“149 Days left to go!”

Death Blog

Texas, United States of America!

February 23rd, 2011 1:41am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man!

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions”

Good morning from a quiet and calm death row, the only sounds I’m able to hear at the moment are the doors opening and closing as the night guards do their 30 minutes security checks, it’s a peaceful morning and the best time to be alone with ones thoughts. I’ve been awake a few hours and my morning is off to a great start, coffee, a few great memories and the morning prayers and daily ritual of marking off one more day of my calendar, and as it is, 149 left to go.

We had an execution last night again, not many people here are aware of it because we have been on lockdown so their minds are elsewhere. Speaking of the lockdown for shakedown, let me give you the details of how this went for the pod I’m on. I will give credit where credit is due, and yesterday we had our pod raided by the Polunsky shakedown team, and Polunksy ranking supervisors and about a dozen or more Field Boss guards in full dress of their professions, which is all Texas, COWBOYS ALL THE WAY, cowboy hats and spurs on their boots as if they rode up on their horses to get here. A few of them had empty gun holsters on too!

So as the morning kicked off the shakedown went as this, we were told to put everything on top of our bunks, remove the sheet from the mattress and place it by the door (WHICH WAS RESPECTFUL OF THEM TO ASK) and then when a set of guards came to your cell, you were told to strip out of your clothes and once cuffed and escort6ed to the shower as another set of guards did a very thorough shakedown of all your belongings. The mattresses were stacked up and carted off to the x-ray machine and brought back.

When I was brought back to my cell after the team searched it, I was in complete shock! They treated me as a human being with respect, none of my worldly possessions were scattered or slung about, and none of my legal work was tossed under or over my bunk in piles… All my property was in a neat and orderly fashion. This was done professionally by real professionals… to all who did these acts of kindness I personally thank you!

This is proof of what I was saying earlier in my blogs about how evil and hateful the region one squad team is, they “DID NOT” participate in yesterday’s shakedown and not one person had to be gassed, not one person complained or caused any trouble, and that just goes to show you that region one is drunk with their own authority. They’re so caught up in self importance and so used to being their own Gestapo agents with no one to answer to that they feel they must destroy a person’s cell. IT does NOT have to be that way and yesterday was proof of that. Our cells can be searched and our belongings can be put back in a normal fashion if you have professionals doing it. There’s nothing professional about them region one shakedown clowns. A waste of state funds.

That about covers this part of the report, so until next time, I STILL REMAIN UNBROKEN AND A TRUE AMERICAN.

Mark Stroman, 2011



7 Responses to ““149 Days left to go!””

  1. mark i hate when u say 149 days left to go it makes me sad but its always good to hear how u are doing and keeping all of us up to date i hope u remain strong u are the bestest friend ive had for almost 2 yrs now thats a long time i hope we will always remain friends here and thereafter your in my heart of hearts i care very much about u and i wish i could just hug you and tell u its going to be ok i know the envividable must happen but it leaves me with a heavy sigh.. although i know this is how u must live for now i think of u daily and no matter where i am there u will be much love to u mark xoxoxo

  2. ps im glad the guards are treating u with alot more respect ;0) as it should be

  3. ps im glad the guards are treating u with alot more respect ;0)

  4. Stacy Chandler Says:

    Hi our wonderful Mark,
    And thankful that you received respectful treatment! Every day is dark there and for us that care…please rest at night knowing your prayed for and thought about every day…I posted a comment a few days ago and will post it again but don’t want to be a bother to the kind people that love and support you that print and mail these words, I just hope our kind words make it your way…
    Our dearest Mark,
    You see, I battle with the death penalty, my friend was killed at 15 by a serial killer (who is there unfortunately with you in the same facility)…you so correctly stated that there are people there that hurt babies and children and yes, those with no feelings at all, those that just want to hurt….oh the pain…do they deserve life?? YOU DO..those that make a mistake…and feel remorse…LEARN..and grow…yes! The battle with the death penalty…YOU are wonderful…I hurt so bad for you…Aileen Wornos..(sp?) her history…her pain all through childhood, being thrown away…how does anyone react in that situation?? OH MY..there are so many that sit in there quiet homes and judge…shame on them…the loss is great of course…no one denies that…but a child that is treated so bad (in her case)..and so many others..how on earth do they learn and know how to treat others?? In your case, I lived in New York…I knew so many in the World Trade Center…so many I loved…but not a sister…anger can cause us to go over and beyond..what if my daughter was hurt…I might be where you are…I would want to hurt beyond belief the perp…would I deserve death? According to Texas law (if there as two)…so be it…our thoughts are with you everyday…as each day passes I pray more and more for you and your loved ones…I can’t understand why they don’t try to help those that deserve it!!! Those that kill babies and children and don’t care like that guy…so be it…as I said, I struggle…but you?? I know…You are different…and so many others…I don’t know if you will see this…but you are and will always be in our hearts and prayers everyday…
    Much respect,
    Stacy Chandler

    . You and your loved ones are in our prayers every day…

  5. hi mark I´m praying for you !!!!!!!

  6. mark your in my thoughts hugss

  7. sunnyjayuk Says:

    our pray are wiv you mark ..!!!!!

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