“The wicked ways, Double Standards!”

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Texas Death Camp

July 23rd, 2010  4:06am

Welcome to my nightmare… tales from a dead man!

The day has once again started to the sounds of screaming and at this point I’m not for certain if they’re from this Pod somewhere or from inside my head… good morning folks, what a great day to be alive. I have no comfort zone yet, I need coffee and a few happy memories and hopefully I won’t have to dig to deep for these.

I want to touch base on a issue I’ve been wanting to get out there and it’s called “Double Standards” and I believe everyone who reads this will agree… so here goes the story.

Let me start off with a bit of Texas Prison Policy… on any Unit that holds female prisoners there is a very strict rule in place and it’s enforced. If a female prisoner is being strip searched it has to be done by a female guard and “no male guard” is allowed anywhere in the area and you can be assured there’s no cameras on the females during their strip search. Also no male guard is even allowed to pat search a female prisoner. The rules are set in stone and it’s enforced 100%. Alright, there’s the 1st part of this story.

Now here’s the double standard part. Back here on 12 building which is death row we have a mixture of state employees, young kids, the elderly and these are both male and female, so ever since these cameras have went up on our pod (June 29th, 2010) the female guards are strip searching male prisoners. Yes folks strip searching male prisoners, in full view of the cameras and this is not only wrong but it’s downright degrading. Some of these young girls are younger then my daughters and I refuse to be put in this type of situation, I still have self respect and respect the female guard.

Now there’s alot of sicko perverts back here on death row that can’t wait to pull out their male parts, but I’m not one of them. The things this Unit is doing and forcing us to do is unreal and a form of torture. Plain and simple. Do any of you remember back a few years ago when the prisoners of war in Iraq were put on display in front of the female guards and in front of cameras how the guards all were court-martialed and the US Government called it torture to the prisoner for the females to view the male prisoners in their nudeness? Well Texas is calling it policy! How the hell is this right and how the hell can it be legal? Or is it?

Now here’s another bit of proof these tactics are wrong and only being forced on death row, when you enter 12 building you have a few offices and the main control picket, which employs females and female guards. So when a population prisoner who is either a cleanup crew member, kitchen member, maintenance member, etc. etc enters 12 building they’re strip searched as well, but by a male guard only and it’s done behind a plywood screen that conceals the prisoners mid-sections from view of all female staff and female guards. So there’s another double standard!

Here’s one more bit of policy straight from the guards own employee handbook… no female guard or female employee will be permitted to view any male prisoner urinate, defecate… which I know they do not want to, but to put us in a rec cage back here on death row where the toilet is placed in the center in full view, the male offender is forced to urinate or defecate in front of female guards and staff. This is degrading!

True American Till Death!

Mark Anthony Stroman


Living to Die~ Dying to Live


4 Responses to ““The wicked ways, Double Standards!””

  1. Hello Mark,
    The double standard makes me furious!! Having to go to the bathroom with a commode in the middle of the room with female guards watching is inhumane!! This is another piece of excellent information I need to write a letter to the “Big O” (ombudsman -Dave Livingston), the Sunset Committee, and TDC-Sen. Whitmire and the warden at Polunsky! Unbelievable!!! Thanks for the information. Annette

  2. I really tried to write a letter already 12 times but i honestly get stucked after dear Mark. I really dont know what to write about. My English is maybe not good enough to write a full letter.

    I keep on trying but for now i just give my comments on your blogs and i hope they get copied some how to you.

  3. Danielle Allen Says:

    Yes Miriam, I am sending these to Mark!

  4. Thank you.

    Well I’m from Holland. We dont have the death penalty in here. Luckily. Here in my country they actually try to make people better people in prison. I don’t know if I’m saying that right but i think you know what I mean.
    We don’t believe that sticking a needle in someones arm solves anything. My dad got killed and even I would never wanted that my dads killers family would have to miss their loved once.

    Im really sorry for what you have been trough in your life after 9/11. I cant even imagine what you feel tomorrow.
    I just hope that one day they even see in Texas that this isnt the right way to deal with things.



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