“Loose Screws”

Death Blog

Texas Death Camp

November 4, 2010  3:22am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man!

“Hate ~ there’s enough of it in the world ~ and does NO good in the end”

The rotten day is off to another start, CHOW TIME~CHOW TIME, is being barked out by some young kid with a voice that’s like a squeal, kinda funny to hear early in the morning but I’m damn sure not laughing at the 3 cold raw pancakes that have just been pushed in my cell… good morning Death Row, what a wonderful day to be alive.

This is the 2nd blog of November, hopefully the 1st one will reach its destination, it seems my mail is being lost in route to the post office by design, I believe.  I will not be silences and I will continue till I’m put to death. Last night at mail call delivery I received “TWO” empty envelopes and I know damn well the friends didn’t send empty envelopes with thoughts of making me smile. So the blame is with the mail room… they made damn sure they punch a few holes in the used stamps when their actual job is to ensure my mail is properly sealed after they scan it, but their main concern is hole punch-in used stamps… how pathetic and childish some are.

If you have any spare time folks, call up to the unit or to Huntsville and report this… PLEASE!

As for another issue I wish to bring up is the missing blog I sent in from October, it spoke mainly on the shake downs and how this time our legal work was off limits and couldn’t be confiscated by the overzealous hate filled staff… so that was an issue I had to bring up and I again am sorry for the delay in my postings… and I have another small rant and rave I would like to get off my chest. I was placed on typewriter restriction November 2008 for the reason: “Screws were loose”. Not in my head but on the typewriter! The shakedown Region 1 team had opened up all typewriters in the 2008 phone scandals… so my typewriter and all ribbons were taken and for two years I’ve been on restriction. .. but as of October 15th my restriction was lifted and the paperwork said due to “minor offense”.   But here’s the funny part, I’ve been told I don’t get the typewriter back, which all they would have to do is tighten the screws and return. No, I’m told if I want another typewriter I must pay $225.00 for one of the new see through type… I smell a rat and another way to abuse us. How is this possible…? EASY… we are in Texas and the Gestapo runs the row…

True American Till Death

Mark Stroman



One Response to ““Loose Screws””

  1. Cynthia Jeannette Says:

    I can only imagine that you receive many comments and probably don’t have the opportunity to get much mail or email, etc. out. So I will just send you a note not expecting anything in return.

    I’m sorry about the conditions you are experiencing. I’ve read your blog before, a friend of mine shared it with me, Ilan. He is a supporter and ally to you. If he gets his way, I believe you will be getting your typewriter soon. You write a compelling letter, I appreciate that you wear your spirit as well as you do. I try to do the same with what liberties I do have, I try to use them well. Thanks for the insight and your tenacity, I see people like yourself, who with less than I -make life meaningful; I also see those who have given up. You could give up, but I believe you wont. For that I am grateful and pray you live in your strength. You take the phrase, “the meaning of life” to another place. If we could only be half the person you are now, we would be in a much better place.

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