“…Death by intravenous injection of a substance or substances…”

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TEXAS – United States of America!

February 16th, 2011  3:00am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man


George W. Bush, September 2001

Good morning to all that read this, the day has started out in most normal fashion, cold and raw pancakes; the fifth day in a row and it’s a total waste of State funds. I actually believe they are doing this by design and it makes no sense at all. But I’m not to let that ruin my day, I just wanted to get that out so everyone who does have a friend or loved one on the row can see how life, or should I say their existence is.

We had an execution set for last night, and I’m still not sure if the State carried it out, no news reports and the guards who are working the pod are still so new they can’t even figure out how to work their little flashlights so it’s no use in asking them anything.

Yesterday as I was at outside recreation with my little buddy Olsen, the legal mail ladies arrive and brought me some legal documents and as they hand these to me, after opening the envelopes in my presence say, “Have a good day”,  and they actually meant it too. So as I start to read the papers my friend Olsen is looking at me and asked “What’s the matter?” because I started laughing like a crazy man. Why I have no idea, because what I was reading was no laughing matter.

And here is what it said” IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the defendant, Mark Anthony Stroman, who has been adjudged to be guilty of capital murder as charged in the indictment and whose punishment has been assessed by the verdict of the jury and judgment of the court at death, shall be kept in custody by the director of the Texas department of criminal justice, institutional division, until the 20th day of July, 2011, upon which day, at the Texas department of criminal justice, institutional division, at some time after the hour of six o’clock pm, in a room arranged for the purpose of execution, the said director, acting by and through the executioner designated by the director, as provided by law, is hereby commanded, ordered and directed to carry out this sentence of death by intravenous injection of a substance or substances in a lethal quantity sufficient to cause the death of the said Mark Anthony Stroman until the said Mark Anthony Stroman is Dead.  BLAH BLAH BLAH AND BLAH BLAH. (SMILE)

So folks, what you have just read is exactly what a Texas death warrant says, and the reason I was laughing as I read the warrant to Olsen on the outside recreation cage is still beyond me, but there is one thing I know for certain, even with that death warrant I am an extremely lucky man. I can count on both hands the ones I love and still need many more fingers. ALOT of people in this life cannot honestly say that. A person can have all the money in the world, several nice homes, cottages, villas, and a different car to drive every day of the week and still not know what true happiness is. Here it is, I have nothing, but I have everything for at the end of each day, before I go to sleep I know I have lots and lots of people who love and care about me.

All I can say about the death warrant is this; I was born a TRUE AMERICAN, and will die a Proud & True American. Still very unbroken.

True American Till Death

Mark Stroman


10 Responses to ““…Death by intravenous injection of a substance or substances…””

  1. mark jones Says:

    3rd time posting.Again i apologize for my redundancy:

    Hey Mark. I been reading your blogs for sometime now and i have always been on the fence as to whether the Death Penalty is right or wrong, but who am I to judge?
    Anyways apparently the “GOOD” people of Texas feel it is proper and a jury thought it was appropriate in your case. My point is this: Even though you have “manned up” and have taken responsibility for your actions/mistakes, I am truly sorry to hear that you got a “date”. I’m sure you were not thinking clearly at those times you committed these heinous acts and yes they were quite egregious! I don’t condone what you’ve done nor do i condemn it, the simple fact is we are only human and we ALL make mistakes. Now with that being said, I can and do relate to your plight physically and mentally as I too have a body and blood on my hands, and served 15 years in the Michigan penal system for voluntary manslaughter. But for the grace of GOD go I because it could easily of been me sitting in your “whites” but for the fact that Michigan does NOT have capital punishment. I used to live in Corpus and was up until the month prior to me killing a man so if this would have occurred 1 month earlier I very well could have been your neighbor on the Polunsky unit. I don’t even know if you’ll even see this but just know that there are people who have made the similar mistakes that you have who have gotten off a lot easier. We all must accept our lot in life and the hand that GOD deals us. If HE mis-deals or deals off the bottom, then it is what it is! Remember this though: THERE ARE A MILLION OTHER PEOPLE DOING BETTER THAN YOU;

    Keep your head up HONKEY !!! They can only kill our bodies and minds! Our spirits and memories are eternal AND WILL LIVE ON!! I wish you all the best you can get!

    Mark Jones Outta Detroit michigan!!! A fellow convict (manslaughterer/murderer) and White Man!!!!

  2. Danielle Allen Says:

    Mark- I have put this in the mail for him, but it DOES take a little while. They are holdind his mail. He does not have access to the internet.

  3. Mark Jones Says:

    Danielle, thank you!!

  4. Danielle Allen Says:

    No problem at all Mark! It’s been very stressful to say the least. He needs mail right nowl… and his outgoing mail is also being held.

  5. this is ridiculous the mail room needs to be called again and again to give him his mail i cant beleive them i have complained about this over and over again i dont know why they keep his mail from him and from his out going mail to be held also this is an outrage of the freedom of speech

  6. this is ridiculous the mail room needs to be called again and again to give him his mail i will write him though soon

  7. Why is Marks incoming and outgoing mail being held? Is it because of the lockdown?

  8. Mark, I am so sorry your incoming and outgoing mail is being held. I sent Jennifer Smith an e-mail in that regard even though I do not know what is going on with that. I feel so bad for you (and Danielle). I know you really need mail at this time for than ever! Know that you have so many people all praying for you. We love you Mark!

  9. Stacy Chandler Says:

    We all do care about you Mark, very much! Our thoughts and prayers are with you every day.

  10. Stacy Chandler Says:

    Our dearest Mark,
    You see, I battle with the death penalty, my friend was killed at 15 by a serial killer (who is there unfortunately with you in the same facility)…you so correctly stated that there are people there that hurt babies and children and yes, those with no feelings at all, those that just want to hurt….oh the pain…do they deserve life?? YOU DO..those that make a mistake…and feel remorse…LEARN..and grow…yes! The battle with the death penalty…YOU are wonderful…I hurt so bad for you…Aileen Wornos..(sp?) her history…her pain all through childhood, being thrown away…how does anyone react in that situation?? OH MY..there are so many that sit in there quiet homes and judge…shame on them…the loss is great of course…no one denies that…but a child that is treated so bad (in her case)..and so many others..how on earth do they learn and know how to treat others?? In your case, I lived in New York…I knew so many in the World Trade Center…so many I loved…but not a sister…anger can cause us to go over and beyond..what if my daughter was hurt…I might be where you are…I would want to hurt beyond belief the perp…would I deserve death? According to Texas law (if there as two)…so be it…our thoughts are with you everyday…as each day passes I pray more and more for you and your loved ones…I can’t understand why they don’t try to help those that deserve it!!! Those that kill babies and children and don’t care like that guy…so be it…as I said, I struggle…but you?? I know…You are different…I don’t know if you will see this…but you are and will always be in my heart and prayers everyday…
    Much respect,
    Stacy Chandler

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