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February 12th, 2011 3:41am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead-man


The week went by so fast, it’s hard to believe it’s Saturday morning already. Good morning to everyone, may your day take you safely to all of your destinations, even if it’s just inside your own mind. I say that because I know how easily it is to get pre-occupied with negative thoughts, and once I do, no amount of logic can counter them daydreams inside my head.

So to back-track a few days, I was able to tune into the AWESOME super-bowl game last Sunday on my radio which was being held in my hometown of Dallas Texas, and even though my team the Dallas Cowboys were not in the game, it felt great just knowing that Cowboy Stadium was hosting this game and I was able to listen to it, my final football game if the State has its way.

Received new news from my attorney folks, it would seem the execution date is now going to be set for “July 20th, 2011” and I will await the finalized papers to reach the proper hands and then it’s official.

Texas has two executions set for this month and one of them is to be on the 14th, if Texas executes this person their killing a mentally retarded person for real, and I’m very in-tune with his case, I remember being at home when his case and interview was blasted on the news, I remember being in shock because they killed a mentally retarded girl. But regardless of how ironic that is we as a people have set it into law that no mentally retarded people can be put to death. That’s ironic too because they are about to put one to death out of Justice and to hell with the laws. We don’t need more laws, we can’t enforce the ones we got now. So if Texas kills this person, our whole system has failed, the ones out there who wholeheartedly support capital punishment and believe in the “LAWS” of the land, I’m curious to see how ya will view this breakdown of the American Justice System

True American Till Death

Mark Stroman



6 Responses to “Capital Punishment”

  1. You say you are curious as to how supporters of Capital Punishment would react to the recent execution of Michael Hall. Well I can not speak for all but I personally have no issue with any execution in which there is no reasonable doubt of guilt. Mr Hall went thru a very tedious and lengthy series of appeals at both the State and Federal level , no doubt of his guilt was ever established , and no evidence exists to prove that he was incapable of understanding both his sentence and the reason for that sentence. At the time of his trial he presented only the face of a man “happy”with his actions ,boasting of using the young lady for target practice , only when the chips were down and the time to pay for those actions drew near did his mental stability ever come into play. I will say to you sir that anyone who knowingly takes anothers life is mentally impaired, and I will pose to you that as the day of reckoning draws near each person facing this sentence surely loses a bit more of there sanity. In my honest opinion however that does not excuse one from their final reckoning.
    I hope I have in some small way answered your question .

    • To Rob,

      Of course there are some inmates who may play the game and say they have mental health problems, but this is a pretence that cannot be maintained 24/7. The fact that Mark and other Men in Polunsky saw Michael Hall, day in and day out, and witnessed first hand the psyche of this man, I would say they have a much clearer view than yourself to suggest whether he was or wasn’t mentally ill, and therefore 100% accountable for his crime.
      It concerns me greatly the number of men on death row who have psychological problems, what concerns me more is that they were never provided with the help, medication, support and care in the first place which could have potentially prevented their crimes (I say this in reference to those with serious psychosis, or learning difficulties) .

      As for your thoughts on mental illness, By that logic, I assume that when you say ‘anyone who knowingly takes anothers life is mentally impaired’ you are including the Executioner, The Judge and the staunch supporters of the death penalty? Which in effect makes the whole concept of capital punishment ‘Mentally impaired’. I would have to agree with you on that point. Capital punishment IS retarded.

  2. thats so ridiculous i cant beleive the system actually does this to the mentally challanged i dont have faith in how the system works because life is better then death i dont think anyone should have to suffer that fate but thats what our goverment is all about killing people and it sickens me that every time they excute someone they could care less and they do it for the money i shake my head at this and will give this some more of my thoughts on it in a bit hugs to u mark stay strong misty

  3. NOTE: [ This is the second time I’ve posted this and I will continue to until I hear back from Mark, so please be patient with me and my redundancy. Thank you ]

    Hey Mark. I been reading your blogs for sometime now and i have always been on the fence as to whether the Death Penalty is right or wrong, but who am I to judge?
    Anyways apparently the “GOOD” people of Texas feel it is proper and a jury thought it was appropriate in your case. My point is this: Even though you have “manned up” and have taken responsibility for your actions/mistakes, I am truly sorry to hear that you got a “date”. I’m sure you were not thinking clearly at those times you committed these heinous acts and yes they were quite egregious! I don’t condone what you’ve done nor do i condemn it, the simple fact is we are only human and we ALL make mistakes. Now with that being said, I can and do relate to your plight physically and mentally as I too have a body and blood on my hands, and served 15 years in the Michigan penal system for voluntary manslaughter. But for the grace of GOD go I because it could easily of been me sitting in your “whites” but for the fact that Michigan does NOT have capital punishment. I used to live in Corpus and was up until the month prior to me killing a man so if this would have occurred 1 month earlier I very well could have been your neighbor on the Polunsky unit. I don’t even know if you’ll even see this but just know that there are people who have made the similar mistakes that you have who have gotten off a lot easier. We all must accept our lot in life and the hand that GOD deals us. If HE mis-deals or deals off the bottom, then it is what it is! Remember this though: THERE ARE A MILLION OTHER PEOPLE DOING BETTER THAN YOU;

    Keep your head up HONKEY !!! They can only kill our bodies and minds! Our spirits and memories are eternal AND WILL LIVE ON!! I wish you all the best you can get!

    Mark Jones Outta Detroit michigan!!! A fellow convict (manslaughterer/murderer) and White Man!!!!

  4. Mark Jones,
    Of course Stroman was not thinking clearly; he was watching on live TV when he saw his country under attack and his little sister was on one of the top floors of the Towers! And yes, Mark had a previous non-active frontal lobe which controls, or would control emotions. This is a known fact and proven prior to his incident by MRI’s and CAT Scans. Mark needs medications and psy treatment rather than death! His attorney is aware of this. Second, when Stroman “lost it” as we all did that day while watching our country under attack, he “mistakenly” identified a man who was Muslim and wearing a turban as an Asian who was actually an Indian. He is a Texas boy as I am a Texas gal and I do not know the difference between the two either!. Mark is a loving, sincere, kind man, who has friends all over the world who love him and know he is also a very intellegent person. That being said; I see no reason for his execution when Texas has the option of “Life in Prison without Parole”. His issue has become a Political Issue and the DA is in a hurry to get rid of him as Stroman has become infamous world wide! Maybe you are aware that there is also a documentary film being produced on Mr. Stroman that will be realeased on the date of his execution. They want him quite, however; they have and will not hear the end of him long after his date after the documentary is released!
    Mr. Stroman has made me and many others well aware that he is capable of helping so many people aware of what the death penalty means as he can be an asset to our community. I believe he should be sent to high schools around the country to speak to prevent others from making mistakes and ending up on Death Roll. He could tell him what it is really like, what he has seen (insanity and suicide) and how barbarbic, in-humane, and demeaning death is. What a huge waste of an intelligent, loving human who has so much to offer the world that the D.A. want to squash!

  5. Mark Jones Says:

    Hey Rob. Who are you to judge anybody?! Would you feel the same way if one of your sons or family members were to be executed? What if it was you and you were falsely convicted and sentencd to death? That really does happen Rob. As for Michael Hall I’m not saying he didnt deserve it but who are we to judge anyone?
    Think about that,and then ask yourself what if it were so.

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