“Executions,Executions, Executions”


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November 13th, 2010  2:40am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man!

“Executions, Executions, Executions, Executions”

It’s another morning inside of Texas Death Row and I’m wide awake and having my morning coffee and not sure what to write this morning but something has pushed me towards my ink pen… like some unseen force… so the morning started with my “morning ritual”. Wash the old weathered face, brush the teeth, put on water for coffee and mark off another day on my calendar and put up a new execution list that came in the mail last night along with tons of other news related stories… Thanks Dani for keeping me so well updated and in the loop on what is up with the injustice system. Much obliged.

Yes Texas has issued more execution dates but at least the man I spoke about in one of my earlier blogs, Steven Staley, has received another reprieve and it’s well deserved. The State wants to pump him full of medication to turn on the lights inside his head so the Texas executioner can pump him full of toxic chemicals to turn the lights out forever! Texas has been forcibly medicating this man to make him sane enough to be killed. That’s wrong and I hope someone with enough common sense finally stops worrying about reelection and stops the games.

I have had a full month of cell raids already for November. Yes folks this place is at it again. I was raided along with my whole section on the 2nd of November, ordered to get naked and then hand over the clothing you are wearing to the officer so he can do a check. Then they hand them back to you through the food slot. You get dressed and then back up to the slot and put your hands out so you can get handcuffed. Then the door is rolled open and you are taken a few steps over to the shower and placed inside, cuffs removed through the slot in door and wait for them to finish raiding all of your worldly possessions of photos and letters… etc. etc… then the same thing happens. You get naked, hand over clothing through shower door slot and then get dressed again as it’s handed back to you. Back up to the door and get handcuffed and then escorted back to your cell and put it back in order. What was confiscated? Two empty chip bags I use to warm up my food with. All that for two damn chip bags. Taxpayer money at work here!

Then on November 10th the same raid team shows up at my cell again and says shake down. (Holy crap, they’ve come for my chip bags again)… so I go through all the get naked stuff and this time I’m escorted down the long hallway and put inside a small room with pools of old urine on the floor and there I sat for over two hours and then I get naked again and escorted back to my cell and it’s freakin’ destroyed and all that was confiscated was some empty chip bags again. So I have a question, what are the 44 camera’s for? I have one a few feet from my cell, and as soon as I eat a bag of chips I am raided it would seem. Is someone being paid to monitor the camera’s? If so they would be able to see that nothing has been going on at my cell. Except a few bags of tator chips being eaten… I can see it now… Stroman just finished a bag of chips… go send in the team!!!

I was born free, you can knock me down and keep chains on me and try to break and silence me and you can even execute me but I can assure you I’ll die with my head held high and I’ll still be a true American.

Till death comes for me…. unbroken

Mark Stroman



6 Responses to ““Executions,Executions, Executions””

  1. Hello Mark, With all that degrading treatment; I am glad you remain un-broken! Good for you; you are a very strong person. I have sent you three letters and a Thanksgiving card. I don’t think you are getting my mail. I sent you a print out of information on Steven Staley, some information from Potters Web Site that is fighting against excutions, comments including one of mine, a copy of the Oct. letter you never received and an a 8″ X 10″ picture of the ship made of steal from the N.Y. towers, and a copy of a letter I sent complaining about your mail situation. If you are not receiving copies of this information then I suspect they are removing the information from you if not the complete letters! I would like to know why forsure so I can kick up dust about it-again and also report it to the Sunset Committee and Sen. John Whitmire as well. It is upsetting to me if my letters are never given to you! I had a book sent to my loved one and he NEVER received it. I wrote about that as well. I know I am sending the letters to the correct addresses because I have written previously about the problems and they responded-plus I keep copies of them in my personal files. Any suggestions? Should I write to Warden Butcher? It is upsetting to me as well as it is for you. I have not forgotten you – please know that. A.B.

  2. Hi Mark

    I had read all your post and really get the picture how Texas torture factory works. Those typewrite screws ????? What they might say if i send them one my screwdriver and explane how to tight screws. i guess execution is cost too much so texas do not have any money to buy screwdrivers. Unbeliveble what they do there….
    You are right. They must watch monitors and when they notest you have empty chip bag they search your cell. Well…you can fool them. Save few chip and after you have heat your meal put those chip back to chipbag….then there is no more empty bags.
    Stay strong Mark and do not loose your sense of humor because that is thing what helps you difficult days…

  3. Mark I understand that they found your cell phone inside your Typewriter, perhaps you had something else in there ot they just had enough of you.

    • Theebluebutterfly Says:

      Gorpet: (sounds like you are a sissy boy hiding under a fake name) you are hateful. “IF” Mark did have a cell phone it would be because a guard likes him and they gave it to him. How would you like to be locked in a small cage on death roll 24/7. I wish you did not have a phone of any kind for 8 years and had to eat the slop they get on death roll for 8+ years and let the female guards watch you deficate! Besides, Gorpet – how do you know what was inside the typewriter – are you the guard with 2 loose screws or did you place it in there ?! It happens MARK has LOTS of friends all over the world, the guards happen to like him and the new Warden went to meet him (and only him) about the loss of his sister in the towers during the 9-11 attacks. If you cannot say anthing nice, why don’t you mind your own business and hold your forked tonge! I think you are jealous since you sound bitter and do not have friends or family that love you like Mark does. BTW, they are taking up a collection for Mark to get a new typewriter! Is anybody taking up a collection for anything at all for you? Be thankful for what little it sounds like you have and try not to be so jealous, threatened and intimated by Mark.
      I’m a girl in the free world – why don’t you pick on me…

  4. Annette

    I was stating a fact about the cell phone and as hateful goes I have never killed anyone in my life, never been to jail . I have a job, I pay my taxes and I put Mark in the same level as the idiot that flew the plane into the WTC. Please understand what a Fork tongue means before you call me one. Now to pick on you, the guards didn’t give him a cell phone, he bought one with the money you gave him.

  5. Gorpet,
    Apparently you are not very educated or intellegent and YOU are a LIAR! You do not have any idea what you are talking about! First, I have NEVER sent Mark any money so how could he buy a cell phone with the money I sent him! HaHa! You are more ingorant than I thought you were. Nice try at trying to pick on a “girl” in the free world. Second, I never used the words saying you “Killed” anyone or accused you of being in jail. You must be on drugs. Do you think Mark bought a cell phone at the commissary? HAHA! Take your Schizophrenic medications. There is no use in me wasting my time talking to someone who has a psychotic disorder. I am surprised that you continue reading about Mark if you think he is an idoit; I know I will not be wasting my time with you anymore! Take good care of yourself and please do not reproduce! Sincerely, Annette

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