“Lockdown… Again!”

Death Blog

Texas United States of America!

February 17th, 2011 3:06am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man.

“He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how”

~ Nietzsche

Good morning my friends, we are on lockdown once again! Yes and yesterday the day was filled with gassings and several uses of force and we even had one man hang himself last night and they even gassed him as he was inside his cell hanging from his light. This person was at the other end of our building which houses the regular prisoners as well as the death row offenders who are in JAIL for offenses of unknown reasons.

The lockdown kicked off yesterday morning and the region one team and lots of others we have never seen have attacked 12 building death row and from what the guards are saying they are destroying everything in their path and have no sense of respect or acting as professionals. So this day is surely to be one of pure hell and I can only assume the food and our other worldly possessions are soon to be taken from us again and destroyed.

I can only keep my head up and will do my best to remain unbroken.

I hope this blog makes it to the destination, if not; I’ve made several copies and will continue sending them out.

True American Till Death

Mark Stroman, 2011


5 Responses to ““Lockdown… Again!””

  1. My God it’s getting worse and worse.
    What can we do?

  2. Mark Jones Says:

    I just want EVERYONE and especially Mark and Danielle to know that there are people out here who have them in their thoughts and prayers, As well as everyone else going through similar situations. I, having been incarcerated, know how important it is to have people in the “WORLD” that maintain contact and support. I urge anyone who has the means to do so to “adopt” someone who is behind bars and help them out with letters of encouragement and put 20 bucks on their books if you can. If you could understand what just a few dollars could do for someone who is locked up you would be absolutely amazed!!! If you can’t or won’t send money for whatever reason, just drop someone a line and say hi. Mail call is one of the few things that convicts REALLY look forward to.

  3. i agree mark jones ;0) mail is something mark looks forward too

  4. Gewitterfee Says:


    I´ve been reading this blog for some time now and I´m still astonished about the conditions which are obviously normal in American jails….

    Anyway, I don´t really understand why someone who killed in consequence of 9/11 is sentenced to death whereas the US Army invaded in Iraq and Afghanistan (where many more people, often enough innocent as well, were killed – not only the natives but American soldiers too….).
    It´s maybe as a proverb says: Kill one person, and you are a murderer. Kill thousands, and you are a hero….

    By the way: It´s quite a long time since I finished school and I hadn´t much opportunity to practise my English since then, so if anyone finds mistakes in this post, he or she may keep them. 😉

    Keep your head up as well as possible.
    I´m praying for you, for all in death rows and for the victims and the jail staff as well.

  5. Stacy Chandler Says:

    It’s amazing how strong you remain in such circumstances. Our prayers are with you every day…(BIG HUG).

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