“Torture, degradation & abuse of authority”

Death Blog

Texas Death Camp

September 21st, 2010  3:35am

Welcome to my nightmare… Tales from a dead man!

“Torture, degrading & abuse of authority”

Well hello to everyone out there in the land of the living, may each one of you enjoy it to the fullest… as for the land of the living dead where I dwell, we are on day two of another annual lockdown for shakedown. Yes death row just went through this 6 to 8 weeks ago… so now the Warden decides it’s time to do the General Population for their search and destroy shakedown and we are tossed into the mix once again… it’s funny but when we were on lockdown a few months ago population remained on normal status but when they are on lockdown status we are added to it, it’s really out of control and abuse of authority.

So I wonder do I lose my food again, surely they will find reason to confiscate all my legal work this time, since I’m nearing the end of my appeals what better way to help the State kill me then by snatching all my legal work from me and saying it doesn’t fit in the box. Time will tell folks!

We are no on “Johnny Sacks” and for those of you who have no idea what a Johnny Sack is I’ll explain it to you. the name Johnny Sack is something that goes back way before my time ~ but what it is, is a small brown sack a small child would take to school with their lunch in. Hell when I was part of the free world I even packed my lunch in them, but here at Polunsky it’s the most evilest thing you’ve ever seen in your life. For example, just a few moments ago I received my morning “Johnny Sack” which consisted of a blob of peanut butter on two pieces of bread and two additional pieces of plain bread… not wrapped up… just tossed in the brown sack. These were made sometime yesterday so the bread is stiff as a board. Last night I was blessed with a whole tator and another peanut butter sandwich.

And they act surprised when we have a pile of commissary in our cells.

So do I have my food confiscated or my legal work? Time will tell!

Still unbroken!

True American Till Death

Mark Stroman!


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