More Afraid of living than of Dying

Death Blog Texas Death Camp

December 22nd , 2010  2.44 AM

Welcome to my nightmare…Tales from  A Dead man.

Pain  is just a weakness leaving my body”

I sit here on this warm and muggy December morning and I try to clear the clouds from my mind and get the day started.  I often wonder how I have made it this far without going insane, or perhaps I am,  and just don’t know it!  Good morning to each and one of you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Things here have really turned sour.  I don’t know if I ‘m just fed up with this place or if the answers I’ve been looking for make sense and have a logic… what ever it may be I actually feel I am now complete and can be content with all the choices I am faced with. I am more afraid of living than of dying.

Till the end…proud and true…and unbroken!

True American

Mark Stroman




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