Merry Christmas from a small cage.

Death Blog

Texas Death Camp

December 9, 2010 2:52am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

Merry Christmas from a small cage inside Texas Death Row. The ole’ morning has snuck up on me again and it’s always a blessing to have had a few hours of undisturbed sleep… it’s been so cold in these concrete tombs that I had to sleep beneath the blanket and I’ve noticed that has another positive to it beside staying warm, it also keeps the beam of light from the security guards from disturbing ones sleep. That’s one reason I slept so well last night, so at the moment it’s all about the coffee, a few good tunes on the radio and hope of a good day.

Yesterday was a nightmare, at about 7am a crew of security guards came to our section (which holds 14 of us) and told us to get ready to be moved for a few hours to empty cells so the welding crew can weld iron plates over our “co-ax cable box and electrical outlet”… (one wall is made of stainless steel) so we move the belongings beneath our bunks and stuff our shelves full so the gust and welding shavings don’t get all over our possessions. When we returned to our cells it was unbelievable… dust, metal shavings and dirt was on everything… it took me all day to scrub the walls, floors and I had to use my bath rowel… metal shavings are now embedded into my feet. What a nightmare. I know this sounds a bit petty but just imagine a crew of welders coming into your home with grinders and welders and when they’re done you return to see the aftermath of destruction you must clean… and the only thing you have is your towel you must shower with. No brooms are allowed to us, no mops… NOTHING!

It amazes me, all these so called “book smart” people who run this place are so damn sidewalk stupid…

Merry Christmas To All

True American

Mark Stroman


5 Responses to “Merry Christmas from a small cage.”

  1. Uh that sounds terrible. Sorry you had such a mess and no tools to clean it with and that you were the one who had to clean it all in the first place.

    Hope you are able to have a blessed Christmas and catch up on some sleep.

  2. atruefriendofhis Says:

    Marh, I am so very sorry about the treatmen you are having to endure in that Hell Hole. I pray for you always, Miss and Love you, We hope you have a Blessed and Happy Christmas!!!! Please write me back we want to hear from you so bad!

  3. hey mark have a merry xmas and a good new year hopefully u will get some sleep and have a restful day i am always thinking of u

  4. Hello Mark, it’s Madge. I am here with my daughter Linda for Boxing day. Hoping this Christmas season has bought you some kind of peace and happiness. I wanted to let you know I am thinking of you at this time as I am at every time of the year. Your kind words in your letters to me is what brings joy and hope into my life and I love you for the support you give me. Love and hugs coming over to you dear friend. Linda and the family also send their love to you. Madge. xxx

  5. Hello Mark,
    If you think you are crazy or insane, then you are not! Insane people do not know they are insane and don’t wonder if they are crazy! I know after 8 years you “feel” like you are going crazy. You need some social contact. I wonder why Ellis 1 and Ellis 2 have social contact. They have a gym, and arts and crafts room. I am going to write some letters regarding the inhumane treatment of no socialization on death roll. I see even the dog pounds in Texas let the animals out to socialize, they receive medical attention, food, baths, get their toe nails cut, at least one walk a day on a leash, get toys and raw hide bones to occupy them! The way we treat our prisoners and old folks tells a lot about our society.

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