Holiday Season 2010

December 3rd, 2010 3:11am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man!

“Proud, True and Grateful… Till Death Comes”

Well good morning to friends, loved ones and enemies alike… it’s a new day and I’m doing this damn thing one step at a time and won’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow, yesterday is no more ~ tomorrow may not arrive so the big focus of the day is today and how to squeeze as much of life out of it as possible… I will make the best out of a bad situation!

I sit here in this small cage and am absolutely amazed at how fast the time flies… a normal person on the outside would assume time in these cages would move slow, but I can assure you that’s not true, I do find myself so mentally drained at the end of each day that it’s hard to complete the days set tasks… where has 2010 gone too?

I wanted to touchdown on how the Thanksgiving Day went for me and I thank everyone who sent in such positive thoughts and greetings and for everyone world wide who continues to give me the needed strength to face one of these death row days in Texas, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! People like you make the world a beautiful place…

My Thanksgiving came a few days early, on November 20th a dear and trusted friend (who I might add had her husband put to death byTexas in 2008 and she still finds the strength to walk in here to add a smile to my face) came and we had a 2 hour visit of laughs and conversation and the big surprise for me was the machines were stocked with fresh bowls of salad and tons of other things. And my friend simply said Happy Thanksgiving… absolutely remarkable!

Then on November 25th, 2010 Thanksgiving arrives once again for all of death row and Polunsky. The day was a blessed one and not one person could complain the way things were done. The meal was plenty and cooked well, Turkey, ham, pork chops and all the fixings, pies, cakes and that is how the day went for us. I’m grateful for all involved and for the effort put forth.

Before I close this out, I wanted to say a few words to whomever “Gorpit” is. You left a message on the November 13th blog, and I don’t think I could top anything my friend Annette has said to you. Smile. But I will say this… Merry Christmas to you…

And to everyone!

True American Till Death

Mark Stroman


12 Responses to “Holiday Season 2010”

  1. Mark I want to know about the cell phone, and Merry Christmas to you too

  2. Connie Posey Cox Says:

    Dear Mark, I continue to write even though I get no response. I am wondering if I am one of the “FRIENDS” whos letters you recieve are empty envelopes?
    Just wanted to let you know that Chris, Amy , Josh and I are praying for you, Love you dearly, miss you like crazy ans can’t wait till the appeals court sets you free! I am sooo glad you had a Great Thanksgiving, Wish you were here, We would fix you up a FEAST fit for a KING!! I love you Mark , my Brother and my Friend. Be Safe Be Blessed. God Bless you Mark. Hope to hear from you soon, Connie-Sue.

    God’s love is unconditional, unchanging, and unfailing. Don’t allow the enemy to bombard you with guilt and condemnation. He tries to persuade you that God’s love for you is conditional. This is a lie. You didn’t do anything to earn God’s love and nothing you do can make Him love you less. He is love (1 John 4:16).

  3. glad u had a good turkey day and i hope u havent forgotten about me big kisses for your head mwah xoxox misty

  4. I hope you have an equally good Christmas, Mark.

  5. I hope you have a blessed Christmas.

  6. Hi Gorpet,
    Merry Christmas to you! In relation to Mark and the alleged cell phone, they searched him on a number of occasions and found NOTHING, they took his typewriter apart, found nothing and failed to put the screws back in. I would imagine because they were annoyed about their ‘hunch’ being wrong. They even used the old x-ray chair, and again, nothing. So after weeks and weeks of tearing up his cell to no avail, we’re expected to believe they stumbled across a phone found in a sock?(its all on the internet) and of all the dozens and dozens of phones they found, Mark (with the exception of Tabler who WAS guilty) was the only guy to receive media attention??? Interesting…..Probably to discount all the blogs he had been writing at the time. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but I’m not stupid either and I don’t believe for a second Mark had a phone, I do believe a lot of people don’t like him expressing his views on this site and anything they can do to discredit him or drag his name through the mud they will do. Notice at the time the prison said they said they would be ‘investigating further’ and yet we haven’t heard a thing from them since.

  7. Danielle Allen Says:

    Gorpet- what would you like to know regarding the cell phone? I’m sure you can google it and find out the details. BUT I will be MORE than happy to answer ANY questions you may have. Mail is running slow so Mark may not get to answer quickly. My direct email is

    • atruefriendofhis Says:

      Hey, I am Davita and Johnny Posey’s daughter and an old friend (family) of Mark’s, would you please find out if he is getting the letters from us (Connie Posey Cox) we havent heard anything from him. My Dad said he wrote and asked for my address and he gave it to Mark but he should have got it on the envelope of the letters we sent? Please send him our Love and Prayers! Thank you Very Much!

  8. Danielle Allen Says:

    I will find out for you! I am not sure if he has or not. I will let you know as soon as I find out! I am so very sorry for your loss.

  9. I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving meal – twice! I wish you another great dinner for Christmas and hope you have a great day. I will be thinking of you and wishing you everything good as I always do and especially on Christmas…well, every day in fact.
    What a great, strong friend that came to death roll after having her husband executed. I’m sure I would be too bitter and depressed to be able to do what she did but I am so glad she did. Sounds like it is something both of you needed. Merry Christmas and the best news ever in 2011!!!

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