“The Living Nightmare”

Death Blog

Texas Death Camp

August 23rd, 2010  3:00Am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man!

“Everyday is a gift ~ not a given right!”

Morning has snuck up on me again… as I lay on my thin mattress trying to regain the thoughts and images from the dream I was just involved in I wonder how the hell I was woken up, I don’t hear any noise… then out of nowhere I suddenly hear another condemned soul down the run (a few cells down) tell the guard where he ought to place his flashlight… then it dawns on me… the reason I’m awake… snatched away from a beautiful dream and back to reality… “The Living Nightmare”, the guard pointed his flashlight beam directly in my eyes. And then hurried away to wake up others…

Good morning Planet Earth. What a wonderful Day to be alive. One surely to be full of degrading and inhumane conditions! The sleep deprivation still continues… the female guards are still present when male offenders are being striped in the nude and the smell of death is always in the air… with only two people on death watch with execution dates everyone is nervous and wonders who will be next.  Death is on the prowl.

True American

Still unbroken

Mark Stroman


One Response to ““The Living Nightmare””

  1. Cynthia Jeannette Says:

    The sky is clear, I and sun shining. I’ve been up since 4:30 working on a collection of short films to finish up a demo reel today. I finally took a break, a shower and sat back at the computer to find Ilan Zivs forward of your link. I read the most recent entry and thought I would give you a s shout back. Its a busy day for me getting ready to drum up work since I’m basically a poor filmmaker. Haven’t has a regular pay check for over two years now, but somehow managing. My lover lives in Austin, me in Albuquerque. He suffered a seizure yesterday and I had a hard time sleeping, thinking of him. I wish he would come back home. Soon I hope. There’s nothing in austin for him, music maybe but then again -not. So I’ll go about my day and you will have been a part of it. Thanks for sharing your morning thoughts with me.

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