“Hope is like a hand full of rain”

Death Blog

Texas Death Camp


January 7th, 2011  4:22am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a Dead Man

“Better a bread crust shared in love than a slab of prime rib served in hate”

Well look what has snuck up on us all… 2011 is underway and what it has in store for us is yet to be known! Good morning from a small cell on Texas Death Row. The day is off to a normal start and I can only hope for peace of mind and as I say that I do remember my wise grandfather saying, “Hope is like a hand full of rain”! This is the start of my 2011 blogs and for those who are dedicated to the site I personally say thank you.

The funniest thing happened to me on the 28th of December as I sat there in my own little world rocking out to some good ole Southern Rock, by Lynyrd Skynyrd. The news came on at the top of the hour and said stay tuned to learn about the white supremacist who lost his… I thought to myself; hey, this out to be interesting and I wonder who he is? So as I sit through all the other local news awaiting the one story (while I’m drinking my coffee)… and when the story came on I almost spit a mouthful of coffee across my cell. It said “White Supremacist September 11, Rage Killer Loses Appeal… Mark Stroman of Dallas Texas. Well I’ll be damned.

To set the record straight… I am not this huge racist white supremacist as the media portrays me… for one my children’s mother in Texas is half Mexican and half white. That would make my oldest kids mixed and me a bad white supremacist. I am proud to be white… and if being proud to be who I am makes me a white supremacist racist honky that so be it. The ones who know me, know the real deal about all and that is ALL that matters really. So for all of you people out there who are also proud to be who you are, you do know what that makes you? That’s right!

Proud and True American down to the White Bones!

Mark Stroman, 2011


2 Responses to ““Hope is like a hand full of rain””

  1. Connie Posey Cox Says:

    OMG Mark, I am So very Sorry to learn we lost the Appeal. I, we love and miss you so very much and I AM PROUD OF YOU!!!!!! please contact me if you are able: connie sue po box 52, roosevelt, ok 73564 You are Always in my Prayer and on my mind and in my Heart!!!

  2. I am so sorry! Never forget that you are not alone! You really can be proud of yourself, and i am proud of you, too! Keep your Head held up high! I’m thinking of you. With Love, Yours Suzy

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