

    Imagining I could slide across
    Over the rainbow to the end
    There would be my pot of gold
    The sweet love of my dear friend

    The rainbow is a connection
    Like a bridge from me to you
    It appears joined by sunlight
    Then the grey skies turn to blue

    Arriving after the rainstorms
    It became so evident to me
    Thoughts of love follow rainbows
    They arched right across the sea

    A colourful arching rainbow
    It has no gate, it has no door
    It reaches from friend to friend
    It arches from shore to shore

    I smiled up today at the sky
    How far would my loving smile go
    It slid right over to the other side
    The other end of the coloured rainbow

  7. that poem made me think of u mark love n hugs xoxoxo misty

  8. this poem i dedicate to u mark every time i read it i smile and think of u xoxoxox misty

  9. SEAN FITZ Says:

    Hi to one proud american from another… I sit here speechless and not sure of my words so I hope I say them right. I was truly hoping one day to visit you to talk about everything that has been going on but with the time cut short I dont believe there is time to on list and actually get there from Oregon. You wrote me 1 time in response to Cassandra, I am and will try to do everything I can to honor my word to you. We knew this this time was going come, it does for us al in 1 way or another. I just want you to know that people do care in this world and although so many things are beyond our control it doesnt mean we just give up…on that being said Mark, Keep your head up and stand tall because you are a PROUD AMERICAN, and so I am!!! Good luck til we meet on the other side…. Sean

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