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January 30th, 2011  8:13am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man!

“The gullible believe anything they’re told; the prudent sift and weigh every word.”

The day is off to a great start, no voices inside my head and a comfort zone has engulfed me. Good morning to everyone out yonder in the world of freedom, may your day bring you a safe and peaceful comfort zone as well. The day started out well because of a few kind souls who are working our pod, and that makes the world of difference back here.

I still await the death warrant to be sent to this establishment, and once it does I will be officially classified as a dead man walking. But to be honest, most here are already dead and I see them shuffle by my cell with each passing day, dead bodies breathing in a sad place. Speaking of that type of sad soul, a baby killer just walked by my cell on his way to the shower, a look of total blankness in his eyes. I would hate to think of the nightmares that person has at night, or his every waking hour. I’d be insane just knowing that my actions had taken a precious child from this earth.

The last few days ever since I found out about my execution date that is to come, I’ve had so many people around me show acts of human kindness, inmates and guards alike; that alone has left me with a feeling of self-worth, the innermost armament of the soul is exactly that (self respect and self worth). To be deprived of it is to be dehumanized, to be cleaved from, and cast below mankind. I have seen men here (I use the word men lightly too) subjected to dehumanizing treatment experience profound wretchedness and loneliness, and find hope is almost impossible to retain! Without dignity identity is erased! At times I felt as if I was becoming a lesser human being too! But I’m still very unbroken and proud to be a True American.

Till the end of time I will remain true to myself!

Red, White & Blue

Mark Stroman


12 Responses to “Dead Man Walking”

  1. mark i am praying that u stay strong during these months and know i care very much about u and i will always care about u to me u are a person and a human and i am forever greatful for your friendship much love misty

  2. Stacy Chandler Says:

    Beautiful words Mark…you are in our thoughts everyday…Your strength is admired. I keep you in my prayers.

  3. I mailed you some print out copies of information regarding the $50.4 MILLION dollars cut back to the Criminal Justice system. I have a really good feeling about all this. Since they claim it cost $50,500 to keep an inmate for “life” and $500,000 to execute one; I am hoping this means at the very least they will change you to Life with out parole. I know you say you are ready – but I AM NOT. With the budget cuts I am hoping the death sentence will be elimintated all together. It has already been eliminated in so many states that it really makes TX. look way behind the power curb. You should also have a copy of a letter I sent to the Ombudsman, Sunset Committe, National and the Texas C.U.R.E., Sen. John Whitmire, American Statesman News Dept., Senator Kirk Watson and many others. I hope everyone else reading this will also write to your Senators and Reps., the Ombudsman, your newspaper, and CURE to help Mark. All the addresses are on the Internet. If we all write in Mark’s behalf, they will have to take notice since he is very high profile. Since when did the Criminal Justice System start executioning inmates because they are high profile? The Dealth Penalty is in-humane, degrading, and barbaric. Texas is way behind the rest of the nation. Let me know if you would like to have some addresses on this web site and I will post them for you. I am hoping I am right about the budget cuts Mark, you are too expensive to execute! 🙂 ! 🙂 ! Smile! I think of you everyday. If someone else out there knows others I can write to help Mark, please publish it on this blog.

  4. the men you killed were precious children to someone too,whilst i don’t believe in the death penalty and am not a hater you are quick to condemm others but the men you killed were precious children too and that shouldn’t be forgotten

  5. hey give me the adresses so i can write to them

  6. that would be a nice thing to do misty thats a lovely thought

  7. Connie Wright Says:

    Dear jodac,

    Mark has never lost sight of the fact that the victims of his crime were special to many people and is in no way proud of his mistake. Mark is not an unfeeling monster but rather a human being that made a horrible mistake and faces that mistake in many ways each and every day of his remaining life. Just as a great injustice was done to the victims and their families Mark faces injustices as well because of what happened and faces them with dignity and respect. No one whether victims of crime or perpetrators of crime should ever have to face injustice at the hands of others regardless of the circumstance. Unfortunately in our not so perfect world this happens both in the *free world* and within the confines of our criminal justice system and there is no justification for either. ~ posted with respect & kind regards.

  8. i never for one minute said mark was an unfeeling monster nor would i take any joy in his death i just found it ironic that he can be judgemental of his fellow prisoners on death row,that simple ,please read his own words !!!!!

    • Connie Wright Says:

      Dear Jodac,

      I’m sorry if the wording of my post caused you to misinterpret its meaning or feel it as being accusatory toward you and as stated in that post it was written with respect and kind regards. I interpreted your original post as there possibly being some doubt in your mind about Mark’s feelings toward the victims and their families and was trying to relay that Mark has never forgotten them or the devastation that was caused by his actions. In reflecting back I don’t recall even thinking that you were calling him a monster and after re-reading your original post again feel the same. My intent in my wording was to show that he does have a heart and above that has a conscience. I also cannot see where anything I’ve written even remotely implies that you would take joy in his death and am saddened that you’ve read that into my words. Regarding your comment of finding it “ironic he can be judgemental of his fellow prisoners on death row” may I ask were you referring to this statement, “Speaking of that type of sad soul, a baby killer just walked by my cell on his way to the shower, a look of total blankness in his eyes. I would hate to think of the nightmares that person has at night, or his every waking hour. I’d be insane just knowing that my actions had taken a precious child from this earth.” If so, knowing Mark as I do I take his words to be sympathetic to the nightmare this individual must live because of his actions but do respectfully acknowledge that my interpretation and yours may be vastly different. I hope this clarifies the intent of my original post for you.

      Submitted with respect and kind regards.

  9. “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.”

  10. thank you connie

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