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September 16th, 2010  4:56am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man!

Remember every flower that ever bloomed had to go through a whole lot of dirt to get there.

I had that evil dream again… and there’s no other way to describe it, pure evil, a feeling that Satan himself has entered my dream and I’m getting a small glimpse of what could be. The presence of evil was and is still present after I opened my eyes! Most of you have no idea of the dream I speak of ~ I’m being strapped to that gurney of death in Huntsville Texas and the needle is about to be inserted into my arm ~ and in today’s dream I hear something I’ve never heard before during the dream and it’s definitely jolted me into reality. I was hearing the screams and yells of the damned. Like the pit of hell had opened up!!! That is one wild way to wake up I can tell you. What does it all mean…? Am I being warned…? Am I being shown a part of eternity…? Or is it just a damn evil dream…?

True American

Till Death

Mark Stroman


3 Responses to ““Evil Dream””

  1. I do not believe there is a hell. That is just something made up to make the masses behave themselves. When you are gone; you are just gone and that it it. You did not do anything that others did not do after 9-ll and we are in Afganistan killing people. Also in Iraq we are there killing old men, women, and children as well as trying to steal their oil. Bush and his cornies are bent on wealth and power; look at him now. He is the worst president ever with an IQ of 87 and has never written a book; he cannot even speak English! The only reason that stopped many other civilians from doing the same thing that you do was fear of being caught and ending up where you are. Now they are going to build a mosque to celebrate and dance on the graves of their innocent victims of Mothers’, Fathers, husbands, brothers, sisters, and the children who were in the Towers’ Day Care. I do not believe you will ever go to the gurney!
    It just a dream that was configured out of your subconscious. Go into your zone and try not to think about this because it is NOT going to happen. The worst that is going to happen is life on death roll and that can change as well with a new political era.

  2. Your dre

    am sounds familiar to me. I have heard of this particular dream before only it came from my fiance who the state of texas executed. Your not alone in having that dream or the wondering where your fate may be. It has to go through every mans head on death row. how could it not? When I was told of this dream by my fiance honestly I didnt know how to respond then but now I do so I thought Id share what I have learned. This is only my opinion and I have earned my right to have this outlook for I have seen things done to a loved one nobody should half to witness. First off where you sit in no way depicts who you are as a human being. Your address doesnt define you as a human being. To say a man is unredeemable is a slap in the face of God. Who are we as mere humans to pass judgement on anyone. I was brought up to respect law enforcement. What I saw on my fiances execution day was far from respectable. A little to clean and efficent the butcher machine in Texas. His execution didnt even make the news it was as if he didnt exist any longer or his life wasnt news worthy. It mattered to me and it mattered to my daughters who loved him like a father IT MATTERED TO US! Your in no way damned to hell. Now the people partaking in executions may be but not you. I know my fiance was a changed man so in my eyes the injustice was overwhelming and honestly more than I could handle. He thought he was doomed to hell also because of some satanic tattoos he got in his younger days. My daughter reminded him the body doesnt go to heaven only your soul and when he finally whole heartedly grasped this concept and made his peace only then was he able to move on with preparing himself for things to come. In the end he was ready and my point is as hard as this is to say that when he accepted what was to come only then was he truely able to find peace and forgiveness. Wondering if your doomed to hell is only your mind and hearts way of refusing to forgive itself. In forgiveness there is life. What i didnt know then was the importance of forgiving yourself to truely be able to move on. He regretted the crimes that took him to texas death row and in the end he forgave himself and I know he is with God waiting for me. I may not get all the signs I may want but he is in paradise and this world was nothing but hell for him and I made him promise to enjoy his paradise and not look back. I know in time I will join him and I too have to put aside my selfish wants and allow him his paradise. MAY YOU FIND PEACE…

  3. Danielle Allen Says:

    Adonya- thank you! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! I am putting this in the mail to Mark Monday morning. Your daughter is a very wise little girl.
    On a side note, your fiance and Mark knew one another very well. I hope you are doing Ok. Hugs to you

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