Angel of Death at your door

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Texas Death Camp

August 24th, 2010  3:09pm

Welcome to my nightmare… Tales from a dead man

“In our lives there are many storms, just remember to get to the rainbow you have to go through the storm”

Good afternoon people… it’s been one of those days,  it’s been raining inside my head but I’ve got to get control of “myself” and thoughts… I can’t afford to waste any time. Actually none of us can… whether you’re inside this place of death or on the outside living in freedom… life doesn’t slow down! I often wonder will I be complete before I die?

In my last blog I had mentioned that we only had two people on death watch (and that is rare for Texas Death Row) I had also said that that has a lot of us wondering who’s to be next and the unknown is nerve-racking to all of us back here with death sentences… and lo and behold a few hours after I mailed out that piece a guy a few cells down received legal mail telling him he will be taken back to Fort Worth Texas for a court appearance on October 4th in which the Judge will issue his execution date. Living here is like waiting for the Angel of Death to stop at your door.

Whatever my responsibilities may be to the Government, to society or to individuals, I will meet them like a man…

True American.  Till Death

Mark Stroman, 2010


2 Responses to “Angel of Death at your door”

  1. Dear Mark, I just cannot bring myself to believe the angel of death is going to take you, not there anywaiy. It would be such a waste of a man who is so full of love and good thoughts. I find it unbelievable that you can do that in the hell whole you are in! I don’t know how you manage to keep your good attitude. I would be so bitter and feel like I was trapped in a cage like an animal. Bless your good heart. I wish I had some of your strength and out look on life.

  2. mark i havent gone away i will write u soon hopefully my letter wont disapear i did call the unit and complained about the mail situation for u i hope u are still smileing and thinking of me your in my heart always mark misty

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