“Cruel, Inhuman and downright degrading!”

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Texas Death Camp

July 19th, 2010 5:00am

Welcome to my nightmare, tales from a dead man!

“Cruel, Inhumane and down right Degrading!”

I found sleep to be an elusive ally during another loud and chaotic night, just when I thought I would be able to get a few hours of sleep someone in charge of the night shift decides it’s a perfect time to do hair cuts on our pod. So from midnight till 3:00am the lights are on, doors being slammed shut and hair cuts being performed in our day rooms, just a few feet from our cells. When there’s a barber shop out in the hall. This is wrong and a continued torture of sleep deprivation. You can bet this does NOT happen at any other Unit and I’m sure Huntsville is not aware of it.

So now 3:00am rolls around, it’s time for the morning chow of pancakes, so off goes the barber and now the feeding process begins. This lasted until 5:00am. Now they turn off the lights as if they are doing us a favor. But folks at 5:30am the day shift starts and a fresh crew, fully rested batch of guards will be here waking us up each 30 minutes, doing showers, doing recreations and as loud as ever, so let me ask you, WHEN do we sleep??

Tomorrow we have another execution, but only a handful of people back here are aware of this. It’s got to be part of the big plan, to distract us from what’s really going on… MURDER!

This past week the European Court of Human Rights temporarily halted the extradition of four terrorists from the United Kingdom to the United Sates. The Court concluded that the applicants had raised serious questions on whether their possible long term incarceration in a US Supermax Prison would violate Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which prohibits Torture or Inhuman or Degrading treatment or punishment. The court noted that complete sensory isolation coupled with total social isolation CAN destroy ones personality and constitutes a form of inhumane treatment which CANNOT be justified by the requirements of security or any other reason.

The devastating effects of isolated confinement on the human psyche have long been well known, just like sleep deprivation… what is going on here at Texas’ Death Camp IS torture and inhumane and I watch how the mentally ill in here get worse and the ones with more will power are now starting to deteriorate dramatically.

We are NOT here to be punished, our punishment is death. So why are they doing these cruel and extreme acts of torture on a daily basis.. 24 hours non-stop?

True American Till Death

Mark Stroman



One Response to ““Cruel, Inhuman and downright degrading!””

  1. Concentration camps use sleep deprivation to break the person down to where he cannot think or know what he is saying or doing. The becomes a zombie. This is horrible in-humane, and sad. They had a whole program on it the other day on National Geo. I am going to send a copy of your letter to the Big “O” (Ombudsman) and the Sunset Committe.

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