Polunsky Death Row Unit’ fight against old Stamps!

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August 26th, 2010 7:44am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man

“A Whole lot of holes… rotten, mean & childish”

The day has started out with the usual, cold & raw gooey pancakes, but I received an extra added bonus… Jell-O style milk. It came out in clumps and was just as sour as the mule faced female guard who served it to me, as soon as I brought it to her attention that the milk was sour she instantly accused me of fabricating the story to gain another ½ pint of warm milk! When I showed her the Jell-O clumpy milk she flashes me a smile that would freeze a west Texas water hole in the middle of August. So many that work here are actually kind and here to pay their bills but in every batch you have the devastatingly stupid, mean & nasty ones


Good morning Planet Earth, what a great day to be alive!

This will be the third time I’ve sent the “Whole lot of holes” topic blog in, but for some odd reason the first two have never reached the final destination outside these walls. Imagine that now, since all of my mail is prescreened by the mail staff here how is it possible a topic on the mail has vanished twice… hmmmmm….

For years and years Death Row has been asked to save all the used and “franked” postage stamps that come on all of our mail, whether it’s from the USA or from other far away countries we have done this for a few anti death groups overseas in the United Kingdom. Why do we do this? Well let me copy a part from one of the groups recent newsletters. This was to ALL death rows in the USA. Quoted from “The Wing of Friendship” Newsletter Summer, 2010.


I have just finished sorting thousands of stamps that readers of the wing have sent me over the last few months. I’m grateful to you all, especially the guys on the row who have contributed, David from Alabama being the Star turn in, he cajoled the guys into collecting hundreds for me!

Some have asked what happens to the stamps. I have taken or sent the vast majority to “Children Homes in India”. Each home runs a stamp club and there is an annual competition for the best collection. The stamps give a window on the world for children who may never have been outside of their village. The children come from homes so poor that their families cannot afford to feed or cloth them adequately. When the children leave the “children homes” they go to College or start an apprenticeship. Nearly all turn into fine young people able to lift their families from abject poverty. They are sponsored by good people in the UK who are proud to help them. Closest to my heart are the children who are HIV infected. For most of them life will be a short affair. For anyone further interested in the Indian Charity the website is www.jochaman.org.uk. As I have also received hundreds of identical stamps I have put these aside and sent them to a UK charity for the blind who sell them. Last year they netted over £10,000.

End of quote for Wings of Friendship.

Now folks you’ll see from reading that story that we have good intentions and for years I’ve sent ALL my used stamps to Human Writes and Wings of Friendship. I’d save ’em up and mail ’em out. But this evil, rotten & mean mail room here has put a end to this charity of ours by destroying all the used postage stamps, out of pure HATE!

Attached/scanned with this blog you’ll find 4 used stamps with 63 holes. That’s a whole lot of holes and a whole lot of hate!

If you do see my point and agree this is wrong of the Polunsky Unit then complain to Huntsville. The job of the mail room is to process our mail, not play stamp destroyer.

True American Till Death

Red, White & Blue

Mark Stroman


2 Responses to “Polunsky Death Row Unit’ fight against old Stamps!”

  1. What’s the big deal of letting stamps that would normally be thrown out go for the enjoyment of chikdren over seas? Not everyone hates their job or lives and these kids don’t have much any how so why take away an obvious educational enjoyment from them?
    This is such a “power trip” on the corrections part!! Don’t u need to do your jobs better and let the kids have their stamps!!!

    • mark jones Says:

      the reason they punch the holes in the stamps are because the postmarks can be easily “washed” off using soap or shampoo mixed with water thereby rendering a “used” postage stamp “new” again and allowing convicts to mail free letters. just an F.Y.I. I DID 15 YEARS IN THE JOINT IN MICHIGAN.

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