scratching off another day off the calendar

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Texas Death Camp USA

January 18th, 2011  4:18am

Welcome to my nightmare… Tales from a dead man!

“If we do not plant knowledge when young, it will give us no shade when we are old”

Today is a new day, I think I’m happy but I’m not for certain yet! No voices inside my head and my sleep was un-disturbed and I feel refreshed… could today be a good day after all? Only time will tell. So let me say good morning to all who are reading this and may your day be blessed all the way through! Never take life for granted and never pass up the chance to smile at someone… it’s amazing what a single smile or a few kind words can do for someone.

My morning started a few hours ago and instead of jumping right up as I normally do when my eyes open, I just laid here and looked into my past. If you dig into it, it comes back and that’s exactly what I did this morning. So after re-living a few old times inside my head I decided to get up and wash my weathered old face and brush my teeth and put the water on for the much needed coffee.  So the next part of the morning is the daily prayers and scratching off another day of the calendar and speaking to my family photos on the wall. This is what I do each day inside my own little nightmare.

The execution that was set for the 11th of January was not carried out and the news reports said the condemned soul was eating his final meal when a 11th hours stay came down the wire. I can only imagine what that news brought to him as well as his loved ones… and I am sure it also brought some anger to the other side. It is a very rare event for any Texas condemned to return from the death house in Huntsville. Some men may be wired for optimism, others for doubt, but to return from the Texas death house as he did would have been one helluva shock for me. A mixture of emotions would be soaring through my body and I’m sure “everyone” reading this would feel the same.

Chow time this morning was another rare event; we had a spoon-full of eggs and two biscuits and a few slices of peach from a can. Today is the 18th of January and so far we have had them horror-story pancakes fed to us 13 days this month. No one hardly gets up to eat these because they feed’em so much and the end result is a waste of food and money. It’s wrong as hell because we have millions of people worldwide who are starving and went to bed last night with nothing to eat.

It’s now 8:20am and I’ve just seen the boogie man… yes folks, real time monsters do exist. How do I know this you wonder? It’s easy, my cell is in front of the recreation cage and at the moment I have a deranged baby killer walking around in circles… yes it’s a sight to see and makes my stomach churn. Just wondering what horrors this person holds inside his head is alarming indeed. This for me is another reason I do not consider this a life… hell it’s barely an existence and a nightmare to be around so many child-molesters and baby killers… each and every day!

Thank goodness today we have a decent crew of guards… the guards can do nothing to improve the physical conditions of this place, but their kindness is truly lifesaving!

True American Till Death

Red, White & Blue!

Mark Stroman, 2011



2 Responses to “scratching off another day off the calendar”

  1. Stacy Chandler Says:

    Good morning Mark,
    I am just devistated by the news we read. It stated you had a date in July. Reading your blogs, it is obvious you are a good person that made a terrible mistake for reasons we could all relate to. I used to work in the World Trade Center and was devistated and angry about 9/11 as well. I can’t put into words how your writings have effected us or say enough how painful it is to know a date has been set. I couldn’t agree more how difficult it must be as you stated in this particular post about baby killers and child molesters in there. One in particular, Anthony Allen Shore is a monster that killed many little girls. Those are not people. They are ill beyond belief to commit such heinous crimes. My heart goes out to you that you have to endure being around such people. You are a person that takes responsibility for your actions and feel for all involved. I pray you find peace and know you are in our hearts and heard and understood. We will keep you in our prayers and thoughts and keep hope alive that there may be some way for your attorneys to save you. You are truly one of the good people that deserve to be given a second chance. Sincerely, Stacy Chandler

  2. mark As always i love your blogs and its detailed i love how u tell it like it is i got your letter writing u back as i speak lots of hugs for u my special friend xoxox misty

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