“Every second counts cause there are no second chances!”

Death Blog Texas Death Camp August 17th, 2010 3:40pm

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man!

“Every second counts cause there are  no second chances!”

It’s another hot sunshiny afternoon in Texas and the radio just announced it’s in the 100’s once again. August in Texas is hell on the row due to the concrete cells we are inside 22 to 24 hours each day. The heat can be felt 3 feet from the walls and the ones who have fans are the lucky ones! I’ve been running mine 24 hours a day and to help keep cool I wet one of my state issued sheets and hang it on my makeshift clothesline and the air from the fan and air duct system keeps the cell a few degrees cooler. Another day inside Texas’s Death Camp. I was sitting here a few hours ago reading a book and lost in the story line when I hear something that made my blood boil. The cell I[‘m located in is a few feet from the recreation cage so I have a front row seat and see all who venture into the cage of doom & gloom, and with that I am forced to listen to a lot of sick stories! Most of the time I have ear plugs in and headphones on with the music as loud as it can go so I can have peace of mind and no one else can get inside my head. But today I was caught off guard and heard some real sicko talk that had the blood boiling. Let me explain it. The sick twisted poster child for the death penalty is “Steven Long”… he raped and killed a precious little girl out of my hometown Dallas… and he blames his actions on his alter ego he has named Pretty Boy. Well he was in the rec cage telling another baby killer he won because he’s now able to say he’s mentally retarded… “A low I.Q. Score”… all I can say is if I had magic powers or one wish it would have been to be put inside that rec cage with this tough guy who preys on little girls. I will now keep my ear plugs in and radio turned up… that ruined my happy place. We have another execution tonight and from the sound of the news reports Texas is to score on this night…

True American ~ Still Unbroken

Red, White & Blue

Mark Anthony Stroman


One Response to ““Every second counts cause there are no second chances!””

  1. You have got to hang in there Mark, no fighting or killings even if they are baby killers. Keeping yourself un-broken and the reason you committed your crime is going to get you out. I still believe that, why else are they filming your side of the story and letting you have a blog. It is respect. After 9-11 a lot of people took the war on Muslims into their own hands and a lot of people sympathize your cause.
    Also, I do not think you got my last letter. I enclosed a copy of a letter to the Texas Criminal Justice System, Sen. John Whitmire, Sunset Committee, and many others regarding the “double standard” guard system that you wrote me about. Did they give you the copy I sent to you? I also wrote you some information regarding past law suits that make it legal for female guards to search you, etc.

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