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November 2nd, 2010  3:00pm

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man

“Red, White & Blue ~Proud & True~ Still unbroken”

Well hells bells… it’s raining outside, it’s raining inside my cell and I’ve had storm clouds inside my head… never a dull moment in this place… yes it’s another rotten day inside a small cage in a big mean world. Serious, I do have a world of troubles on my mind but have been reminded again that challenges can be stepping stones or stumbling blocks, it’s just a matter of how you view them.

It seems my October Blog has never reached its destination and that is becoming a big problem, lost and misplaced mail, done by design or neglect. So if anyone out there has written to me and have not received a reply it’s this place up to its games again… playing mail Gestapo… what a fountain of pleasant information I am. The missing blog was done on the 19 days of lockdown and repeated shakedowns we continue to have and I even mentioned how a few old hags from population had been in on the major shakedowns and all they were doing was taking peoples clothing and a few envelopes… serious, how pathetic is that, you could have a zillion envelopes with your name and prison number written on them but if you had 3 or 4 without the name or prison ID number on ’em those hags would find ’em and come rushing out of the cell waving them in the air like it was a winning lotto card or some bingo winner. Sad indeed, tax payers money at waste for sure! But that’s just the way it is I suppose.

We had the 17th execution of the year in October and we have one more set for December 1st and I feel I must bring this up. The person who is set to die is named “Steven Staley” and back in 2008 this man was my neighbor, he would sit in the middle of his floor with a sheet wrapped around him sporting a full beard and that glazed over look of someone who is not home. He would sit there all day and mumble to himself and would hold conversations with some invisible force. The guards would even ask me about him. That’s all this dude did… mumble and sit on the floor medicated to the max… and now he has another execution date and he is not even on the unit, but at that unit where the mental cases are held. He’s insane and lost in his own head… so how can Texas execute him… but then turn around and give all these child molesters action and life sentences because of a low I.Q.  These I speak of are not lost but sick… Steven Staley should not be put to death due to his mental status. That’s my opinion from my interaction with this man.

True American

Mark Stroman

Living to Die ~ Dying to Live


One Response to “The Missing Blog”

  1. Hello Mark,
    I wondered what had happened to you and thought maybe you were sick when I had not heard from you or seen a blog from you. I have sent two letters that I assume you never received. The first one was a Happy Halloween letter and the 2nd was just copies of some information from CURE and positions on the death sentence. I suspect the death penalty will be eliminated in the not too distant future. I wish they would at least move you to general population so you could communicate with other inmates instead of being in that wet hole alone all the time. The guards obvilously know you are a good guy, even the warden since they come to talk to you and you only.
    That is a sad situation about Steven Stanley. The system is in need of an MAJOR OVERHAUL, including the TX. Parole Board beginning with Chairman Rissie Owens and Sen. John Whitmire. I have lost hope with R. Perry being re-relected because he will take the easy way out not to mention as soon as he was elected he announced he was going on a book tour for the book he wrote “Fed up”. He is upset about the Fed. financial situation but he is going to be gone (hopefully for 4 years so he doesn’t do more damage to Texas) but he is not upset that Texas is $25 BILLION dollars in the RED!! As soon as he heard he was re-elected he starting selling his book at his celebration party! He does not care about the people – only his rich cronies. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I wonder what they did to my letter… This is wrong and I am going to write a letter and report them. I am wishing you all the best in the world and think of you more often than you know. I hope the food has been better with the new Warden Butcher. Take care of your self as best you can. Annette

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