“Flashlight Boy”

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Texas Death Camp

September 18th, 2010  3:02am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man!

“I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul”

WHEW! It’s another day or should I say another start of one, good morning to everyone who is reading this… as I sit hear I’ll try to explain the events of the morning so that anyone out there in the land of the free can get a mental image of this rotten place I dwell in until Texas decides it’s time to be strapped down and killed in the name of Justice…

I was awoken for the last time at 2:40am by a young kid with a flashlight ~ fresh out of school and working as a “institutional drone” with the idea “do as your told and the system takes care of you”… do during the 30 minutes security checks this young kid “Flashlight” I’ll call him walks around to all the cells and shines his little light in each cell and 90% of the time in the eyes of the sleeping… I’ve grown tired of this and have fixed a newspaper on my table as a hanging curtain to shield my head from this blinding light that’s tossed in every 30 minutes… so I get up, wash my face, brush my teeth, fill up the hot pot with water and plug it in… coffee is only minutes away… So I turn out my light and stand at my door in the dark… and here comes “Flashlight Boy”. He is at my 73 year old neighbors’ cell doing what he’s trained to do… (wake people up) and when he gets to my cell door and goes to flash it in he realizes he’s eye to eye with me and screams like a little girl… too damn funny.

It’s now 3:20am and the morning meal of cold pancakes is pushed through my slot and a spoonful of oatmeal and another spoonful of sour applesauce that a baby would even refuse to eat, so I get the warm milk and dump all the contents of the tray into the toilet… I’ll not eat anymore of these undercooked things… so as the Institutional drone that I’ll continue to call “Flashlight” comes to get the trays I ask him why he has been shining his light in everyone’s eyes… his response was “they” told me to make sure everyone is alive… so you see folks, this is an act of torture… “Sleep deprivation”.

So the morning can’t be complete without me scratching off another day on my calendar ~ the calendar which is next to the execution list and an image of the death gurney. Those items alone let me realize that each day is a blessing no matter what one faces.

It’s now 4:50am, I’ve completed my workout, 400 pushups at 50 a set and 200 deep knee bends ~ I can hear the animals on the other side of the pod starting to wake up ~ the yells ~ the screams and the door kicking, another day on Texas Death Row. The other side of the pod is a playground haven for child molesters; most are paranoid by nature and capable of seeing real threats in babies and bunnies. The past few days there have been a lot of human waste wars on that side. Squirting each other down with fecal matter and old urine. I’ve never seen anything like it; it’s like their trying to determine who’s the toughest pedophile over yonder. Yes this place is really a bad rotten existence. I’m still in shock after all these years.

It’s now 5:30am and the new shift begins… the day time people, the ones who are better trained and more or less seasoned vets of this place, with 6 months or even 1 year of death row skills. Yep it’s absolutely amazing. The guards are even treated badly and the turnover rate is high. Soon “Flashlight Boy” will be a vet ~ highly skilled and shifted to the day crew. It’s all a cycle. But for me, it’s my nightmare.

Still unbroken & Red, White & Blue

True American

Mark Stroman


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  1. just cant get the staff Mark, Man

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